He Is Warmer Than Time - C.1983 - : What are you doing in Haicheng?

He Is Warmer Than Time

C.1983 - : What are you doing in Haicheng?

Chapter 1983: What are you doing in Haicheng?

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yeah, that’s true, ” song ran agreed. Haicheng is cold and humid, and there’s no heating. The winter is really hard to bear.

In a flash, it was the New Year’s Eve.

On New Year’s Eve, their family would go to Tianzifang to spend the new year with song Guoqing. Song Xuan’s family also came.

Song Guoqing was now interested in photography. He had taken good care of himself over the years, and his body was stronger than before. He went to the park all day long to take pictures of the sunrise, sunset, flowers, trees, insects, birds, and beasts.

Over the years, she had also taken many photos of Gu Yanzhi, Gu Nian, and yang Mowen.

Every year on New Year’s Eve, her fixed task was to accompany her grandfather to flip through his old photo albums.

This was taken in front of the park, and this was taken on a boat ride on the

Gu Nian and the rest had been listening to these things over and over again every year. Their ears had long grown calluses, but there was no other way. The old man could not get along with them. There was a generation gap. Other than talking about these things, they could not find any other topic. They could only listen.

The song sisters accompanied mother Wu and another nanny to play mahjong while Gu jinghang and yang Haitao talked about the bigger picture.

Aunt Wu was still living in Tianzifang, but because she was old and the song family had added two more nannies, she was now living a comfortable life. The song sisters were filial and treated her as if she was their own mother. She was once married but did not have any children. Although she did not have children, the two children and their children never treated her as an outsider. She only felt that she was lucky.

On the sofa in the living room, Gu Nian was holding onto song Guoqing’s arm as she listened to her grandfather’s introduction of photos for the 800th time. Suddenly, the phone in her pocket vibrated.

Instinctively, she felt that it might be a message from Shen Zhaozheng, so she whispered, ” “Grandpa, I’m going to the toilet.”

“A lazy person has a lot of urine and feces.” Gu Yanzhi patted her head.

“Mother, Gu Yanzhi hit me again,” Gu Nian yelled at the top of her lungs.

Gu jinghang’s voice was heard, ‘you two can let you have your way.ll Mom, don’t worry. You’re already so old.”

Gu Nian then patted Gu Yanzhi’s head. “Get up.”

Gu Yanzhi did not take her words to heart. He hurriedly ran to the bathroom and sneaked in.ll He took out his phone and looked at it.

It was indeed a message from him, Yingluo.

“I’m in Haicheng.”

Gu Nian’s hands trembled in fear when she saw the message. She almost dropped her phone into the toilet bowl. She quickly held onto her phone to calm herself down before typing a message. “Why did you come to Haicheng?”

“To see you.”

“Where are you now?”

“In a hotel near the Chinese Academy of general sciences.”

“I’m not in the courtyard. I’m at my other grandfather’s house in Tianzifang.” then I’ll go over now. Come out secretly when you’re free and let me see you.

It had been ten days since he last saw her. He missed her so much that he had asked the Research Institute to come to Haicheng for the new year. His father was very unhappy when he found out that he couldn’t spend New Year’s Eve with her.

I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find the time. Anyway, you can come over first. The address is 265 Tianzifang. Send me a message when you’re here. Gu Nian was in a difficult position.

“I know.”

After reading the message again, Gu Nian left the bathroom. She began to feel uneasy.

“The New Year’s Eve dinner is about to start, come and take your seats,” the nanny called out.

The TV in the side hall was already playing the interview for the Spring Festival Gala, and it was a jubilant scene.

Song Guoqing led the three juniors to the dining table, and the song sisters took their seats together, hand in hand..

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