He Is Warmer Than Time - C.1965 - : -the answer is obvious

He Is Warmer Than Time

C.1965 - : -the answer is obvious

Chapter 1965: Chapter 2025 -the answer is obvious

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Their school had overcome all obstacles and made it to the finals with an unstoppable momentum. Their opponent was their old enemy, the University of Political Science and Law.

There was nothing to be afraid of.

On the last day of the debate, Gu Nian gave Shen Zhaozheng a call in the morning.

“Brother zhaohan, are you almost done with your inspection?”

Shen Zhaozheng was about to go to court to submit the final evidence when he took the time to answer her call. ‘Yes, I’ll be back in the capital the day after tomorrow.”

Most of the things that needed to be clarified had been clarified. In the next two days, the matter would be left for the review of the witnesses in the court.

The he family didn’t expect to take down Shen Zhaozheng with this, but it was good to disgust him.

Early in the morning, Gu Nian and the others rushed to the venue of the final. The final was held at the University of Law, the winner of the previous championship.

Gu Nian and Jian Xia had rushed over early in the morning. They had agreed to meet at the entrance of the University of Law and law. After all, Qin Xuefeng and Zhong Qiang did not live on campus.

Gu Nian did not deliberately get too close to Guan Ling. She understood that Guan Ling had a strong sense of self-esteem. When it came to making friends, it was better to leave it to fate.

In Guan Ling’s dormitory, she had prepared everything but found that she could not find her phone.

She searched everywhere but still couldn’t find her phone, so she decided not to bring her phone. She carried her bag and walked to the door. She tried to pull it open, but she couldn’t.

She tried again, but she still couldn’t pull it open.

She realized that the door seemed to be locked from the outside. It was class time now, and the people from the dormitories on the left and right had already gone to class. Even if she knocked on the door as loudly as she could, no one would notice her.

She quickly forced herself to calm down.

Obviously, this was a well-planned conspiracy. Her phone was taken out by someone in the dormitory and the door was locked from the inside.

Someone didn’t want her to participate in the debate, nor did they want her to ask for help.

Who was it?

The answer was obvious.

However, this was not the time to find out who the culprit was. The most important thing now was to get out of here.

However, she didn’t have a cell phone now, and no one would respond to her calls. The cleaning lady would only reach their floor at about nine O ‘clock, and by then, it would be too late.

She quickly ran to the balcony. There was almost no one downstairs except for the two cleaners.ll”My Lord,” she called out twice, but it was loud.ll The man only raised his head to look at her and then continued to clean.

Guan Ling was so anxious that she was breaking out in a cold sweat. She told herself that she couldn’t be anxious at a time like this.

He had to stay calm.

They lived on the fifth floor, and it was obviously unrealistic to go down from the balcony.

There was a milk tea shop on the first floor of their dormitory. The owner was a young girl. Perhaps she was a little smarter.

She quickly wrote a note, wrapped it in a pen, and threw it downstairs.

Coincidentally, the owner of the milk tea shop was called away.

It was also clear at a glance who had opened it.

Guan Ling lay on the balcony and waited for a while. When he saw no one coming out of the milk tea shop, his heart turned cold.

8:30 am, at the entrance of the University of Law and law, Qin Xuefeng, Zhong

Qiang, and Yang Qi were already there.

it’s going to start at nine O ‘clock. Why isn’t guan Ling here yet? ” Gu Nian raised her hand to look at her watch.

you’re so optimistic about her, ” Yang Qi sneered. don’t you have any sense of time? ”

Gu Nian could not be bothered with him at the moment. She quickly called Guan Ling, but his phone was turned off..