He Clings to Me Every Night - C.332 - Bullying by Power

He Clings to Me Every Night

C.332 - Bullying by Power

Chapter 332: Chapter 332 Bullying by Power

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The injury on Bella Thompson’s face was quite deep. The doctor said that even when it healed, it was likely that it would leave a scar.

She had never faced such a blow before. Normally fond of her appearance and meticulous in her maintenance, Bella also feared the approach of old age. The loss of her looks might lead to the loss of Michael Marshall’s heart, she thought. Upon hearing the doctor’s words, Bella cried bitterly, her eyes swollen from crying.

Matthew Marshall, holding his mother, menacingly threatened the doctor, “You must heal the wounds on my mother’s face. If her face doesn’t recover, yours will meet the same fate.”

Despite inwardly despising Matthew and his oppressive nature, the doctor didn’t dare to argue. He simply tried to calmly explain, “This is an initial judgment grounded in years of experience. The key lies in how the wound recovers. It is crucial to prevent infection and take good care of it to avoid further damage. If a scar remains, cosmetic treatment can help.”

“Doctor, I don’t want to be disfigured! No disfigurement!” cried Bella desperately, her swollen eyes filled with panic and fear.

“Mrs. Marshall, rest assured. Our current level of cosmetic medicine is quite high. We can correct it through treatment unless the wound is irreversible, or the infection extremely serious. Then recovery may be difficult. I’ve prescribed you antibiotics. You should take them on time and receive injections. You also have to come back to the hospital tomorrow for wound treatment.”

Matthew rapidly grabbed the doctor’s collar, hostilely questioning him, “Can you or can’t you do it? If you can’t, we’ll find someone else. Also, we can fire you.”

Though enraged and frightened, the doctor anxiously watched Matthew and responded, “I’ve told you the truth without any deceit. Master Matthew, the result would be the same no matter which hospital you go to.

Unless someone tells you what you want to hear, pretty words won’t alter reality. Can you bear this? It’s a miracle the glass shards didn’t remain in her face.”

After some thought, Matthew let go of the doctor. Still, he continued to glare at him menacingly.

Bella’s morale reached rock bottom. The recent incidents had added to her woes and pushed her to the brink of total collapse, tears rolling endlessly down her cheeks.

Ever since that bitch, Olivia Jenkins, entered the Marshall household, she had made Bella’s life miserable.

Bella swore she would ruin Olivia Jenkins. She would make sure Olivia failed utterly and tasted the torments of hell!

It was almost midnight by the time the COOKIE live stream ended.

Once the equipment was turned off, everyone present gave their warmest applause to Chief Jenkins and Abigail Anderson.

Olivia Jenkins smiled gratifyingly, giving Abigail a hug.

With her eyes welling up, Olivia graciously acknowledged her team, “I sincerely thank everyone for their efforts. Because of you, we were able to safely navigate this crisis. You’ve all worked so hard! ”

The crowd responded, “Chief Jenkins, we’re not weary at all! We’ve won, made history, and set a new record for live streams. This terrific achievement makes all our effort worthwhile.”

Simon Howard joined in, “Chief Marshall has prepared late-night snacks for everyone. Let’s go and grab something to eat.”

The crowd cheered, “Thank you, Chief Marshall! Thank you, Chief Jenkins!”

After working late into the night, everyone was hungry and tired. They all headed to eat the buffet that Daniel had prepared.

Olivia Jenkins hugged Abigail Anderson again and said, “You were great tonight. I think you’re more suitable as a broadcast host. Especially with make-up and skin-care, you’re truly chaming. I hope you don’t waste your talent. The fans also like you a lot. They enjoy you recommending make-up and skincare products.”

Abigail pursed her lips and said, “I’ll consider it.”

Olivia nodded and then walked up to Daniel Marshall and hugged him tightly..