He Clings to Me Every Night - C.274: The Boss Changes

He Clings to Me Every Night

C.274: The Boss Changes

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Guided by a secretary, Abigail Anderson entered the CEO’s office.

Abigail bowed politely before taking a seat in front of Chief Jenkins.

Olivia Jenkins, with a sharp glint in her eyes, looked at Abigail and said gently, “I still remember you.”

Abigail nodded in appreciation, also looking at Olivia, sizing her up.

They were around the same age, but Chief Jenkins exuded power and authority that could easily intimidate others. Chief Jenkins also seemed older, more experienced, and stable.

Oddly enough, Abigail felt a bit of sympathy for Chief Jenkins; she didn’t think that anyone her age should be this mature.

“Chief Jenkins, hello! I’d like to know more about the position of Shopping King

Recommender. What does it entail? Does it require a lot of public exposure?”

Olivia, with a sharp look, seemed to penetrate Abigail’s thoughts, “You don’t want to be in front of a camera, do you?”

Abigail was hesitant, and nodded.

“You don’t have to be on-screen if you prefer not to be. The Recommender for Shopping King is essentially a presenter role, but there are also other aspects to explore. It isn’t limited to being a presenter; you can work behind the scenes too, like product selection, quality control, and so on.”

After thinking for a moment, Abigail said, “I can work on product selection, and I can negotiate with the brand side too. But, I don’t have any work experience, I can learn.”

Though Abigail admitted she didn’t have any work experience, Olivia saw a confidence in her.

Olivia believed Abigail wouldn’t have any problem with fashion product selection.

“How about a trial month, with a salary of ten thousand? If you like the COOKIE platform and you genuinely want to build a career, we can discuss your specific compensation and the contract afterwards.”

“Great! I can start work today.”

Oliva curled up her lips into a smile, stood up, and extended her hand toward Abigail, “Welcome to Jenkins Group!”

Abigail stood up and shook hands with Chief Jenkins.

The lady boss in front of her was easier to get along with than she had imagined. She seems quite friendly.

Abigail desperately needed a job; she had to pay her rent in three months. So, she needed to work hard and prove her worth; she would not let those idiots underestimate her.

She could live well even without her family. She would live a more fulfilling life than them.

Olivia put down her work and personally led Abigail to COOKIE’s operations department, introducing her to everyone there.

Even though Abigail started as a product selector, Olivia still had high hopes for her.

Olivia could see an indomitable determination in Abigail, something she had personally experienced in her own journey. She was very well aware that this resilience could unlock vast potential.

The boss came to work, and Adam Howard followed quickly behind him into the CEO’s office.

Adam observed that the corners of his boss’s mouth subconsciously curved upwards, as if he was feeling good and in high spirits, something Adam hadn’t seen for many years.

When Adam noticed the non-black- and-white shirt the boss was wearing, he was utterly shocked, staring with widened eyes.

The boss took a week off, and when he came back, he seemed like a different person. It was incredible!

His boss, formerly unchanging fashion style, had actually changed. Could it be the influence of love?

With keen eyes, Adam also noticed a wedding ring on Daniel’s ring finger. Adam teased, “Daniel, are you in high spirits because you’re happily married?”

With a slight lift of his eyelid, Daniel glared at Adam, “Have you done the tasks

I asked you to do?”

Adam cheekily smiled, took a seat in front of Daniel and patted his chest, “Leave it to me. I have found the sponsors and advertisers for my sister-in-law.”

Daniel fixed his eyes on Adam, “My wife wants to shoot a drama series. Contact famous directors and see who is available..”

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