He Clings to Me Every Night - C.271 - : Handsome Guy, Add Me on WeChat

He Clings to Me Every Night

C.271 - : Handsome Guy, Add Me on WeChat

Chapter 271: Chapter 271: Handsome Guy, Add Me on WeChat

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In that instant, Olivia Jenkins stared wide-eyed with disbelief.

All of a sudden, her heart felt as if a heavy burden had been lifted, as though a sweet spring had welled up within her, moistening her heart, spreading fragrance throughout.

With her lips slightly pursed, concealing an inexpressible excitement, the colour of her irises seemed to gradually tint with the hues of a rainbow. A radiant glow of confidence and pride surfaced on her face.

Thinking of the bitter time that followed her father’s departure, and the bitter water she had to swallow down into her heart, Olivia’s eyes reddened, a layer of mist quietly condensed.

Mixed feelings of sorrow and joy, it was deeply engraved in her heart.

At this moment, Olivia understood clearly that the moment she accepted two billion, she would be bound for life.

Calming her emotions, Olivia left.

On her way past a pharmacy, Olivia went in and bought another box of oral contraceptives.

No matter whether Daniel Marshall would take any precautions, she had to protect herself. She didn’t want to be coerced into having an abortion, didn’t want to attract trouble.

Daniel Marshall checked his phone a number of times.

Olivia Jenkins hadn’t called him, nor had she sent him a text message.

His WeChat was also blocked by her.

The little woman had received her two billion, wasn’t she thrilled?

Did she still want to leave him?

Didn’t she know how to appreciate what she’d been given?

In this lifetime, it was enough for him to meet one heartless woman.

Despite his own persistence, she wasn’t pleased, showed unwillingness, even loathed him…..Was he out of his mind? Daniel Marshall scoffed at the thought.

Looking outside, he could see that the sky had turned a dusky grey, and Daniel’s complexion was terrifyingly grim, his ink-dark eyes deepening further.

Simon Howard stood beside him, hesitated, and held back his words.

Last time, hadn’t he awake the woman with a scolding?

Was that woman still treating herself importantly?

Did she think herself a rare treasure that the boss could only accommodate her?

Frankly, Simon Howard felt that Olivia had really gone too far.

If the boss didn’t like this woman, he really had a mind to hit her.

Daniel Marshall had already had a few glasses of red wine, and he’d listened to a lot of songs. His heart gradually sank, a wave of disappointment washing over.

Daniel smiled bitterly, the outline of his face hardened.

With his head thrown back, he chugged his glass of red wine.

Without hesitation, he poured himself another glass.

Suddenly, he heard the sound of a car.

Auntie Jane hurried to see what was happening.

In a blink of an eye, Auntie Jane hurried in, visibly excited.

“Sir, the missus is home.”

Daniel Marshall was swaying the tall glass in his hand, his face sculpted like a work of art showed no expression, but there was an almost imperceptible flicker in his eyes.

Daniel remained seated in the living room, his eyes did not wander idly, the icy cold aura he exuded was enough to make people stay three rooms away. With a single gesture from him, Simon Howard and Auntie Jane knew to take their leave.

Olivia came in carrying several shopping bags.

Her lips curled upwards slightly, seemingly in a good mood.

Having changed her shoes, she headed straight for Daniel, patting Daniel on the shoulder.

“Handsome, can I add you on WeChat?”

Daniel raised his eyelids slightly, looking at Olivia.

Silence, but he still re-added Olivia on WeChat.

“Darling, have you eaten yet?”

Daniel parted his thin lips, his voice faintly indifferent and aloof, “It’s surprising that you remembered to eat?”

With a whoosh, Olivia handed all the shopping bags to Daniel, but Daniel didn’t take them.

Olivia tilted her head slightly, looking at Daniel, “Darling, do you mean that I should hang them directly in your wardrobe?”

Daniel’s deep, indistinct eyes scanned briefly the shopping bags in Olivia’s hand.

He still felt a bit upset inside, really wanting to end this heartless woman.

Olivias bright eyes were sparkling as she softly said, “I went shopping for clothes for you, that’s why I came back late. If you don’t like them, then I will give them to Martin Wallace tomorrow..”

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