He Clings to Me Every Night - C.261 - : Contest


Chapter 261: Chapter 261: Contest

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Her grandmother’s words were like a bucket of cold water poured over Olivia Jenkins.

In an instant, she felt a chill from head to toe, colder than ice, colder than frost in her heart.

Even if she seemed heartless and ruthless, wasn’t it all for the Jenkins Family?

Wasn’t everything she did to ensure the Jenkins Group could operate normally?

Don’t think Hannah Jenkins is so weak that she wouldn’t even dare to crush an ant, in reality, she is more vicious than her. Hannah Jenkins also wants to take everything that doesn’t belong to her and is just as bad as Seraphina. Still, their grandmother indulges her.

The grandmother’s stubbornness and prejudice really troubled Olivia Jenkins, she felt helpless.

Olivia Jenkins blinked rapidly, trying to dispel the mist of tears in her eyes, carefully hiding the discomfort and wronged feelings in her heart.

Suddenly, Olivia Jenkins said in a calm, but firm tone, “If grandmother can’t bear to leave Hannah Jenkins, she can accompany her abroad. I can arrange a place for both of you to live comfortably, I promise I won’t make you feel wronged. ”

Mrs. Jenkins was stunned, her eyes wide.

She gave Hannah Jenkins a glance, then angrily stared at Olivia Jenkins.

“I see now. You just want to drive us all away so you can swallow up the family fortune, you cunning little wretch. You ungrateful beast!”

Hannah Jenkins cooed gently: “Grandmother, as long as you’re happy, don’t overthink it. Don’t get angry, take care of your health. It would be nice if you and I went abroad. I’ll take good care of you. There’s no need to worry. Olivia isn’t the villain that you think, don’t misunderstand her.”

Mrs. Jenkins scowled and shouted angrily, “At my age, I’m not going anywhere. Even if I’m going to die, I’m going to die at home. Hannah Jenkins, I know my days are numbered. All I hope is to see more of you in my lifetime. It’s my last wish. Don’t leave, the one who should leave is her.”

Mrs. Jenkins pointed at Olivia Jenkins, her fierce eyes were so full of hatred as if she wished to kill Olivia Jenkins on the spot.

Olivia Jenkins looked numb, her face showed no emotion. She said with an intense chill in her voice, “If the grandmother doesn’t want to eat, then don’t eat. Rest first. If you want to eat later, you can tell the servants. Hannah Jenkins, I suppose you don’t have an appetite, too. So stay and keep our grandmother company.”

Having said that, Olivia Jenkins, tired of watching these two drama queens, left the room.

Mrs. Jenkins choked as if there was something caught in her throat. She was speechless for a moment.

Only after Olivia Jenkins had left did her voice return.

“I’m not going to eat, Olivia Jenkins! Even as a ghost, I won’t let you go. You little bastard has gone too far and will be punished.”

“Our family is truly unfortunate to have you. You’re even worse than Seraphina!”

Hannah Jenkins’ eyes shifted subtly.

She didn’t expect Olivia Jenkins to be so cold and heartless.

Wasn’t the grandmother card working anymore?

Turbulent waves were rolling in Hannah Jenkins’ heart, but all she could do was to exchange glances with her grandmother, not daring to say more.

Not only were there surveillance cameras in this room but servants were there to take care of Mrs. Jenkins. So, Hannah Jenkins might as well accompany her on hunger strike.

They had to test how ruthless Olivia Jenkins could be. Will she still be unaffected even when her grandmother went on a hunger strike to force her?

Hannah Jenkins really didn’t want to go abroad. She couldn’t just walk away. She was determined to crush Olivia Jenkins in order to cleanse her shame.

After returning to Pearl Lake, instead of going home, Olivia Jenkins parked her car by the lake and quietly sat there in a daze.

Suddenly, Daniel Marshall’s car pulled up and rolled down the window.

He looked at Olivia Jenkins with sympathetic eyes and gently called her, “Honey, get in the car!”

After thinking for a few seconds, Olivia Jenkins got in.

Daniel Marshall took Olivia Jenkins to the Eight Treasures Building. He ordered four abalones, two large lobsters for her, and steamed a big wild yellowcroaker fish..

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