He Clings to Me Every Night - C.258 - – Death Barbie Pink

He Clings to Me Every Night

C.258 - – Death Barbie Pink

Chapter 258: Chapter 258 – Death Barbie Pink

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Olivia Jenkins did not know what kind of interactions she would have with Daniel Marshall in the future, nor did she want to think about it.

She also did not like to talk about Daniel.

“President Bennett, I have things to attend to, I’ll take my leave now.”

Jordan Bennett nodded slightly, his gentle gaze fixed on Olivia as she disappeared from his sight.

Soon, this scene reappeared in Michael Marshall’s office.

Looking at the videos, looking at the photos, he was furious.

Immediately after, Michael hurriedly left Marshall Corporation, headed for the villa by Pearl Lake.

After speaking, Daniel’s eyes, as cold as an icy pool, were sharp as a blade. His face darkened, exuding an eerie chill.

“Dad, when did you start to care so much about my business? It’s rare for you to treat me like your son. How unusual!”

Michael ignored Daniel’s sarcasm and sternly warned, “End it quickly with that woman who does not know limits, otherwise, I will personally cast her out of the Marshall family. ”

“Try to lay your hands on my woman and see!” Daniel’s icy voice broked through his gritted teeth, matching his dad’s gaze with a vicious and menacing glare. “Bella Thompson has been misleading you, hasn’t she? What kind of game is she trying to play? Tell her, if she lays her hand on me again, I will not let her go, and she will be the first to be kicked out of the Marshall family.”

“Daniel, your arrogance is appalling!” “Dad, you’re the one who’s confused, mixing right and wrong!”

“You’ve been blinded by that woman.”

“It’s Bella Thompson who’s been stirring up trouble!”

Michael, outraged, roared, “Can’t you see how Jordan Bennett is flirting with her? Can’t you see her throwing herself at men? Do you understand the meaning behind the way Jordan Bennett looks at her? Are you waiting for her to betray you, for you to catch her in the act, before you would believe it?”

Daniel’s eyes were filled with rage, “Is that how you treated my mom too? You never defended her, did you?”

Memories of the past flashed across Michael’s eyes, painful emotions slipping through. He spat at Daniel with disgust, “Don’t mention her to me. She was not worthy!”

Daniel, his eyes full of scorn, rebuked in a confrontational manner, “You don’t have the right to interfere with my affairs. You are not worthy!”

“If you are willing to be cuckolded, it’s up to you! However, I warn you, if this brings disgrace to the Marshall family, I will not sit idly by.”

“You better worry about yourself! I trust my wife. She’s not that kind of a woman. She has her principles. It’s natural for men to like her because she is beautiful and charming. But I am more than good enough, there is no reason for her to bypass such superior quality and choose otherwise.”

Michael shot him a complex look and stormed out of the villa by Pearl Lake.

Daniel picked up the photos and set them on fire.

He then sent that video clip to Jordan Bennett.

Jordan Bennett called Daniel instantly.

After the press conference, Olivia Jenkins ended her day’s schedule.

But she still brought her secretary to go shopping.

Suddenly, Olivia Jenkins stopped at a cosmetics counter, her gaze landing on the young saleswoman exuding vitality.

She watched as the woman tried on ten different shades of lipstick in just a minute.

Olivia listened to her explanations closely and felt her ideas were very insightful and her lips were very suitable for lipstick.

Even the intimidating Barbie pink, she wore effortlessly and it seemed a perfect fit.

“Secretary Wood, what do you think of her?”

“Eloquent and lovely, it’s impossible not to be moved. Her tastes are accurate, and her suggestions to customers are always appropriate. She seems to understand fashion well.. Even though I am also a woman, seeing her apply lipstick makes it look so good! Her lips are so tempting!”

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