He Clings to Me Every Night - C.248 - Shameless


Chapter 248: Chapter 248 Shameless

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Olivia Jenkins was merely making a small probe, and she was disappointed by her grandmother’s reaction.

This put her in a difficult position.

Benjamin Johnson would not let the matter rest. If Hannah Jenkins and George Jenkins continued their manipulations, it would undoubtedly harm the interests of Jenkins Group, and even drag the company into a hopeless situation.

Her grandmother still didn’t want her to take over the Jenkins Group. Her grandmother still wanted to plan for them.

She wondered if her grandmother had ever doubted their origins, but she still favored them, shielding them.

This was her grandmother’s way of indulging them to oppose her.

A pang of pain twisted in Olivia Jenkins’s heart, and a trace of sorrow flickered in her almond-shaped eyes.

No matter what, she still had to find a way to get rid of Hannah Jenkins and George Jenkins. Otherwise, the only one in danger would be the Jenkins Group.

Olivia Jenkins’s icy gaze landed on Hannah Jenkins. Even though her voice was low when she spoke, it was full of intimidation, “Hannah Jenkins, tell me, what are you thinking?”

Hannah Jenkins blinked, avoiding Olivia Jenkins’s sharp stare. She felt uncomfortable all over, and guilty.

She was afraid that Olivia Jenkins would take her for DNA testing.

After thinking for a moment, Hannah Jenkins reluctantly said, “I… don’t want to be a proxy for shareholding. I’m not interested in business management.”

Taking advantage of the situation, Olivia Jenkins expressed her opinion before her grandmother could. “Grandmother, you should respect Hannah’s wishes too. You shouldn’t force her to follow your will, it’s not fair to her. How about this, why don’t you let the Jenkins Group’s Foundation manage your shareholdings?”

Immediately, Martin Wallace chimed in, “There are precedents like this.

Having the Foundation manage it is actually a pretty good decision. Professionals should handle professional matters. This would greatly reduce risks and it wouldn’t put too much pressure on Miss Hannah Jenkins.”

Glaring at Olivia Jenkins and Martin Wallace, Mrs. Jenkins indignantly said, “You two are ganging up on me and Hannah, you’re shameless!”

Olivia Jenkins cast a gloomy glance at Lawyer Hall.

Instantly, Lawyer Hall felt a bit nervous and uneasy.

Leaking Andrew Jenkins’s will was a fact, as was his collusion with Seraphina. He was really worried that Olivia Jenkins would report him and get his practice license revoked.

Besides, both Seraphina and Henry Charles were now in troubles of their own. He couldn’t continue to conspire with them.

In an instant, Lawyer Hall spoke up.

“Mrs. Jenkins, as an attorney with extensive experience, I would also suggest it would be more prudent to give control of your shares to the Foundation. With the whole situation regarding Seraphina, both shareholders and the board of directors have their grievances. Having Miss Hannah Jenkins join the business would only embarrass her. People likely wouldn’t want to work with the offspring of someone with such disreputable behavior.”

Martin Wallace immediately chimed in, “Lawyer Hall’s viewpoint is very insightful and reasonable. Business people are particularly wary of things like this. They are all afraid it might affect their fortunes. The Jenkins Group has just barely recuperated. Mrs. Jenkins, you wouldn’t want to see Jenkins Group come upon bad luck again, would you?”

Both lawyers were speaking for Olivia Jenkins, and Mrs. Jenkins’s face had turned extremely unpleasant.

She recognized that Olivia Jenkins had the upper hand now, and bringing her down was not going to be easy. The situation with Seraphina was also too embarrassing. Now, at the shareholders’ meeting, she had lost face and perhaps even become a joke.

This made her clearly see Olivia Jenkins’s ambition, this wretched girl insisted on keeping all control to herself, and wouldn’t give any chance to Hanna Jenkins and George Jenkins.

As long as she was still alive, she absolutely couldn’t let Olivia Jenkins bully everyone like this.

Talking about this issue at the moment, she was a bit anxious. She couldn’t let Hannah Jenkins take the risk, she needed to plan more.

Mrs. Jenkins immediately changed her mind, “Lawyer Hall, may I trouble you to make some modifications. Let my shares be managed by the Foundation..”

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