He Clings to Me Every Night - C.242 - : Inner Thoughts

He Clings to Me Every Night

C.242 - : Inner Thoughts

Chapter 242: Chapter 242: Inner Thoughts

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“If not for people pulling strings for you behind the scenes, how on earth would everything go so smoothly for you? You’re not qualified to put on airs, woman.”

“Your petty cleverness can’t even protect you. So, what’s making you arrogant? What gives you the right to be willful? It’s nothing but appeasement from our boss, pampering you, standing up for you, that you can swagger around in

Serene City.”

“You, woman, are heartless and reckless. You are an ingrate!”

“You regard yourself so highly, thinking the world owes you something. But have you ever done anything for others? So, on what grounds do you criticize our boss? What gives you the right to complain about him, to hate him?

“In the end, it’s your father who is using our boss, climbing the social ladder. Yet, you think you’re so important. Don’t think that our boss can’t do without you. If he wants to, he’s not lacking for choices.”

“If your father didn’t come to our boss, asking him to marry you, our boss would have been glad not to get mixed up in such a murky business. He would have been happier and carefree!”

“Ever thought of how much trouble you’ve caused our boss? How much heart he’s given you? Even a dog knows its duty. But you have utterly no conscience!”

“We don’t need you to do anything for our boss. But at least act like a person when you’re around him.”

“Don’t get full of yourself. In this lifetime, who doesn’t harbor a secret sorrow? Who hasn’t suffered some heartbreak? Who hasn’t had a past they are reluctant to talk about, a scar buried deep within, a sense of helplessness, self-serving thoughts, a desire for a smooth and easy life, or a yearning for peace and tranquility? Who has had an easy life?”

“You only care about your feelings, being selfish. When you feel uncomfortable, you want to make a fuss. You let your feelings dictate everything, completely ignoring others. You have no sense of proportion, and you’re so selfish. It’s exasperating!”

“Regardless of whether you wanted to marry, whether you were willing or not, you have already married, made your choice. There’s no turning back now, so act like Mrs. Olivia Marshall, will you?”

“You’re already 23. When will you grow up?

“Let me tell you this sincerely. Your father has schemed a good game for you. Hopefully, you won’t ruin it. In fact, it’s not that our boss isn’t good enough for you. It’s you who doesn’t deserve him. He deserves a better woman.”

“Miss Bennet understands well, is compliant, never burdens our boss or argues with him. Our boss would be truly happy and content with such a woman. You really don’t compare!”

Having sent out all the words he had been stewing over, Simon Howard felt slightly better.

Seeing all these things, Simon also had to stand up for the boss. He really thought this wife was a troublemaker!

She was the one who had got the boss into this mess. He just couldn’t bear it any longer and had to condemn her from his moral high ground.

Simon sent a lot of messages, and Olivia Jenkins read them all.

She didn’t reply to the messages, she just bought a bouquet of flowers and went to the cemetery to visit her father.

Olivia’s eyes were still red and moist.

Her voice was hoarse, seemingly full of many uncertainties.

“Dad, what is marriage?”

“Can feelings really be cultivated?”

“The thing that you chose for me, is it a fairy-tale castle of happiness or a birdcage?”

“Do you think I’m being willful?”

“Sometimes, I’m lost. I don’t even know what the future holds.” “The path you chose for me, must I really follow it to the end?”

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