Godzilla In Konoha - C.489: Declaring War

Godzilla In Konoha

C.489: Declaring War

Akatsuki and the others continuously fed Bijuu to Gedo Statue.

Madara didn't participate, but coldly looked at the Gedo Statue that continuously ate Ichibi's chakra.

The figures of the nine people who were trying to seal him were all reflected in Madara's eyes.

"You bastard, what exactly do you want to do..."

When Madara looked at the figure of Xu, a trace of haze flashed through his eyes.

He was more and more unable to see through this person.

Why didn't he give the second tail to him?

If it was just to stop Jūbi from reviving, then why did he have to hand over the second tail chakra?

The strength of the second tail was very weak among the nine Bijuu. Even without the second tail, it would not affect Jūbi's strength much.

"Is it for Kakashi? What is there to pay attention to that kind of trash?"

Madara thought for a long time and really could not understand.

After one last glance, he turned and left.

Not being able to take down Kazue had given him quite a bit of stimulation. As expected, the most important task was to increase his strength.

"I still need to find that little brat Naruto. Capture the Eight Tailed and Kyubi back." Madara silently thought.

Following Akatsuki's heavy punch, the entire Ninja World knew what had happened.

Bijuu from all the villages had been snatched away.

Akatsuki's actions made all the villages go crazy with anger.

They came to Konoha in anger.

Especially the Fourth Raikage, who was half-crippled and limping in front of Minato.

"So, it was Naruto who captured the eight-tailed Jinchuriki..." Minato sighed.

Facing such a miserable Raikage, he really did not know what to say.

The Kage of the various villages also arrived one after another. All of them had gloomy expressions and were even more terrified.


You must give this old man an explanation! He captured my younger brother and even turned me into this! "the Fourth Raikage was extremely angry.

His body was basically crippled. His speed and strength were suppressed by Naruto. After being defeated, he even suffered heavy injuries from Naruto.

Come to think of it, if not for him being crippled, Naruto wouldn't have spared him a single life. He wouldn't even bother to kill him.

"It seems that our villages are quite lucky. At least, other than Jinchuriki, there are no other losses."

After Onoki finished speaking, he subconsciously looked at Terumi Mei next to him.

Yes, except for Kirigakure, Mizukage did not resist and followed Akatsuki's people. It was clear that he was controlled by the illusion, which was even more miserable.

When he compared it like this, Onoki felt a little comforted.

"Hokage, Naruto is your son. It was your Konoha who didn't take good care of him and caused him to fall like this! The others are Uchiha Obito, Might Duy, and Hiruko. They also came from your Konohagakure. You all must show your attitude!"

The Fourth Raikage roared in a low voice.

He, who was proud and arrogant, could not accept this result. Not only was he unable to protect his younger brother, but he was also crippled by Naruto. His strength was not even half left.

Minato was speechless.

"What are you shouting for? Trash dares to jump in this village?"

The door opened and Yuuji directly walked in. He said without any trace of politeness, "If you shout again, I will slaughter all of your people now."

The Fourth Raikage widened his eyes. In addition to his anger, he also felt a sense of shame.

But he couldn't do anything.

Because Yuuji really had the ability to do it. With Super Kage Level's strength, was it difficult to kill Kumogakure?

It was not difficult, it was easy.

The more Fourth Raikage thought about it, the more aggrieved he became, and tears could not stop flowing.

"The other two did not come?"

"Kazue is not interested in this kind of meeting, let alone Sasuke. I will tell them the content of the meeting." Yuuji said.

Minato was silent.

The others were even more afraid to speak.

The name of Kazue had long been spread throughout Ninja World. This was a powerful existence that even Madara could return empty-handed.

More importantly, Konoha's three great experts were Yuuji, Kazue, and Sasuke.

To put it bluntly, Yuuji was the leader of these three people. The other two were Yuuji's subordinates and Yuuji's disciples.

This huge Konoha Village was not worth mentioning.

Minato said, "Konoha has already made a decision. The purpose of this meeting is to start a war with Akatsuki. The countries will form an alliance to attack Akatsuki together."

"The fourth battle of Ninja World can be announced to begin." Yuuji also said.

None of the people present showed any surprise.

In the face of such a powerful force like Akatsuki, it was only natural for them to unite.

The result was also obvious. Konoha was the leader, and the other villages only needed to follow behind Konoha.

If the three great Super Kage Level powerhouses still wanted to seize the leadership and command authority at this time, they would be sending themselves to their deaths.

None of Konoha's three respected Super Kage Level had a good temper. They were completely different from Hashirama in the past, and two of them were arrogant and conceited Uchiha.

"Then, how do we make the battle plan? How many troops are divided? Who will lead the command center and the General Staff?" Rasa was more practical.

Minato picked up a few documents on the table and handed them to them respectively.

All the deployment had been written on it, and the other villages only needed to obey Konoha's leadership.

Several people looked at each other.

Until Yuuji moved his eyes to look at them.

Rasa was the first to say: "This plan is flawless. Suna ninja Village has no objections."

"How many ninjas can Suna ninja Village send out now? Is there even five thousand? There is no way to say that you are one of the five great Ninja Villages." Onoki sneered.

Rasa's expression did not change.

He was already lying flat, what face was there to fight for?

From being controlled by Urashiki, to being intimidated by Isshiki, to being passively following Konoha, they had no way out.

After the others left.

"Generally speaking, it takes several days to absorb one Bijuu. We have more than ten days to prepare," Yuuji said.

Minato looked at him in surprise. "So urgent? The second tail is in our hands. They can't revive Jūbi. We can spend more time to build the allied forces..."

Yuuji smiled. "You are Yondaime, you have the final say."

Minato met Yuuji's smile and felt a little awkward. He even felt that Yuuji had changed a lot, as if he had become deeper and harder to contact.

Had he made some kind of decision?

Minato couldn't figure it out.

He still wanted to ask, but Yuuji had already turned around and left.

The entire Ninja World was in a state of extreme oppression.

The large villages began to mobilize troops, and a large number of envoys ran between the countries.

All of their actions pointed directly at Akatsuki.

Their movements naturally could not be hidden from Akatsuki's group.

"Is that so? They publicly declared war on us." Nagato did not comment.

Hiruko smiled. "I really didn't expect that the villages that could be called mortal enemies would actually let go of their hatred and unite together. Their movements were so fast that I thought they would waste their time on pulling strings."

"With a colossus like Konoha, the other villages doesn't have the confidence to pull strings. What is the reaction of the Eye Organization?" Nagato asked.

"There is no action. It seems that they are not interested in this battle," White Zetsu replied.

Nagato was deep in thought.

Obito said, "There are only a few of us on our side. It is a bit passive against the huge forces of the big Ninja Village."

"Your opinion is?"

"Take out a portion of Bijuu's chakra to create more White Zetsu."

"Good idea." Nagato thought for a moment and agreed.

White Zetsu was really useful. Even if he was just a clone, he had extremely strong concealment and movement speed, and could also absorb the enemy's chakra.

The others did not speak, and focused on feeding Bijuu to Gedo Statue.

"Still not fast enough, damn Orochimaru, if he hadn't taken the last ring, we could have been faster."

Nagato looked at the Gedo Statue that had opened one eye.

They only had nine of Akatsuki's ten rings.

Naruto, who joined the latest, still didn't have his own ring.

Fortunately, they didn't get it.

"Haven't you found Naruto yet?" Nagato asked again.

White Zetsu revealed a troubled expression. "He can sense my existence. It's impossible for me to find him."

Nagato frowned.

Akatsuki also made a response, and began to divide a part of Bijuu's chakra to create White Zetsu.

An endless stream of White Zetsu grew from the Gedo Statue.

Nagato thought that they were made use of White Zetsu's cells to reproduce. He originally did not know that these people were the group of people captured by God Tree a thousand years ago. Each of them had their own independent soul.

In a very short period of time, the entire Ninja World became unstable, filled with the aura of war everywhere.

The fourth great battle of Ninja World was unavoidable.

On the other side, Madara still focused his main energy on the body he cultivated.

"I succeeded. Congratulations, Your Excellency Madara. You won't take the opportunity to kill me just because I lost my value, right?"

Orochimaru looked at the strange body in front of him and laughed in a low voice.

Madara stared at the body soaked in the liquid, which looked similar to Hashirama, but had no self-consciousness. "I'm not interested in the life and death of mongrel."

"Should I feel honored?" Orochimaru took two steps back.

Madara glanced at him, but soon ignored him. He turned to look at Black-Zetsu, who was standing at the side.

"Black-Zetsu, the rest is up to you and me. We have to squeeze out the value of that guy."

"I understand, Madara-sama. After all, he has been preparing for so long. At present, he is the most suitable one."

Orochimaru couldn't understand the conversation between Madara and Black-Zetsu.

However, even if he used his toes to think about it, he knew that it was definitely related to resurrection.

"The outside world is going to fight against Ninja World. The scale of this war is definitely unprecedented, and there are many experts. Aren't you worried at all?" Orochimaru asked.

"What's there to worry about? A group of supporting characters are also fit to dance in front of me. As long as I can revive, everything is not a problem."

Madara said, "Remove Edo Tensei. The next time you revive me, summon me on this new body."

Orochimaru made a seal and sent Madara's soul back to the Pure Land.

In the laboratory, only he and Black-Zetsu were left.

"Don't ask me what Madara's plan is. I won't tell you."

Black-Zetsu said coldly.

For now, Madara was the most suitable candidate to be the mother's vessel.

The others, such as Yuuji and Kazue, were not suitable.

Only by becoming Jūbi Jinchuriki, could he be qualified to become a shell. When the Moon Eye project started and his mother's consciousness revived, he could completely take over the cage and be resurrected.

Only Madara, who was not guarded by Black-Zetsu, was the most suitable.

If it was anyone else who became Jūbi, Black-Zetsu did not know if he would have the opportunity to launch a sneak attack.

"Tsk, then I won't ask. Speaking of which, I used to be on your side. Akatsuki was besieged by all of Ninja World, and I also want to help the organization."

Orochimaru's expression was extremely terrifying, and he obviously had his own crazy plan.

In the fourth great battle of Ninja World, as long as he thought about those Super Kage Level powerhouses and Otsutsuki who was hiding in the dark, Orochimaru would be so excited that his whole body would tremble.

If this continued, wouldn't the entire Ninja World be beaten beyond recognition?

It was perfect for him to fish in troubled waters and perfect that thing.

However, Black-Zetsu said, "No matter what you want, Akatsuki will definitely achieve the final victory. There is no doubt about this."

"Aren't we arrogant here ? How will Akatsuki pass Konoha?"

"Konoha, ha, you just need to worry about Kazue and Sasuke. You don't have to worry about the strongest. I will introduce a companion to you first."

Black-Zetsu left this sentence and left the laboratory.

Orochimaru was surprised and bewildered.

Are you kidding? Don't worry about Yuuji?

He knew that Yuuji and Hitomi were actually the same person, which meant that Yuuji had secretly obtained Rinnegan - whether it was from Otsutsuki, or the fact that he had dug out the eyes of an unknown Uchiha that had been promoted little by little, it all proved that Yuuji's true strength was terrifying to the extreme.

Even if Madara would get a brand new body, Orochimaru was still more optimistic about Yuuji.

But such a terrifying guy, Black-Zetsu kept saying that he didn't need to care?

Soon, Black-Zetsu came back with a person.

The large hood covered his head, but just looking at his exposed face made Orochimaru's snake pupil shrink.

"This skin seems to have been corroded by some terrible substance. Who are you?" Orochimaru cautiously asked.

Until Kabuto raised his head and nodded, but still covered his eyes.

Orochimaru was extremely shocked: "Kabuto? So that's how it is. You transplanted Yuuji's cells. This means that something happened to Yuuji, right?"

Soon, Orochimaru understood that Yuuji was defeated in the battle in the Pure Land.

"These days, it was you who pretended to be Yuuji." Orochimaru was immediately excited.

My G.o.d, the man who was the most difficult to deal with but had the greatest value had fallen. What else was there for him to be afraid of?

"As expected of you. Just based on this little information, you managed to deduce so many things. That's right, big brother is trapped in the Pure Land. I must do something to save him. " Kabuto lowered his head and said.

"But with you like this, I'm really worried that before you succeed, you won't be able to withstand this kind of erosion and die." Orochimaru narrowed his eyes.

Kabuto did not mind: "Do you think I'll get my hands on my brother's cells without any preparation? Of course I have the power to resist these cells."

To be honest, even Yuuji himself did not take Kabuto's crazy transplantation of his cells to heart, and did not even bother to mention it.

Even if there was a trace of a spiritual body that had escaped and its strength was weak, Yuuji could completely control and control the cells in Kabuto's body when necessary.

Not to mention, Kabuto himself also had the ability to suppress these violent cells.

Kabuto took off his hat and opened his eyes.

A pair of Byakugan suddenly transformed into a blue Rinnegan, shaking Orochimaru so much that he could not move.