Genius Summoner - C.2068 - : The Beast Tide

Genius Summoner

C.2068 - : The Beast Tide

Chapter 2068: The Beast Tide

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“Swish…!” The sound of something cutting through the air sounded. A few figures splashed out of the seawater that was as black as ink in the Endless Ocean, creating crystal clear splashes that scattered in the air, forming a mist. Powerful auras appeared on these figures. They were a group of people who nobody dared to provoke easily.

A curved red thread seemed to be extending endlessly. The group of people chased forward just like that. Yun Feng looked at the vast seawater under her feet. The red thread was pointing to the back of the Endless Ocean. The East Continent and the West Continent were on the east side of the Endless Ocean. The other three sides were unknown because of the vast area of the Endless Ocean. It seemed that the Blood Souls were very likely in one of these three directions.

“Speaking of which, our understanding of the Endless Ocean only stops at the land we’ve seen. The Vast Continent is only located on the east side of the Endless Ocean,” said Qu Lanyi in a low voice. Yun Feng frowned. “Although we’ve been to the north of the Endless Ocean, we’ve never been to the north. The Endless Ocean is much vaster than we thought.”

Qu Lanyi looked at the red thread that led the way in front of him. “The Blood Souls have always been very secretive. The base definitely won’t be on the Vast Continent. The East and West Alliance has been investigating for so long without any breakthrough, which shows that the base is in a place where the forces on the Vast Continent can’t reach.”

Yun Feng pondered and thought of what the Stonemother once said to her about that Sage, Na Xie’s former master. His death was full of all kinds of questions. If he was really the Blood Souls’ Master… What was his purpose? What was the purpose of establishing the Blood Souls and collecting bloodlines?

“There’s one more thing I haven’t told you.” Qu Lanyi looked at Yun Feng solemnly. “One of the four elders of the Blood Souls might be an old guy of the Naxi family.”

Yun Feng was stunned! “So…!”

Qu Lanyi nodded. “It’s obvious how disgusting this Soul Master is. Even the dead soul can’t be at ease and they had to be forcibly resurrected to fight for him. If there’s really an old guy of the Naxi family, we’ll have a tricky battle.”

“Facing the resurrected dead souls, what we have to do is to let them rest in peace completely,” said Yun Feng in a low voice. Qu Lanyi curled his lips helplessly. “You’re right. Even though it’s a bit disrespectful to the elders, it’s also the best choice for them.” Qu Lanyi sighed. “After this is over, we should be relieved… It’s time to live a peaceful life.”

The corners of Yun Feng’s mouth curled up and the two of them clenched their fists again. There would be a peaceful life… After all this was over, there would be such a period of time that only belonged to them.

Under the guidance of the red threads, everyone traveled an unknown distance. A few days passed. With everyone’s speed, they could cross two Vast Continents, but there was still no end to the north of the Endless Ocean.

For the first time, Yun Feng truly realized how vast this sea was and she truly understood that the Endless Ocean she knew was only a small part.

“So, the four areas of the Endless Ocean are just the tip of the iceberg.” Ao Jin frowned with shock in his golden eyes. “The Endless Ocean… is so vast…”

“What these eyes see is limited after all.” Mu Canghai said in a low voice. Ze Ran burst into laughter after hearing that. “Brother Canghai is right.”

Ao Jin looked at the two people behind him with a glint of vigilance in his golden eyes. “Can we really trust those two people behind us?” 𝒻𝓻𝑒ℯ𝘸𝘦𝑏𝑛𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝑐𝘰𝓶

Ze Ran frowned. “I’m not sure either, but since Yun Feng is willing to let these two people follow us, they should be fine.”

Mu Canghai’s strange eyes glittered and he frowned slightly. “I vaguely felt a different spatial fluctuation from that woman called Yin Yue.”

“Different?!” Ao Jin frowned. Mu Canghai was silent for a moment and said, “I’m not very sure. After all, the power of space doesn’t mean anything. Even though most people have the same power of space, some of them are extraordinary, such as Gong Tianqing and myself.”

Ao Jin frowned. “Although I can’t suspect anyone casually, I can’t trust them easily either. This woman called Yin Yue appeared too suddenly. Even though she once helped, she might have an ulterior motive. As for that kid called Qi Yun… Yan Ming didn’t say anything. I think it’s really nothing.”

The three men looked at each other and made a note in their minds. They more or less paid attention to the two people following them, especially that woman called Yin Yue.

After traveling for an unknown period of time, there were finally signs of the border in the vast sea. A corner of the land gradually appeared in front of everyone’s eyes. Even though they were far away, they could see it very clearly. Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng couldn’t help but smile. The red thread that led the way pointed straight there. It seemed that they had arrived at the nest of the Blood Souls!

“Watch out!” Mu Canghai shouted furiously and suddenly attacked. After a moment of shock, Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi quickly retreated!

“Buzz!” The space where the two of them were just then suddenly distorted. If Mu Canghai didn’t remind them in time, the two of them would have been swept in no matter how fast they were!

“How dare you embarrass yourself with such a small trick?” Mu Canghai said coldly as a glint of light flashed through his gray eyes. He clenched his fist fiercely in the air and the distorted power of space was pressed back!

“We’re surrounded.” Qi Yun, who was at the back, said coldly. He looked around with his black eyes and his words were extremely cold. Everyone’s heart couldn’t help but tremble after hearing that. Surrounded? How was that possible?

Yun Feng looked around vigilantly with her black eyes. There was no aura at all. Even the space didn’t move at all. Surrounded… Were the people of the Blood Souls hiding behind this space? Yun Feng’s pupils shrank slightly. The world in front of her eyes instantly changed, but she didn’t find anything!

“You’re still not coming out? Do you really think I can’t see you?” Seeing that there was still no movement around, Qi Yun said coldly. He suddenly swept his hand in the air and a powerful force hit the air fiercely like a heavy hammer. “Crack!” A crack appeared!

“Tut-tut, why are you so rude? Aren’t we coming out?” A voice sounded. Yun Feng’s pupils shrank fiercely after hearing that! It was him! She wasn’t unfamiliar with this voice at all! This was the strange man who took the ancestor’s soul from her body back then!

“Swish!” There was a sound like a snake flashing across the ground. His face was like a demonic beast, his skin was almost pale, and his body was as soft and enchanting as a snake’s. His body was still covered in a black robe with blood red marks. The clothes in front of his chest were wide open, revealing a piece of pale skin, looking enchanting and weird.

The man looked at Yun Feng with his snake-like eyes and said in a low voice, “I didn’t expect you to grow to this point. Not only did the Soul Master miscalculate, but none of us expected you to find this place and… bring so many interesting people.”

He glanced at the people around Yun Feng with his snake-like eyes and chuckled softly. “Young Master Naxi, it’s indeed a good idea to chase us all the way here with your bloodline. However… if you can think of it, so can we.” The man chuckled and twisted his pale wrist gently. A bottle full of red liquid appeared. The red line slowly extended forward. It was that bottle!

Qu Lanyi frowned hard and exerted strength in his hand. The thing in his hand instantly shattered. Yu Lian, you abandoned the bloodline of the Naxi family. It seems that you’ve truly fallen!

“Young Master Naxi, is this what you’re looking for?” The man shook the small bottle in his hand proudly and smiled cunningly like a snake. Even the tongue that could be vaguely seen in his mouth stuck out like the tongue of a snake.

“You’re just one person. Can you stop all of us? I can kill you without Feng doing anything!” Yun Qi said as a powerful aura spread out of his body. The man smiled weirdly and his lips slowly curled up. This smile almost occupied half of his face, looking very weird.

“One person? Of course I’m not alone. It’s time for the others to show up.” The man waved his arm fiercely and let out an ear-piercing laugh. The space around him was like a shattered eggshell and cracks instantly burst out. Then, the roars of Magic Beasts came out!

“This is…!” Yun Feng’s black eyes widened. The aura of Magic Beasts filled the surrounding space densely!

“Crack! Crack!” The cracks were instantly torn by pairs of beast claws and fierce figures appeared from the spatial crack!

“Hahahahahaha! You are a summoner. It’s not rude for me to greet you with Magic Beasts, right?” The man’s eyes suddenly became straight and the aura of his new body also changed!

“He’s the same as me!” Ze Ran looked at the man in front of him in shock. “He’s the same as me. He has the aura of a Magic Beast in his body!”

“A guy who’s half human and half beast?” Ao Jin raised his brows and looked at the Magic Beasts that surged out around him. He frowned. “Even though we’re quite strong, if we face an army of Magic Beasts… our chances of winning won’t be very high, right…”

Yun Feng looked around. There were more than a hundred Magic Beasts surging out of the spatial crack! Besides, the strength of the Magic Beasts wasn’t low! It was difficult for two fists to fight four hands, let alone a few hundred powerful Magic Beasts!

“Why? Are you scared? Hehehe!” The strange aura on the man’s body kept surging out. A few hundred Magic Beasts surrounded everyone like ants!

“This guy isn’t a summoner, but he can control Magic Beasts. It must be related to the aura in his body.” Qu Lanyi frowned and whispered. “A tamer…” Yun Feng mumbled as she looked at the Magic Beasts around her. Even if she fused elements, she might not be able to create an opening! Besides, they had no way out at all right now!

“They’ve been hungry for a long time. It’s time for a feast. Hehehe! I’ll let you feel the tide of Magic Beasts!” The man raised his arm high and a ball of black mist suddenly jumped out of the black robe. All the Magic Beasts’ eyes were unusually red and they let out shocking roars!

“You’re using Magic Beasts to deal with me. Should I say that the Blood Souls are careless…” Yun Feng curled her lips coldly and looked up at the man who was laughing wantonly in the sky. It was time to kill him for stealing the ancestor’s soul!