From Nun to Real Heiress: Expert at Turning the Tables - C.274: 129 Eighteen (Second Watch) 2

From Nun to Real Heiress: Expert at Turning the Tables

C.274: 129 Eighteen (Second Watch) 2

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The secretary lowered her head, not daring to say a word.

Zou Dawei glanced at her: “You can go now.”

The secretary hastily retreated as if pardoned.

Zou Dawei contemplated for a while in the room before taking out a mobile phone from the drawer. He switched it on and logged into a forum with the domain WT.

The forum homepage had a giant skull, with blood flowing from its hollow sockets. A black eagle perched on top of the skull, its eyes gazing at you, flickering with an eerie green glow. It was both mysterious and terrifying.

Zou Dawei didn’t dare to look at it too long, and quickly entered his ID to log into the forum.

The forum’s homepage was quite clean, with only a few threads. The thread names were also quite bizarre, such as ‘Is the lethal dose of potassium cyanide 50 mg or 100 mg?’, ‘Meal formulas: how to make someone die silently…’

Zou Dawei shuddered. The forum’s overall color scheme was eerie, with alternating shades of black and green, resembling hell.

Next to it was a leaderboard. The avatar of the person ranked first was the same black eagle on the skull from the homepage. When enlarged, there seemed to be a shadow of a person in the green eyes, making anyone who saw it have nightmares that night.

Zou Dawei’s finger trembled as he clicked on it, and a chat window appeared. The other party’s name was a string of garbled characters.

Zou Dawei rummaged through the drawer and found a palm-sized notebook. He opened it and carefully flipped through it.

After a while, he sent a string of symbols over.

Zou Dawei anxiously waited. Ten minutes later, the other party replied.

Zou Dawei compared the numbers sent back by the other party with the notebook and wrote a line of text on a piece of white paper.

— Waiting for the good news.

When he looked back at his phone, the forum on the screen suddenly disappeared, gone without a trace as if it had never been there. Only the five words on the paper reminded him that everything he had just experienced was not just a dream.

Zou Dawei smiled. With WT taking action, there was absolutely no chance of failure.

Although the bounty was high, the result was guaranteed.

The money was well spent.

He happily switched off the mobile phone, locked it back into the drawer, and casually threw the little book of student codes into the trash.

At the same time in a deep mountain in the southwest. a voting boy sitting in a

thatch-covered hut hidden in the jungle raised his head from the computer screen, making realistic bird calls in his mouth.

A thin, small boy jumped down from a tree, holding a rabbit in his hand, and ran in happily.

“Thirteen, we have rabbit meat for dinner tonight.”

The boy in front of the computer gave a cold glance at the rabbit in his hand: “Eighteen, we have a mission.”

Eighteen blinked his eyes, which were beautiful, with a clear contrast of black and white. Black as thick ink, white as pure jade, just like the sky after rain, incredibly clean.

Such eyes were very deceptive. However, the rabbit in the young boy’s hand suddenly started to struggle, and the boy’s thin fingers grasped its neck and slowly tightened…

His eyes remained as clean and innocent as ever, like the purest jade. Yet, the rabbit succumbed to its approaching death and stopped struggling.

Thirteen coldly said: “The target is in Jiangzhou. The journey is long. Let’s set off now. ”

“This is your new identity.” Thirteen’s fingers swiftly typed on the keyboard, and the boy’s household registration information appeared on the computer screen.

Eighteen turned around and walked out, squatting by the well and skillfully skinning and gutting the rabbit.

Thirteen followed him out: “Eighteen, did you not hear me? This is your first solo mission, so I’ve picked an easy one for you. Don’t let Master down.”

“Can I eat this rabbit first before I go?” The boy’s voice was as clean as his eyes.

Thirteen pursed his lips: “Suit yourself, get your equipment from the usual place.”

With that, he went back into the room.

After a while, the outside seemed to be quiet. Thirteen went out, and the courtyard was filled with the darkness of night under the moonlight. In the courtyard, the fire flickered, and the rabbit meat roasted golden and tender.

But Eighteen was nowhere to be found.

Eighteen was the master’s finest trained assassin. His opponent was just a girl of the same age. Even if she had some cat-footed skills, she had no chance against Eighteen.

Moreover, one was in the open, and the other was in hiding.

An assassin’s skill is in assassination.

Thirteen was at ease, took the rabbit meat off the fire, tore off a leg, and took a bite.

Regardless of anything else, Eighteen’s barbecue skills were unparalleled.

“This Zhu Mingjing, I don’t know what kind of sweet talk she used to deceive Madam Jiang. Now, Madam Jiang values her very much, and Jiade Group is just an undeserving victim.”

“Zou Dawei came looking for our old, dependable Gu today. I would like to help him too, but unfortunately, he offended Madam Jiang, so we can’t help him even if we wanted to….”

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