From Nun to Real Heiress: Expert at Turning the Tables - C.269: 128 Light (First Round)


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Zhu Xiangxiang’s departure did not affect Ming Jing’s life at all; it should be said that this person would not affect Ming Jing at all.

Meeting Zhao Xiaohui at the entrance of the residential area in the morning was an accident. Ming Jing knew what kind of impact bringing Zhao Xiaohui in would have on Zhu Xiangxiang’s life, yet she still brought her in.

It was the fate Zhu Xiangxiang had to bear and the answer to what the future would be like would come with time.

“Ding” The WeChat message tone rang as soon as the phone was fully charged and turned on.

Ming Jing picked up her phone and glanced at it.

Xiao Qu’er — Are you home yet?

Ming Jing didn’t change the WeChat contact notes. This Xiao Qu’er was Qu Feitai.

His profile picture was still a cartoon image of himself, very Q, very cute, which was in stark contrast to his cool, handsome, and aloof appearance in person.

Ming Jing’s fingers tapped the screen and she replied with a single “Mm.” After that, she put down her phone and went about her business.

“Third Young Master?” Yun MO was shocked to find the usually aloof Third Young Master smiling at his phone… like a bit of a fool.

Qu Feitai immediately hid his smile, changing his expression so quickly that Yun MO wondered if he was hallucinating.

“You can go back. I have important matters in Jiangzhou,” said Qu Feitai coldly. “But, Third Young Master, without you going back, I can’t report to the boss.”

“That’s your business, and it has nothing to do with me.” Qu Feitai didn’t give him any face.

Yun MO sighed, “Since you don’t want to leave, I’ll have to begrudgingly stay and protect you.”

“Whatever.” Qu Feitai snapped back before hugging his phone and retreating to his bedroom.

Qu Feitai stared at the single “Mm” in the chat box for quite a while.

For someone as frugal with words as Ming Jing, a single “Mm” was enough to convey many things.

Qu Feitai’s fingers tapped the screen, typing many words and deleting them one by one.

Then he opened a food app and began searching for restaurants suitable for dating in Jiangzhou.

Ming Jing picked up her phone after finishing her work and looked at it.

Xiao Qu’er — Tomorrow night at six, Qingshu Yinyue Restaurant in Shidai Square. No-shows won’t be tolerated.

Ming Jing remembered she still owed him two meals and replied with an


Qu Feitai rolled around his bed hugging the single “Okay, ” finding joy in being young, as it sometimes came so simply.

“Miss, something’s wrong. Madam has fallen ill,” Madam Zhou said, rushing in hastily.

Ming Jing closed her laptop, “Let’s go.”

This was the first time Ming Jing had entered Lin Qing’s bedroom. Lin Qing lay on the large bed, her red silk pajamas unable to conceal her pale face.

Seeing Ming Jing, Lin Qing wanted to sit up, looking displeased at Madam Zhou.

Madam Zhou touched her nose.

Ming Jing sat down beside the bed, taking Lin Qing’s wrist in her hand.

“You’ve been worrying too much, leading to inner conflict. If you can’t let go of Zhu Xiangxiang, it’s not too late to chase after her now,” Ming Jing’s cold voice said.

Lin Qing grabbed Ming Jing’s hand, “Ming Jing, it’s not what you think. I’m heartbroken. How could I raise a child for sixteen years only for her to turn out to be an ungrateful wolf? I must have been a terrible mother.”

Madam Zhou quietly left the room, leaving the space to the mother and daughter.

“Then you hurt yourself for someone not worth it. Do you feel wronged?” The cold voice was straightforward and devoid of emotion.

Lin Qing’s heart turned cold for a moment, staring blankly at the face so close to her.

A beautiful face, but equally ruthless.

Those eyes held the world but could not hold a single person.

Even her own mother.

For the first time, Lin Qing felt afraid. Her own daughter was an emotionless monster.

Lin Qing slowly released her hand. She would rather have Ming Jing cry at her, shout at her, accuse her of favoritism. At least it would bring her some comfort, rather than Ming Jing’s undisturbed calm, as if she would never care no matter what Lin Qing did.

She believed that Ming Jing didn’t deliberately drive Zhu Xiangxiang away. Ming Jing wasn’t that kind of person and didn’t care for it. But it was precisely for this reason that Lin Qing felt even colder.

Could someone who could be so ruthless to her own father have any affection for her, a mother who had been hostile to her before?

Lin Qing suddenly realized that she couldn’t enjoy the slightest bit of her daughter’s affection.

Was it punishment from above?

Ming Jing’s pitch-black eyes seemed to see through all her thoughts, a faint mockery appearing within them.

Lin Qing’s heart tensed, quickly turning her head away and rolling over, “I’m fine. I just need to rest for a while. You can leave now..”

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