From Nun to Real Heiress: Expert at Turning the Tables - C.263: 126 Big Brother (Second Update)

From Nun to Real Heiress: Expert at Turning the Tables

C.263: 126 Big Brother (Second Update)

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Qu Feitai was stunned, she actually noticed that he was injured.

He was ecstatic inside, so she knew everything.

Qu Feitai stretched his injured elbow in front of Ming Jing, the skin was scraped off, oozing blood.

Ming Jing took a cotton swab and carefully cleaned the wound.

Qu Feitai looked down at the face close at hand, her thick, long eyelashes gently falling on her eyelids, there was a unique calm beauty.

Ming Jing put on a band-aid and said lightly, “Don’t touch water for three days. ”

At this moment, the car suddenly braked, Ming Jing and Qu Feitai were propelled forward by the inertia, and Qu Feitai grabbed Ming Jing’s arm, subconsciously wanting to pull her into his arms.

The arm that Ming Jing was grabbed by gently twisted, Qu Feitai felt a numbness in his arm and automatically let go.

Ming Jing never looked at him from start to finish. After sitting firmly, she reached out and gently brushed the hem of her dress.

Just out of the residential area, two police cars rushed out and forced Ming Jing’s car to stop. Du Ze stepped on the brakes urgently.

Then several uniformed police officers quickly got out of the police cars.

“Don’t panic, get out and ask what’s going on.” Ming Jing’s calm voice made Du Ze quickly calm down and got out of the car.

“Officers, what happened?”

One of the police officers had a familiar face, and when he saw Du Ze, he hesitated, “Is Ms. Zhu in there?”

“Officer Xu, what happened?” Du Ze was puzzled. Such a big scene, others would think they were wanted criminals if they didn’t know.

There was a drizzle in the sky, fine and soft.

Xu Huan coughed lightly, “Did Qu Feitai rear-end your car last night?”

He said he checked the surveillance and found the Tonghe Shengshi Residence, locked on the white BMW car, and at the time, he felt that the car looked familiar. However, there were more than one white BMW on the roads in Jiangzhou, so he didn’t think of Ms. Zhu and didn’t expect it to be her.

This was such a coincidence.

Du Ze nodded, “I remember I didn’t call the police.”

Xu Huan sighed, “That’s right, Qu Feitai’s agent couldn’t reach him by phone and called the police instead. We found Qu Feitai’s car at the scene of the accident, but he disappeared. Afraid that something might have happened to him, his family mobilized the entire Jiangzhou police force to look for him. They locked onto your car through surveillance when it was about to dawn and caught up with you as you were leaving.”

The entire Jiangzhou police force was looking for him? Du Ze was shocked and thought that Qu Feitai’s identity must be extraordinary.

Du Ze said, “It’s all a misunderstanding. Qu Feitai is fine, it rained heavily last night, and he left with us to take shelter from the rain and stayed at Ms. Zhu’s house for the night. As for why they couldn’t contact him, his phone ran out of battery and turned off.”

Xu Huan nodded, told his colleagues to go back, “No problem, we found the person, let’s report back to the director.”

“Remind Mr. Qu, get in touch with his family immediately.” Xu Huan reminded before leaving.

Two police cars came and went with sirens blaring.

Du Ze got back in the car and told Qu Feitai everything that had happened, “Mr. Qu, you disappeared for an entire night, and the entire Jiangzhou police force was looking for you all night. Quickly call your family and agent.”

Qu Feitai looked at his already turned off phone and sighed, “Take me back to the hotel. ”

Ming Jing didn’t speak all the way, and Qu Feitai tried to speak several times but stopped short. Soon they arrived at the entrance of the hotel.

Qu Feitai turned his head and looked at her, “Do you remember the two meals you owe me?”

Ming Jing was taken aback and nodded.

Qu Feitai shook his phone, “Wait for my message.”

Without waiting for Ming Jing’s reply, he jumped out of the car and went straight into the hotel lobby without looking back.

“Miss, Mr. Qu’s identity must be extraordinary. According to Officer Xu, after he disappeared last night, his family contacted the Jiangzhou Police Department and mobilized all the police forces to search for him. Ordinary people can’t do this.”

Ming Jing withdrew her gaze and said indifferently, “Let’s go back.”

Du Ze didn’t say anything more and drove back to the Zhu’s.”My ancestor, you’re finally back.” Huang Chao saw Qu Feitai stride in and ran over happily, tears in his eyes, and punched him hard.

“Goddammit, why didn’t you tell me clearly on the phone? I was worried to death and didn’t sleep all night. Look at my dark circles.” Huang Chao’s tone was full of resentment.

Qu Feitai first charged his phone and turned it on, sure enough, he saw countless missed calls and WeChat messages.

There were messages from Song Yinzhang, Huang Chao, his big brother…

Qu Feitai pursed his lips, and almost as soon as he put down his phone, his big brother called him.

The phone kept ringing, but Qu Feitai didn’t answer. Huang Chao leaned over to take a look: “It’s your big brother’s call, why don’t you pick it up?

So this guy had a big brother too, not the orphan Huang Chao thought he was.

Qu Feitai looked at the doorway and then at Huang Chao, who immediately understood: “I’m leaving, I’m leaving, is that okay? Where can you find an artist who dislikes their agent like this? You rest first, we’ll settle accounts regarding what happened last night later.” He babbled and left.

The ringing stopped and continued again, as if Qu Feitai didn’t answer, the other party would call forever.

Qu Feitai took a deep breath and answered.

“Xiao Fei.” The man’s calm voice was mixed with deep helplessness and relief.

“You had a car accident last night? Are you okay?”

“I’m not dead.” Qu Feitai said coldly.

“Xiao Fei, come back. Grandpa and Mengmeng miss you a lot.”

Qu Feitai pursed his lips tightly, “Is there anything else? If not, I’m hanging up.”

The voice of the man’s helplessness came from the phone: “Listen to your big brother; Jiangzhou is not a place for a long stay. I’ve sent someone to pick you up, come home soon.”

Qu Feitai’s fingers tightly gripped the phone, veins exposed on the back of his hand.

His dark eyes were like rolling fog, revealing a deep, icy contempt. “No need. Take care of yourself.” He hung up the phone and threw it onto the bed.

Meanwhile, a military-green off-road vehicle stopped in front of the hotel entrance. A young man in casual clothes stepped out of the car. He had dark skin, a regular face, a neat stance, straight shoulders, and powerful muscles exposed from his clothes.

Another police car stopped behind the off-road vehicle, and a middle-aged man stepped out of the car, looking sincere and terrified: “Mr. Yun, I’ll accompany you upstairs.”

If anyone saw this scene, they would be very surprised. The middle-aged man was none other than Xie Hong, the top police officer in Jiangzhou, and at this moment, he was bending his spine in front of a much younger man.

It had just rained, the sky had cleared up, and the weather was cool, but Xie Hong was sweating profusely.

This Mr. Yun from Jingdu was Qu Feitai’s man, and not to be offended.

According to rumors, Qu Feitai had disappeared last night in Yangzhou and when a call came from Jingdu, the whole city’s police force was deployed. Fortunately, it was a false alarm, and Qu Feitai was unharmed. Otherwise, if anything happened to him in Yangzhou, Xie Hong and his family would be finished.

Why did Qu Feitai, who was doing well, come to Jiangzhou? Xie Hong muttered in his heart, stirring up trouble and making the city restless.

As he watched the tall figure of the man stride into the hotel lobby, his assistant asked: “Who is this Mr. Yun?”

“Qu Da Shao’s henchman.” Xie Hong whispered.

His assistant scratched his head: “The Qus{ What Qus{”

Xie Hong snorted coldly: “Which Qus? There’s only one Qu family in Jingdu. Do you know about Qu Guangsheng? The Qu family’s Old Master, this third young master’s biological grandfather. Don’t you watch the news? You really know nothing. ”

The assistant suddenly realized: “So it’s Qu Old Master.”

Xie Hong glanced around and whispered: “The four great families in Jingdu, the Qus, the Bais, the Bos, and the Songs, with the Qus as the leader, particularly Qu Da Shao, who is a formidable figure. I heard that Qu Feitai is a posthumous child, raised by his big brother as a son from a young age; their bond is extraordinary. Some people naturally start off ahead because they are born with everything…sigh…”

Xie Hong lamented with great regret.

Huang Chao had just walked out when he saw a tall and sturdy man coming over, his face regular and his eyes determined, the sharpness in his gaze enough to make anyone tremble.

Huang Chao hesitated: “Who are you looking for?”

Yun MO didn’t pay attention to him, and directly walked to the door of Qu Feitai’s room and knocked: “Third Young Master, it’s me..”

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