From Nun to Real Heiress: Expert at Turning the Tables - C.251 - : 120 Unmoved (Second Revision)

From Nun to Real Heiress: Expert at Turning the Tables

C.251 - : 120 Unmoved (Second Revision)

Chapter 251: 120 Unmoved (Second Revision)

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The enamel donated by Shen Zhou finally sold for 1.5 million.

Madam Shen sneered, “A broken vase is worth 1.5 million? What a robbery.” She shook her head, unable to understand.

“A Tang Dynasty gold-inlaid Buddha statue donated by Mr. Gutian, starting at 500,000.”

Many people participated in this round of auction, mostly women.

Mr. Gutian is a very famous collector and philanthropist in China. His ancestors were a top-notch noble family, full of talented people. They had produced three generations of top scholars, who passed down heirlooms of poetry and literature. By the time of Mr. Gutian’s grandfather, the family began to decline. His grandfather donated all the family’s collections during a particular historical period, causing a sensation. Since then, the Gu family has become highly respected and legendary in the antique industry.

What he donated must be a treasure. As soon as the auction began, everyone rushed to raise their bidding cards.

After a few rounds, the price went up to 2 million.

In fact, it was less than a third of the statue’s value.

Madam Shen became more interested, “It’s getting exciting. Let’s see who gets this statue.”

Shen Zhou raised his card. “Three million.”

The whole audience was shocked, as Shen Zhou made his move!

As for wealth, barely anyone in the room could compare to him. To bid with him was an act of overestimating one’s abilities.

Jiang Chunlan smiled and raised her card, “Five million.”

Ming Jing glanced at Jiang Chunlan. Jiang Chunlan smiled and said, “After watching for so long, this is the only thing suitable for giving to you.”

Ming Jing laughed, “Madam wants to see Mr. Shen bleed, doesn’t she?”

Jiang Chunlan raised her eyebrows, “A wise man should not talk about what he sees through.”

Ming Jing covered her mouth and laughed.

“It seems Mr. Shen has bad luck today.”

Shen Zhou’s expression remained unchanged as he raised his card again,

“Seven million.”

Jiang Chunlan: “Eight million.”

The place was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop.

Shen Zhou raised his card again, nonchalantly, as if he was deciding what to eat tonight.

“Ten million.”

The whole room was instantly uproarious. True to Shen Zhou’s style, nobody could outmatch him when it came to being wealthy and generous.

Jiang Chunlan knew when to stop, put down her card, and said with a smile,

“I’ll stop adding to the fun and not snatch others’ love.”

Just by having fun, Jiang Chunlan got Shen Zhou to spend an extra seven million.

Only Jiang Chunlan had the confidence to say such words.

Time slipped away quietly. Ming Jing glanced at the clock on the wall, and the

hour hand silently pointed to nine o’clock.

The auction was coming to an end. Shen Shaojian took the stage again and did the final summary, raising a total of 173 million in charity funds, with special thanks to Mr. Gutian and Mr. Shen Zhou.

At this time, a young woman walked up to Jiang Chunlan, bent her waist respectfully, “Madam Jiang, I am Mr. Zou’s secretary. Mr. Zou has asked for a meeting with you in the tea room, to clarify the matter concerning the Ru Porcelain Narcissus Basin.”

She used the word “clarify” rather than “apologize.”

Jiang Chunlan curled her lips, “Mr. Zou has quite the attitude, asking me to meet with him personally.”

The secretary was very professional. Upon hearing this, she said, “Please wait a moment, Madam.”

Two minutes later, Zou Dawei showed up in person, invited Jiang Chunlan away respectfully in front of everyone’s puzzled gazes.

However, what left a deep impression on everyone was the beautiful young girl beside her. When Jiang Chunlan left, she followed suit.

After the auction, everyone had nothing to worry about and began to chat, all curious about why Zou Dawei wanted to meet with Jiang Chunlan and the identity of the beautiful young girl beside her.

Madam Shen quickly spilled the beans on what had happened in Jiang Chunlan’s house in the afternoon, “Who would have thought that such a large auction house would sell fakes? It’s ridiculous. If it weren’t for Ms. Zhu’s sharp eyes, Madam Jiang would have been duped.”

People found it incredible after listening. The first was that the Jiade Group would do such a thing, which was a bit unexpected.

The second was the girl named Ms. Zhu. She was so young and yet knew about antiques. Knowing that it was from Jiade Auction House, Madam Jiang must have also asked a professional appraiser to check it. Yet no problems came up. What did this imply?

Either Ms. Zhu was bluffing or she was even more skilled than a professional appraiser.

But how old was she? Was she even an adult yet?

Everyone felt it was a bit fake. Someone asked Mr. Gutian, who was about to leave, “Mr. Gutian, as an authority in the antique industry, why don’t you take a look and help Madam Jiang out? Where would a sixteen-year-old girl know about such things? Madam Jiang might have been deceived by her, too.”

Mr. Gutian was caught between laughter and tears. Since everyone had said so much, he had to offer his help. Otherwise, if it reached Madam Jiang’s ears later, she might think he deliberately refused to help, and that wouldn’t be good.He was also quite curious whether this young girl really had some skills or if she was just here to deceive and swindle people.

Gutian said, “Mr. Zou invited Madam Jiang, isn’t it a bit inappropriate for me to barge in like this…?”

Madam Shen rolled her eyes. Everyone just wanted to see the show and didn’t think much of Ms. Zhu. But soon, they would be slapped in the face.

She had blind confidence in Ming Jing now.

If there was a reason behind it, it might be her innate intuition.

Over the years, her intuition had never failed her.

Mrs. Gu smiled, “What’s the big deal? We’ll all go with you. Mr. Gutian is an authoritative figure in this industry. I’m sure Jiade Group would be more than pleased to have you take part.”

“Yes, yes, let’s accompany Mr. Gutian.”

Shen Zhou glanced at Shen Ke, who smiled and shook his head, “I had no idea Ms. Zhu knew how to appraise antiques. She really has a lot of mysteries around her. But don’t worry, she’s level-headed and won’t do anything without being certain. ”

“Go and remind Gutian not to talk recklessly.”

“What about the Jiade Group?” Shen Ke found it a bit tricky.

A touch of disdain flashed in Shen Zhou’s eves, “Grudginzlv acquire it, I


Shen Ke was stunned. Okay, so you’re rich and powerful.

Shen Zhou’s lips curled up, “Do you think Ming Jing would like this gift?”

Shen Ke felt that things were getting more and more weird. He scratched his head, “Maybe, possibly, perhaps she would like it?”

After all, it was worth ten million.

They walked out of the hall, away from the soundproof walls, and the distant screams seemed to come from the edge of the sky, wave after wave.

Jiang Chunlan looked towards the direction of the concert and sighed, “Youth is really wonderful. ”

Ming Jing walked calmly beside Jiang Chunlan, and the voice-activated lights above their heads lit up in rows as they passed by.

From somewhere, a gust of wind blew, lifting the young girl’s white dress. Along with the scorching screams and heat, it blew towards their faces.

The light from above descended, and Ming Jing’s eyes softened as the dense and long eyelashes cast a green shadow below her eyelids.

Far away, screams and applause were accompanied by flowers, and the young man took center stage with all eyes on him.

She walked calmly in the dark, and the light could not illuminate the path under her feet.

Her path, from beginning to end, was in her heart.

When the heart does not move, neither do people.

The concert was nearing its end, but there was still no sign of Qu Feitai’s new song.

Moreover, everyone noticed that the scheduled performance of ST Girl Group had also disappeared.

While the live audience was immersed in Qu Feitai’s singing and abs, those watching the online live stream were much more sensitive.

—Was ST Girl Group kicked out of the concert?

—Rumor has it, according to the onsite staff, ST Girl Group got greedy and demanded ten minutes of stage time, angering Qu Feitai. He removed their name from the concert lineup on the spot. Qu Feitai looked so cool when he said it.

—Wow, it feels so good! That old witch Su Lin is always sucking up to Qu Feitai like a leech. Now she’s finally angered him. I can almost imagine her face, stomping her feet in anger when she heard him say that. Haha.

—There’s more outrageous stuff, but nevermind. Let’s enjoy Qu Feitai’s concert and settle the score with them later. Qu Feitai’s new song should be the finale.

“It’s coming! Qu Feitai’s new song is coming!” Tao Xingxing drank a can of Red Bull and licked her dry lips.

Although her throat was soar, it couldn’t extinguish the passion in her heart.

As expected of Qu Feitai, both his singing and dancing were amazing. The experience of being at the live show was ten thousand times better than watching the live stream online.

A beam of white light shone down, and the young man walked out with his guitar.

“Ahhhh-” The screams were endless. This was the finale of the night.

Qu Feitai’s guitar and singing were king. Do you remember the young man who sang and played guitar four years ago? That was the beginning of Qu Feitai’s legend.

The young man was wearing a black jumpsuit that accentuated his slender waist, which could put women to shame. His broad shoulders provided a sense of security, and his long legs were eye-catching. He walked closer amid the screams.

On the large screen next to him, the young man’s short, neat hair and clean face were visible.

There was no young man in this world with brighter eyes than him.

Clean and pure, deep and captivating.

He spoke in a magnetic and gentle voice, “This song is for you..”

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