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“No, you’re being too modest.” Jiang Chunlan looked up at her, frowning, her face showing a hint of anger.

She had been deceived! If it weren’t for Ming Jing’s sharp eyes today, she would have spent her money in vain.

According to Ming Jing, there were many shady businesses in the auction industry, forming a specialized industry chain. Situations like these were common, and the counterfeiters’ skills were superb. It was just a pity that they encountered Ming Jing.

However, she wouldn’t remind Jiang Chunlan of this—Jiang Chunlan would be able to find this out herself.

“Who is this ancestor that Ms. Zhu mentioned? Why don’t you tell us so we can all get acquainted and learn something new?” Madam Shen pressed.

She had heard that just three months ago, Ming Jing had been a young nun on Baitou Mountain. Where did her insights come from? There was something eerie about her—she was too odd.

What was real and what was fake about the mysterious tales circulating around her among the wealthy women?

Ming Jing gave a faint smile: “I’m afraid I’ll disappoint you, Madam. That person has already passed away.”

Madam Shen doubted whether such a person even existed; perhaps everything had been fabricated by Ming Jing, who relied solely on her own words, unable to be verified.

That girl could beguile people with her mouth alone.

Even someone as clever as Madam Jiang fell for it.

Jiang Chunlan instructed Zhou Xue: “Contact the auction house. They dared to deceive me with a fake item, it’s outrageous.”

Zhou Xue replied: “Madam, there happens to be an auction in Jiangzhou tonight, organized by Jiade Group.”

Taking possession of an antique from an auction wasn’t as simple as receiving it on the spot, especially overseas, where the procedures were complicated. Jiang Chunlan had bid on a piece a month ago, and it had just been delivered to her a few days ago—it would have been much easier if it had been a domestic auction.

Jiang Chunlan immediately decided, “It seems that we will have to cause a scene tonight.”

She then looked at Ming Jing: “Join me.”

Ming Jing’s brows furrowed imperceptibly. Jiang Chunlan asked, “Do you have other plans tonight?”

Jiang Chunlan glanced at Zhou Xue, who seemed to unintentionally remind her: “Tonight’s auction is an official charity event organized by the government. Mayor Shen, Secretary Gu, and other political and business celebrities will attend.”

Madam Shen nodded: “My husband mentioned it to me—it seems it was organized to help with education for impoverished children in mountainous areas… I was planning on attending anyway, and now I have company.”

Ming Jing spoke softly: “In such a formal setting, my background….”

Jiang Chunlan held her hand: “You are my guest; who dares to say no?”

Madam Shen smiled: “Exactly, with Madam Jiang covering you, what is there to fear?”

Ming Jing nodded. “As you wish.”

Her gaze passed imperceptibly over Zhou Xue and Jiang Chunlan’s faces, the corners of her mouth faintly curling up.

Everyone played thur parts well Lills Play.

Before getting into the car, Ming Jing apologetically looked at Jiang Chunlan, took her phone, and walked to the side to answer the call.

Jiang Chunlan smiled kindly, watching Ming Jing walk under a fragrant camphor tree. Her white clothes billowed gently, light and graceful, elegant and captivating.

“Madam, as you suspected, Ms. Zhu is even smarter than you imagined,” said Zhou Xue.

“If she weren’t smart, I wouldn’t have chosen her.” Jiang Chunlan’s lips curved up, her eyes deep as the sea.

Zhou Xue hesitated, then lowered her head quietly.

Madam’s thoughts were unfathomable.

“Ming Jing, I’m coming to see you right now! Wait for me at home, okay?” Tao Xingxing’s excited voice came through the phone.

Ming Jing looked up at the gathering clouds in the sky, speaking softly: “I’m sorry, Xingxing, I’m afraid I can’t accompany you to the concert.”

“Ah?” Tao Xingxing let out a disappointed cry but didn’t dwell on it.

“I understand, you’re very busy now, and you weren’t even interested in celebrities to begin with—I just insisted on dragging you along. However, since you promised me before, consider this a broken promise, and you need to make it up to me.”

Ming Jing smiled: “Alright, how do you want me to compensate you?”

Tao Xingxing hmm-ed for a while. “I haven’t thought about it yet—I’ll let you know when I do. You go focus on your work. I’ll go with my cousin, hmph!” Tao Xingxing hung up the phone and dialed another number.

“Hey, Sis, are you busy tonight? I got tickets to Qu Feitai’s concert. The person who promised to go with me bailed. Can you come with me, please?”

Tao Xianxian had just left Ye Group’s building, feeling refreshed after closing a business deal. She had been thinking of treating herself and her wish came true.

“Sure, I didn’t manage to get tickets. Little sister, you’re my lucky star!”

A blue sports car stopped in front of Tao Xianxian, and Ye Sheng removed his sunglasses, giving her a teasing smile: “Would you like to join me for dinner, beautiful lady?”

Tao Xianxian raised her eyebrows: “Sorry, I already have plans for tonight.” Ye Sheng was momentarily startled: “Male or female?”

Tao Xianxian’s eyes glinted with mischief: “A man—young and incredibly handsome. Sorry, Ye Sheng, I must break our date.”

Before Ye Sheng’s face could change, she quickly jumped into a taxi and sped away.

Any fool would know how to choose between a popular star like Qu Feitai and a greasy rich kid like Ye Sheng.

Ye Sheng slapped the steering wheel hard: “Who on earth dares to steal my girl?”

The car moved smoothly through the evening traffic. However, the streets of Jiangzhou seemed unusually congested tonight.

There were also several times more traffic policemen at the intersections than usual.

Madam Shen looked out the window and said: “It seems like there’s a popular celebrity holding a concert in Jiangzhou tonight. The traffic in the city will be paralyzed because of him. We left a bit late.”

Jiang Chunlan’s eyes sparkled: “A big star?”

Madam Shen tried to recall: “I think his name is something like Qu… a singer, look at my memory.”

“Qu Feitai.”

“Yes, that’s right! So Jiang Madam knows about him too. It seems he is really popular. ”

Jiang Chunlan smiled faintly: “A young idol, really successful.”

The Qu family’s mischievous youngest son had now become a superstar, surrounded by adoring fans.

Her last memory of him was from twelve years ago—when he was just a boy with a piercing gaze on that night.

“I killed someone…

Time, indeed, could change many things.

Ming Jing looked out the car window as a group of excited teenage girls crossed the street.

The excitement of meeting their idol was written on their young faces. They held flags featuring the youthful comic character Qand that striking name.

Ming Jing thought of his profile picture—it looked exactly the same..

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