From Nun to Real Heiress: Expert at Turning the Tables - C.239 - : 115 Ancestors (First watch)

From Nun to Real Heiress: Expert at Turning the Tables

C.239 - : 115 Ancestors (First watch)

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Qu Feitai walked backstage with a guitar on his back.

He was tall and long-legged, and the scorching lights shone on his head, making him look like a god descending when walking against the light.

Everyone held their breath and stared at him intently.

The young man had a cold expression and did not glance sideways as he walked past a group of lovestruck girls, disappearing quickly.

Huang Chuchu sighed, “Qu Feitai is indeed Qu Feitai, always so cool.”

The four members of their group were the Asian girl group crafted heavily by Fanyu Entertainment last year. All four members had been selected through layers of competition, each with her own unique skills, making them absolutely qualified as teenage idols.

With the title of Qu Feitai’s Junior, their careers had been smooth since their debut. However, as time went on, they couldn’t shake off malicious labels like “vampire”, “clingy”, and “scheming bitch” regardless of their talent.

The title of being Qu Feitai’s Junior was a double-edged sword for them.

Others seemed to enjoy the fame and envious gazes that came with the title; girls of eighteen or nineteen naturally had a vain side, especially in the flashy entertainment industry.

But Huang Chuchu became increasingly unhappy. She had been learning to dance since she was four, mastering Latin and street dance, studying various musical instruments since childhood, and at the age of twelve, she was sent to H Country as a trainee. After six years of training, overcoming language and cultural differences, she became one of the strongest trainees.

Later, she returned to her home country to participate in a talent show, debuted as the center, and became the captain of Superstar.

Whenever she attended shows and events, the host’s introduction always began with – Qu Feitai’s Junior.

She hated being called by someone else’s name, even though that person was her most admired idol.

She hated that all her hard work and sweat were met with people’s ignorance and misunderstanding.

“Exactly, even though we’re his fellow juniors, he never even talked to us. No matter how beautiful, adorable, and charming we are, Qu Feitai is simply blind! Ha ha ha.” Annie casually combed her hair and laughed self-deprecatingly.

She had a carefree personality and was the happy pill of the team.

Outsiders might think that being Qu Feitai’s juniors meant they were close to him and interacted with him daily, but that was a big mistake. Even team captain Huang Chuchu had never spoken a word with Qu Feitai; he treated them as if they were air.

Oh well, it was a shame.

Was Qu Feitai too cold, or was their girl group’s charm too weak?

“Don’t lose heart, everyone. One day, Brother Qu will definitely notice us.” Bai Weining encouraged everyone.

Yu Beibei frowned, “Forget it, Anning, do you want to be scolded by Qu Feitai’s fans?”

Previously, Bai Weining had called Brother Qu during a variety show when the host mentioned Qu Feitai. Consequently, she was scolded for a whole month. The company had to employ a massive number of online trolls to suppress the impact of the incident.

It had been nearly a year since the event, but Bai Weining still had the most haters among the members. Yet it seemed like she didn’t learn her lesson and kept calling Brother Qu in private. The other members had long grown accustomed to it.

Yu Beibei closed her mouth when she thought about Bai Weining’s wealthy background, which meant that she didn’t care about being hated, and that the company would always provide her with plenty of resources to counteract any negative influence.

Bai Weining laughed, “Why should I care about those haters? They’re just jealous of me. Humph, I won’t do what they want.”

At first, Yu Beibei was really annoyed by Bai Weining’s princess attitude. But after getting to know her better, she found out that Bai Weining was truly like a well-protected princess, innocent and without any scheming. She would always share good food and fun experiences and would even let the others use her expensive skincare products.

Over time, they all got used to her style.

“No, our girl group should have at least a ten-minute performance. They’ve been preparing for a month, so how can you change the schedule at the last minute? Your team is so irresponsible!”

That was the voice of Su Lin, the group’s manager. They looked at each other, followed the sound and found Su Lin standing with her hands on her hips, glaring at the man opposite her.

“Sorry, when our team communicated with Mr. Qu’s team, only five minutes were left for the girl group’s performance. If you have any objections to this, please contact the person in charge of Mr. Qu’s team.” The stage director, Dai

Wen, spoke coldly..

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