Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills - C.338 - 53: Immortal’s World, Breaking Through and Establishing, Ninth Stage of the Golden Core Realm

Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills

C.338 - 53: Immortal’s World, Breaking Through and Establishing, Ninth Stage of the Golden Core Realm

Chapter 338: Chapter 53: Immortal’s World, Breaking Through and Establishing, Ninth Stage of the Golden Core Realm

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The dazzling holy light in front of him was like the Buddha in the world, making it impossible for people to give birth to any evil thoughts in their hearts.

Zhao Huai looked at the ancient Buddha in front of him, his heart filled with awe and his forehead covered in sweat.

Was he discovered by the other party?

The scene in front of him was clearly an illusion, so how could it be possible that he was truly detected by the other party?

“I didn’t expect that one day you would return to the Ascension Realm.”

A faint, ethereal voice resounded in the starry sky.

Zhao Huai was slightly stunned and suddenly realized that the other party didn’t seem to be looking at him.

Could it be…

He hurriedly turned around and looked behind him, only to find a man in a white robe with an extraordinary temperament standing above the Luo River, floating in mid-air, with immortal light flowing around him and golden mist concealing his face. He was unparalleled in his demeanor and looked like a god descending to the mortal world.

Zhao Huai let out a sigh of relief, very obviously.

The ancient Buddha just now wasn’t talking to him.

The only thing that intrigued him was the identity of the white-robed man in front of him.

Considering his identity, being on par with the ancient Buddha indicated that the other party was also an immortal from the Ascension Land.

“Yes, I’m back, but they don’t seem to be very happy.”

The white-robed man spoke with a very calm tone.

The ancient Buddha’s voice sounded again: “Zhao Yan, your situation is not good, and your future path is even more difficult. Even if you descend to the mortal realm and cultivate for another life, disrupting the plans of the abyss, you have also sealed the future of the Immortal World.”

Hearing this, Zhao Huai finally knew who this white-robed man was.

It was Ancestor Yan Zu, who founded the Yan Empire and was a legendary figure in the Immortal World.

“No matter, I already have arrangements. I originally didn’t want to interfere too much, but time is pressing, and I can’t afford to be too cautious. The only thing I can do is to strive for a little more time.”

Having heard Yan Zu’s words, Zhao Huai understood.

The scene before him was most likely the picture of Yan Zu’s ascension after he had cultivated for a mundane life. As an immortal descended from heaven, Yan Zu was not much different from what he knew.

Yan Zu had sealed all the entrances to the Immortal World, setting up the Heavenly Earth Altar and garrisoning the generals of the Yan country, all to protect this realm.

Furthermore, there was one term mentioned in the conversation between the two.

The abyss.

This should be a powerful faction in the Ascension Realm.

They were clearly not satisfied with Yan Zu’s ascension, so it seemed that some kind of conflict had erupted between them.

If Yan Zu were still alive, what would he think of the current state of the Immortal World?

The future is always full of uncertainties, and is the current situation still under Yan Zu’s control?

As for this, Zhao Huai was not sure.

The ancient Buddha’s voice spoke again: “This distant Luo River comes from the stars and flows through the upper and lower realms. Although it can cross the Road to Heaven and reach the Ascension Land, you will also encounter the resistance of the ancestors from various heavenly realms. I hope you are prepared for battle.”

“I will.”

After the white-robed man calmly agreed, he disappeared at the end of the Luo River.

The ancient Buddha also left the void.

Zhao Huai stood there staring at the rolling Luo River in front of him, dumbfounded.

It seemed that he knew a shocking secret.

Could this Luo River lead to the Ascension Land?

The Luo River in front of him was extremely wide, flowing from the horizon with no end in sight, and it was impossible to see its source or where it was flowing.

Zhao Huai pondered in secret.

From the ancient Buddha’s words, the Luo River could not only lead to the Ascension Land but would also pass through other realms, where it could be seen by others.

Could it be that after surviving the Immortal Tribulation, one could go upstream and follow the Luo River to reach the Ascension Land?

Before Zhao Huai could figure it out, the illusions in front of him had already disappeared completely.

He was back in the small world again.

In front of him, the small stream flowed gently, with a few small jumping fishes in the bamboo basket.

“Forget it, it’s too early for me, who is only at the peak of the Golden Core Realm, to think about these things. It’s better to talk about it after I break through to the Rebirth Realm.”

That’s what Zhao Huai thought before returning to his cultivation state.

In the second decade, he wanted to devote all his time to the process of cultivating the Black and Yellow Qi.

It was mentioned in this cultivation technique that as long as one condenses nine strands of Black and Yellow Immortal Qi, one can form the Ninth Stage in the Golden Core Realm.

Zhao Huai took his fishing basket and fishing rod and headed towards the wooden house. It was time for him to take a break and continue his cultivation.

He returned to his familiar bamboo mat, carefully recalling the contents of the cultivation technique in his mind, muttering to himself:

“When the Qi rises, the breathing never stops, like fish leaping, one can obtain the Black and Yellow…”

By silently reciting the exhalation technique suitable for the Black and Yellow Qi, the magic power circled around his body.

The newly formed Black and Yellow Immortal Qi was as thin as a thread, red and yellow in color, and looked extraordinary. Who would have thought that such a thread could destroy a large area of surrounding peaks?A year passed quickly.

The second year.

The third year.

Finally, Zhao Huai woke up from his 99th meditation session, gritting his teeth and resuming his cross-legged sitting, calming his emotions.

“It’s still too hard.”

With the help of [Human Immortal Body], Zhao Huai’s cultivation became extremely smooth without encountering any obstacles.

In the eighth year, he successfully formed eight strands of Black and Yellow Immortal qi. However, it was extremely difficult to form the last strand. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t do it. He spent two years without any progress.

It seemed that his Golden Core could never withstand the ninth strand of Black and Yellow Immortal qi.

His time was running out, and the stored spiritual stones could only last for a few more years.


After such a long time, Zhao Huai had already felt a trace of resignation, with a bit of unwillingness in his heart.

“Kid, is cultivation that interesting?”

At some point, Ao Jiu’s voice appeared in the sky again, teasing him.

After more than ten years, Zhao Huai finally saw the opponent’s coiling black dragon body again.

However, he did not look happy. Faced with the sarcasm, he indifferently replied:

“You disappeared for more than a decade, and you have been quite leisurely.”

“I have a great responsibility on me. In the past decade, I traveled the four seas, trying to reach the edge of the world, but I found that this world is even larger than we imagined.”

Ao Jiu’s voice hummed, such as were his words.

“It is not a small world, but a real one, compressed into a mirror by someone’s supreme Divine Skills.”

“This is a real world?”

Zhao Huai frowned.

This possibility was beyond his imagination.

What kind of existence could seal a world in an immortal tool?

“I see you are trying to gather the Ninth Stage in the Golden Core Realm, right?”

Ao Jiu looked at Zhao Huai’s dejected appearance, guessing what he wanted to do.

“So what.”

“Take my advice and give up. You have already gathered the Eighth Stage of the Golden Core, and the Ninth is nearly impossible. I have seen too many cases like yours, trying to increase their stages through postnatal efforts. Without exception, they all failed.”

Ao Jiu said lightly.

Faced with these words, Zhao Huai did not get completely discouraged but was enlightened.


Was the reason for his inability to gather the ninth strand of Black and Yellow qi due to his already formed Golden Core, which set the upper limit?

If he didn’t have the Golden Core, would he be successful?

“I understand!”

Zhao Huai clapped his hands and shouted.

Ao Jiu was startled. His dragon eyes raised and asked:

“What do you want to do?”

“Since I can’t gather the Ninth Stage in the Golden Core Realm because of the constraint of the Golden Core, then I should give up.”

Zhao Huai said seriously.

Ao Jiu sneered, “You want to destroy your Golden Core? You’re really bold. Let me tell you, destroying the Golden Core is no different than forfeiting your cultivation.”

“Many people have spent half their lives trying to form a Golden Core, which you want to destroy. An Eight Stage Golden Core no less. Can you really bear to do it?”

“If you don’t gather the Ninth Stage in the Golden Core Realm and lose the help of Golden Core, you will age quickly and die.”

Zhao Huai squinted, “I have my ways.”

“You’re really crazy.”

Ao Jiu shook his head, not intending to stop him.

He thought Zhao Huai’s death would be even better.

Wouldn’t that allow him to leave?

Upon that thought, his purple dragon eyes rolled and he laughed:

“Well, you keep going. I support you.”

Zhao Huai ignored him and instead summoned his dazzling Eight Stage Golden Core, falling into deep thought.

Then, he clenched his fists.