Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills - C.335 - 51: I am the Wife Supporting Man of Xia Country

Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills

C.335 - 51: I am the Wife Supporting Man of Xia Country

Chapter 335: Chapter 51: I am the Wife Supporting Man of Xia Country

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Next day.

Unconsciously, it was daylight. The sunlight filtered through the window paper, sprinkling on the luxurious main hall without any noise. Only the sleeping incense rose from the bronze beast incense burner on the dressing table.

Zhao Huai woke up groggily from the bed. He swore he hadn’t slept this well in a long time, and had dreamless night. Sensing the light before his eyes, Zhao opened his eyes to see the golden silk canopy overhead and bright yellow quilt covering his body.

It was only when he turned around and saw the smooth fair shoulder next to him that he remembered what had happened the day before.

Yesterday, he had confronted the ministers of the Xia Country in the Imperial Court and left them speechless.

Subsequently, an agreement was successfully reached between Yan Country and Xia Country.

Even Madam had to admire him for that.

After leaving the morning court, Zhao Huai told Yu Qinghan about the solution to the high salt price. The two also talked about some cooperation issues between Yan and Xia countries. They talked until late, even eating in the main hall, drank a little wine, the kind not resolved by cultivation. Somehow, things escalated to the bedroom.

He was careless, how he had delayed the important matters.

Zhao Huai patted his forehead, feeling both amused and annoyed.

Right now, the Xia Country was beset with internal and external troubles, every moment was precious. His primary plan was to leave a complete Central State for his son, which meant that both Yan and Xia countries couldn’t be in trouble.

Hang on, what’s going on with this cultivation level?

He suddenly discovered.

When he woke up, his cultivation had already broken through to the Late Golden Core Realm.

The Golden Core’s qi had increased greatly compared to before.

Could it be that not only did they applaud last night, but also cultivated?

Speaking of which, this Exquisite Nine Spheres was quite outrageous, worthy of being the biggest opportunity of the Exquisite Palace. Just in a short period of time, he had already broken through?

At this rate, he would break through to the Rebirth Realm in just a few years.

Still too slow, still too slow.

Even so, Zhao Huai was not satisfied.

He felt that, without reaching the Metamorphosis Stage, it would be difficult to intervene in the battles between the Immortal Sects and Devil Sects.

In the Five Immortal Sects and Ten Devil Sects, Metamorphosis Realm cultivators were like ancestors.

Right now, the matter of the Heavenly Earth Altar was being handled by the Immortal Sects. Dongfang Xuan and Zhou Ping had gone to investigate in the Western State. With these generals of the Yan Country present, the situation should be temporarily stabilized.

He now had a lot more time to spare.

Plainly speaking, he still needed to continue cultivating.

All this time should be put to good use. The small world had expanded, but he had no time to check on it.

However, it was certain that he could now collect a large number of spiritual stones and prepare for seclusion.

“Husband, when did you wake up?”

At this time, Yu Qinghan on the side also woke up, mumbling unclearly.

Zhao Huai’s consciousness returned to reality, and seeing her disheveled hair, he found her pitiful and his heart tickled again.

Regardless, he went straight to the point with a smile, reaching an arm out from under the quilt.

“Madam, please help me cultivate!”


The sun was shining brilliantly, illuminating the Imperial Court on top.

Fan Yan frowned and looked at the plan before him, then raised his head to look at the Dragon Chair and asked anxiously:

“Your Majesty, can this really bring down the salt price?”

“By introducing a large amount of salt to the capital, it will inevitably lead to the purchase of salt by the merchants under Changning King, and as more and more salt is hoarded, these merchants will go bankrupt? Is this true?”

“Of course, it’s true.”

Yu Qinghan nodded her head, her husband had personally told her, there should be no problem.

“Where are we going to find so much salt?”

Fan Yan raised a question.

“As long as we have the method to produce salt, we can make as much salt as we want.”

Yu Qinghan said seriously.

She recalled her husband’s discussions, her confidence growing.

“Your Majesty, do you know how to make salt?”

Fan Yan asked suspiciously.

Yu Qinghan said directly, “It was provided by someone from the Yan. I witnessed it myself, there’s no mistake.”

“What do you mean by ‘that person from the Yan’.”

Zhao Huai stood beside Yu Qinghan, couldn’t help but smile and sent a voice transmission, and at the same time, his hand mischievously moved towards Yu Qinghan on the Dragon Chair.

“Your Majesty, may this minister ask again, do you really want to do this?”

“Uh… Yes.”

Strange sounds suddenly came from the tent, and the ministers in the court looked at each other.

Yu Qinghan in the tent gave Zhao Huai a warning glare, signalling him not to take advantage of the situation.

This was a public place!

Zhao Huai just smiled slightly, not caring, and reached out his finger to pinch her cheek.

It was quite satisfying to see the Empress of the Great Xia in his hands without any power to fight back.

However, in the end, he withdrew his hand.

“Your Majesty? Are you feeling unwell?”

“No… it’s okay.”

Yu Qinghan waved her sleeves, looking helpless and aggrieved.

“Since the national policy is decided, let’s call it a day. Court adjourned.”

In the Yangxin Palace, looking out of the window, one can see rows of neatly arranged main halls and deep red walls.

“Husband, what do you need all these spiritual stones for?”

After leaving the morning court, Yu Qinghan changed into a dark blue dress, her hair no longer twisted up, but simply draped over her shoulders, looking simple and pure.

She lay on the desk, propping her head up, watching Zhao Huai putting piles of spiritual stones into his black ring.

“I plan to go into seclusion for a while.”

Zhao Huai looked up and replied.


“Yes,” Zhao Huai said seriously, “If my analysis is correct, with the method of salt production and the help of the Immortal Sects, the situation will be temporarily stabilized, but this is only temporary.”

“If we don’t seize the time to improve our cultivation, we will be powerless in the face of many situations.”

“Husband, how did you know?”

Yu Qinghan asked with a puzzled face.

She found that every time at a critical moment, her husband could appear in front of her on time.

It seemed as if he had the ability to foresee the future.Zhao Huai held the golden bronze coins in his hand, smiling:


However, the big characters appearing before his eyes were constantly reminding him.

[Hexagram One: Beneath the netherworld, piles of white bones, the Northern State is surging with undercurrents, and your instructions are “Misfortune”.]

[Hexagram Two: In the Primitive World of Gu Country, the hearts of people float, the Western State is surging with undercurrents, and your instructions are “Misfortune”.]

[Hexagram Three: Practice cultivation for longevity, wield a sword to exterminate demons, and cultivate the mind. Your instructions are “Fortune”.]

Zhao Huai had no choice but to live temporarily in the Imperial Palace of Xia Country, only to end up in seclusion.

Yu Qinghan was a little reluctant.

She understood the importance of it, and both of them were no longer ordinary couples in the pawnshop. Behind them were countless common people.

“I don’t know how long I’ll be in seclusion, maybe a year, or maybe there won’t be any progress, and in that case, I’ll come out directly.”

“Husband, don’t worry about going into seclusion, I’ll be on the outside.” Yu Qinghan nodded.

After Zhao Huai had explained everything, he took a deep breath and turned into a streaming light, arriving at the deep palace Yu Qinghan had prepared in advance.

No one lived here all year round, making it an excellent place for seclusion.

Zhao Huai took out his reincarnation treasured mirror, and his body immediately entered it.

With a whirl of the earth and the sky.

When he opened his eyes again, it was as if he had discovered a new world of Heaven and Earth.

The original world edge, which could be seen at a glance, had disappeared.

The small world today has expanded countless times more than before.

He found the irrigated farmland under the mountains.

The spiritual medicine and spiritual fruit he had planted had all matured, but according to the original timeline, it shouldn’t have happened so soon.

“Could it be that even the speed of time has changed?”

A thought popped into Zhao Huai’s mind.

He was secretly horrified.


The earth trembled, Zhao Huai frowned and found a black majestic object appearing in the clouds.

A buzzing voice transmission came.

“Kid, you finally know to come in.”

A huge black dragon with a dark luster spoke to Zhao Huai with human language, and its dragon pupils were full of coldness.

It was Ao Jiu, who was trapped in the small world.

Presumably, he had too much time to spare and had grown impatient.

“I feel that the flow of time in this place is extremely wrong. If this continues, your lifespan will be tens of times longer than mine.”

Ao Jiu’s tone was very cold.

He obviously thought it was Zhao Huai’s plot to let him die in this world.

“I just found out about the changes in this world.”

Zhao Huai furrowed his brow, pointing at the matured spiritual medicine, “Not only is the time flow speed faster, but the spiritual qi here has also become more abundant. I suspect that the restrictions have only now been officially lifted, and only now has everything returned to its original state.”

After finishing, Zhao Huai leaped up, his Divine Insight constantly spreading out.

He wanted to see how vast this world really was.

He quickly swept across the ground, traveling hundreds of miles without touching the edge of the world.

Instead, he saw ruined walls and broken ruins that had never been there before.

A large expanse of abandoned palace ruins appeared before his eyes, surrounded by lush green mountains and appearing in a dim valley.

The direct sunlight made the circled palace pavilions in front of him seem very desolate, and it looked like a gathering place.

After landing, Zhao Huai began to explore the abandoned ruins in front of him.

Here, there were mansions and courtyards, martial arts training fields, spirit-gathering wood planted on the long corridors to nourish the spiritual qi, occasionally glowing formation inscriptions, and broken jade stones everywhere.

It was evident that people had lived here before.

As Zhao Huai walked, he accidentally entered a medicinal garden.

The spiritual medicine inside had an ancient aura with a faint Immortal Spirit Qi, it was densely packed and had not been harvested by anyone.

“This is immortal medicine!”

Ao Jiu appeared above Zhao Huai at some point, his huge dragon eyes sparkling with ominous light, breathing rapidly as he stared at the medicine garden. His body quickly transformed into human form, reaching out to pick a white peach immortal fruit.


A surge of powerful pressure erupted, stirring up a terrifying storm that made Zhao Huai unable to open his eyes.

Strong as Ao Jiu was, he was also immediately thrown away, heavily smashing into the ground.

“Really immortal medicine, it seems that it’s not that easy to get.”

Zhao Huai stroked his chin and pondered.

Could it be the wealth left by Ancestor Yan Zu?

Thinking of this, Zhao Huai’s body moved forward slightly, and the guardian formation in front of him flickered and disappeared.

Only then did Zhao Huai dare to extend his hand and touch a crystal-clear immortal fruit.

He could actually touch it!

At this moment, he was utterly shocked.

There was no doubt that this confirmed his conjecture.

This world was the wealth left by Yan Zu.

Including the medicine garden in front of him.

Ao Jiu had gotten up again at some point, with a sinister smile on his ferocious face, like a bad uncle deceiving a child. He said:

“Kid, this is immortal medicine. Just consuming one fruit can heal all my injuries and even help me advance further. But for you, it’s still too early. Why don’t you give me the fruit in your hand, and I’ll promise you one condition, how about that?”


Zhao Huai said emotionlessly.

Ao Jiu’s smile stiffened.

“So what do you want?”

“How about signing a contract and becoming my mount?”

Zhao Huai smiled playfully.

Ao Jiu was immediately furious, roaring, “Kid, you’re being greedy! What’s so great about immortal medicine? I don’t need it!”

As he spoke, he transformed into a dragon and dived into the sky, disappearing.

Zhao Huai shook his head, no longer caring about him, and picked up the immortal fruit, continuing to walk forward.

Until he saw a plaque broken in half, with the words “Ascension Hall” written in big letters.

“If it is said that this place is the wealth left by an immortal, then its value will be incomparable.”

Zhao Huai murmured.

ps: This chapter is the demarcation line of the mid-term, and the plot will progress more quickly from now on.