Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills - C.331 - 49: The World Trembles, the Supreme Being Among Mankind

Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills

C.331 - 49: The World Trembles, the Supreme Being Among Mankind

Chapter 331: Chapter 49: The World Trembles, the Supreme Being Among Mankind

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“The siege against the Yan country seems to be unsuccessful, and your Seven Devil Sect has suffered even more casualties! Sixteen disciples of the Golden Core Realm died… This is not a small matter!”

In a small town near the border of Western State, a bamboo building houses a table laden with fruits and wine.

An imposing array of figures gathered together, including dark-skinned monks, beautiful women, and elders from the Devil Sect. An Elder from the Seven Devil Sect blew out his beard in anger, very displeased with the situation.

Not long ago, news spread that Zhao Huai slaughtered a multitude of adversaries in Nanyu Prefecture, decimating every disciple of the Devil Sect and severely injuring the Western Evil Mink Monk, one of the Ten Western State’s Geniuses. This news alarmed the Seven Devil Sect.

The death of so many disciples with Golden Core Realm cultivation was a heavy blow to the Seven Devil Sect, a price they could hardly afford.

“Even we, the Shenluo Empire, have suffered great losses. This time, a high-ranking monk with the title of Arhat died in Nanyu Prefecture. Surely, your numerous disciples cannot compare to one Rebirth Realm Arhat, right?”

The one who spoke was a stunningly beautiful woman with a soft, tender voice.

Wearing a bare-midriff wrap top that was very sexy indeed, she draped a light red silk scarf over her shoulders. Her hair was tied up in a long scarf, and she appeared only eighteen or nineteen years old. She had a delicate nose and an exquisite appearance, an exotic allure.

She was Luo Ya, the eldest princess of the Shenluo Empire.

Even Luo Ya could not understand how the Crown Prince of Yan country, who was previously unimpressive in cultivation, became so powerful within a few months.

Wen Xiang Bodhisattva, standing beside Luo Ya, said indifferently, “If you want to blame someone, blame your Seven Devil Sect for being weak in strength and having outdated information. You dragged our Sorceress Sect down. If it had been the Heavenly Devil Palace, this would not have been the outcome. You couldn’t even investigate the appearance of the Yan country’s generals. You deserve your fate.”

The Seven Devil Sect’s Elder, feeling offended by these words, scoffed coldly, “If the Heavenly Devil Palace takes action, do you really think you’ll get even a piece of land in Central State? Keep dreaming.”

Wen Xiang Bodhisattva seemed to sense something and looked up at the sky before passing the news to Luo Ya.

Luo Ya, learning the news, smiled faintly and said with deep meaning,

“Elder Cui, I think our partnership will come to an end.”

The Elder of the Seven Devil Sect narrowed his eyes, displeased, “We agreed that we would get an Ancestral Weapon, and you would seize Central State. Are you backing out now?”

“No, I’m afraid you won’t live long enough to continue.”

After hearing Luo Ya’s words, the Seven Devil Sect’s Elder, even if he were a fool, now knew what had happened.

A few figures appeared in the sky amidst the howling wind and yellow sand, their powerful auras staggering.

The leader was a man with long, flowing black hair. His stunning face could make any Devil Sect Elder’s complexion pale with fear.

“Demonbred…Respected Demonbred.”

The Seven Devil Sect’s Elder stuttered greetings.

Situ Huan descended from the sky, followed by several formidable elders. He said indifferently,

“Your Seven Devil Sect acted without authorization, not only ruining my plans but also breaking the rules set by Respected Devil Lord. You should be punished.”

“Take action.”

After saying this, he waved his hand, seemingly pronouncing a death sentence.

This made the Elder’s face turn deathly pale.

With an emotionless face, the elder in the bloody robe behind Situ Huan grabbed the Seven Devil Sect’s Elder by the neck, like a chicken, and threw him into the air.

His five fingers clenched, and the Elder was instantly reduced to a bloody mist, leaving no trace of his body.

A streak of light tried to escape the area quickly.

The elder in bloody robes simply inhaled deeply, stirring up a great wind that swallowed the fleeing Rebirth Realm Elder’s soul and he smacked his lips with satisfaction.

The Elder of the Rebirth Realm – killed without a second thought.

This scene also made Luo Ya feel very uneasy, and she said solemnly,

“So you are the Demonbred of the Heavenly Devil Palace, Situ Huan?”


Situ Huan chuckled and sat down casually, pouring himself a glass of wine.

“It’s really not a good business decision for your Shenluo Empire to choose a backward sect like the Seven Devil Sect as a trading partner.”

“No wonder you’ve been stuck here in this whirlwind of flying sand, playing the role of a local king.”

Despite the humiliating words, Luo Ya had no choice but to grit her teeth and bear it, because she knew the elder in the bloody robe had a terrifying cultivation level.

Even Wen Xiang Bodhisattva said that he had no chance of defeating the elder.

Those Mighty above the Metamorphosis realm were already the top existence in this world.

However, these strong men taking action would invite the revenge of Divine Power. Weren’t they afraid?

Situ Huan raised his wine cup, swirling the liquid as he spoke,

“Just now, I received news that the Crown Prince of Yan headed to the Xia’s Empire to rescue the Empress. He slew a Rebirth Realm cultivator and left. Not only did you lose an Arhat, but we also lost a protector.”

“And all of this is because of you. If it weren’t for your reckless attack on Nanyu Prefecture, we would have captured the Empress of Xia in three days, and I would have obtained the Immortal Spiritual Root.”

Situ Huan’s seemingly calm words belied hidden killing intent.

His dissatisfaction was now on display.

Luo Ya smiled apologetically and said softly, “Demonbred, you’re joking. Your Heavenly Devil Palace is very powerful and has many masters sitting in the Palace. Every palace master is at the Metamorphosis realm. With such a foundation, who could stop you from dealing with the Xia’s Empress and the Crown Prince of the Yan?”

Situ Huan glanced at her casually and said, “I don’t mind telling you. Within the Spiritual Mountain Sect, there’s already a Mighty figure nearing half-immortal who used supreme laws to lock the rules of Heaven and Earth in the Central State. If those above the Metamorphosis realm take action, they will invite the thunder tribulation from the heavens.”