Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills - C.330 - 48: The Empress’s Favorite_3

Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills

C.330 - 48: The Empress’s Favorite_3

Chapter 330: Chapter 48: The Empress’s Favorite_3

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“Hee hee hee!”

But the dissipating Devil Shadow swiftly reformed, seemingly immune to death.

“Ha ha ha! The Devil Shadow Puppet under the control of myself is cultivated with a massive number of cultivator souls. Can you break it in such a short time?”

The Deacon in the black robe seemed self-satisfied, his mood being boosted by Zhao Huai’s inability to deal with the situation.

“A puppet is, after all, a puppet. It has no consciousness of its own. As long as I cut you down, everything will be solved.”

Zhao Huai said calmly, releasing his dark green immortal sword, and gripped the illusory Yu Sha.

Densely packed fish scale inscriptions appeared on the black sword edge, emitting a mysterious glow.


The Deacon in a black robe snorted coldly. He manipulated ten Devil Shadow Puppets, which gave off a spine-chilling aura. He himself stayed inactive, and took out the Silver Demon Ring again.

He swung it directly.

Both of them were using their lifesaving skills and Divine Skills, leaving a large empty space around them. Nobody dared to approach the area.

Xu Muchen was no exception. He and Yang Yuan were still locked in a deadlock. With the terrifying pressure emanating from the center, they could only retreat.

Xu Muchen did not consider Zhao Huai as a cultivator in the Golden Core Realm.

Because he was too strong, unreasonably so.

Back to the center of the battlefield.

Zhao Huai’s body swiftly floated upwards, his sword-gripping hand moved neither fast nor slow, looking at ease.

“Dragon Slaying Immortal Skill.”

The next second, the dazzling Golden Core Realm light flowed through his meridians and into the Yu Sha long sword.

A blaze of dazzling golden sword qi clung to the black sword edge.

Zhao Huai stood proudly in the void, slightly raised his sword, and a formidable and terrifying sword Intention broke out.

An illusory image of an immortal spirit gathered behind him.

Then, he swung his sword downwards from the sky.

The sword qi went sky-high, splitting the distant hanging clouds. The spiritual qi was divided into both sides, the forest shivered wildly, and an opening was created on each side.

This sword, it’s as if directed by an immortal. No matter what it is, all must yield to it.

Evil qi and sword qi clashed once again, and all the cultivators left the Imperial City.

An astonishing battle broke out in the wide open space beneath the tall walls of the Imperial City.

As the sword stabbed in, the old man in a black robe looked in the direction of Zhao Huai and saw a savage phantom of a black dragon coming from Zhao Huai’s sword. It selectively devoured, as if wanting to destroy everything.


The entire sky seemed to vibrate slightly, the power of sword qi pervaded the earth and sky, and a black long sword stood at the center.

The Dragon Slaying Immortal Skill stabbed into the old man in a black robe, creating a large gaping blood hole. A grating shattering sound echoed, and the ten fierce Devil Shadows disappeared.

The elder spat out mouthfuls of blood, and fell to the ground, landing hundreds of meters away from his original location.

However, he was, after all, a cultivator in the Rebirth Realm. Despite the severe damage, he didn’t die. His broken flesh was intertwining, desperately trying to repair his body.

However, this battle achievement had startled everyone.

“Impressive! The Crown Prince of Yan Country actually defeated a Mighty in the Rebirth Realm!”

“The descendants of Ancestor Yan Zu have fully grown up. Unless a powerhouse above the Metamorphosis Stage suppresses him personally, no one can handle him!”

All of the cultivators who witnessed this battle were shaking with excitement. They sent a lot of message symbols and relayed the news to their sects. This news will soon spread across the world!

At this moment, Zhao Huai rose with his sword and advanced towards the Devil Palace Deacon once again.

Just when he was about to make the final blow.

A flash of light escaped from the elder’s body. Clearly, it was his Rebirth Realm original body.

Was he planning to abandon his flesh body and escape?