Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills - C.272: 25: So This is How Destiny Can Be

Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills

C.272: 25: So This is How Destiny Can Be

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Unparalleled swordsmanship?

Who said that? I didn’t know.

Zhao Huai inwardly complained while outwardly remaining calm, saying, “People are merely exaggerating. The path of swordsmanship is simply cultivating the mind. As one’s mind is cultivated, the sword in hand naturally becomes sharp.”

“It would be great if you could play a piece, Senior.”

This scholar in blue’s cultivation was around the Rebirth Realm, and his appearance and attire resembled Elder Ye.

Among those present, the one with the highest cultivation was naturally Elder Ye, followed by this scholar in blue.

Subconsciously, Zhao Huai categorized Cai Yuxiang, Elder Ye, and the scholar in blue as belonging to the same influence.

They all had a similar aura, and Fairy Cai referred to Elder Ye as Younger Master, indicating a close relationship between their sects.

In addition to the Five Immortal Sects, there were countless other sects and sacred lands within the Spiritual Mountains. Their lineage did not reach the level of the Immortal Sects, but they were much stronger than the mere mortals of third-rate sects.

It was unclear which Immortal’s Cave this Yan Sheng Mansion belonged to, but it seemed to have a significant influence in the Spiritual Mountains.

“In that case, I shall give it a try.”

The scholar in blue smiled gently, like a spring breeze. He immediately plucked a string and was silent. The next moment, he calmly raised his hand and struck the first note.


The delicate and graceful sound of the strings resounded, very pleasant to the ears. As the first string was plucked, the sound of the zither slowly drifted, creating a calm, unrushed feeling.

Each note was like a clear and calm spring, not only engaging the listener but also making them lost in it.

Zhao Huai felt as if he were truly there, seeing the beautiful scene of peach blossoms dancing and the clear streams flowing. He was immersed in a realm of meditation and intoxication that captivated him.

Upon seeing this, Elder Ye couldn’t help but smile.

This scholar in blue was his proud disciple, who had achieved an extraordinary level of skill in playing the zither. Furthermore, his talent for spiritual power was incomparable.

Cai Yuxiang, who was seated next to Elder Ye, was not affected by the sound of the zither. Seeing that the cultivators present were all lost in the beautiful world of the zither, she looked worried and said:

“Young Master, if this continues, everyone will fall unconscious and not wake up. Isn’t that bad?”

Elder Ye shook his head slightly, “It’s fine. The purpose of this banquet was to see among the sacred lands whether anyone could comprehend the mysteries of the River Diagram. This zither score was derived from the River Diagram. If someone can awaken within the world of the zither sound, it means they are qualified to decipher the River Diagram, and Yan Sheng Mansion will be able to develop numerous profound magical powers.”

“If they don’t wake up, it doesn’t matter. They can just consider it a good night’s sleep.”

Upon hearing this, Cai Yuxiang finally felt relieved.

Her attention quickly shifted to Zhao Huai. Among the cultivators present, only he was enjoying the music rather than being lost in the world of the zither sound.

It seemed that this Crown Prince of the Yan Empire indeed possessed true abilities.

Suddenly, Cai Yuxialu noticed a pair of sharp eves looking her wav.

She glanced sideways and discovered that the woman beside Zhao Huai was surprisingly unaffected, which made her somewhat astonished.

Apparently, this was the Crown Prince’s Wife?

Is her cultivation so remarkable?

However, the other party’s gaze was somewhat strange, inexplicably carrying a hint of scrutiny.

It was almost like a shepherd guarding their calf.

Cai Yuxiang silently smiled, wondering if the other party saw her as a love rival.

Her focus on Zhao Huai was due to her curiosity about him being a descendant of Ancestor Yanzu- in addition to being the host of the Yan Empire.

Her mother, who was once the Saintess of the Heavenly Star Sacred Sect, had a deep and unforgettable experience with Ancestor Yan Zu, so the impression was profound.

By association, Cai Yuxiang had many questions that she wanted to ask Zhao Huai. He might know something.

Although the music was still playing, Zhao Huai had already regained his senses.

His spiritual power was extraordinary. In his mind, the Earth Flower, which represented spiritual power in his [Three Flowers Gathering at the Top] destiny, was dazzling and could resist any attack from consciousness.

As soon as the zither sounded, Zhao Huai felt an inexplicable sense of vigilance in his heart and became precautious.

Turning to look, he found that his wife’s consciousness was also clear, unaffected by the zither sound.

It seemed that she, too, had become more powerful after their dual cultivation. That was good news.

Zhao Huai had listened so intently just now because he had made an unexpected discovery.

Initially, he couldn’t understand the subtlety of the piece, but as he slowly memorized the highs and lows of the music and the order they played in, he became aware of the artistic conception.

Gradually, his mind suddenly had an extra music score. Zhao Huai didn’t even understand what was happening.

After a little thought, he figured out why.

It must be thanks to the blessings of the[Human Immortal Body]destiny.

Though[Human Immortal Body]has some overlap with the heavenly-grade[Heavenly Heart Wisdom Eyes]in terms of comprehension, they are still different.

[Heavenly Heart Wisdom Eyes]requires one to see the complete picture of a cultivation technique, and the technique cannot be incomplete. One can only learn a whole technique, but its ability to deduce is weak. If one wants to modify or optimize a technique, it would be impossible.

However,[Human Immortal Body]is different. Whether tangible or intangible, as long as it is perceived through the five senses, Zhao Huai can understand it with his heart.

Just now, he unwittingly deduced the score played by the scholar in blue.

This innate talent is truly terrifying!

Suddenly, Zhao Huai had a crazy idea.

If he could learn a technique just by watching someone else’s moves, would it mean that he could steal others’ inheritance at will?

Your technique is my technique?

My goodness! Isn’t this pure copying?

At this thought, Zhao Huai’s mind immediately heated up.

He looked up at the dazed young geniuses in the hall and saw eagerness in his eyes.

It was as if these people were not individuals but treasures.

One must know that inheritance is absolutely a unique skill, the sect’s top-secret. If Zhao Huai wanted to learn more magic, it would be difficult.

But if he had the ability to comprehend things with one glance, then it would be much simpler.

“Husband, you should be alright now, right?”

At this time, Yu Qinghan voice transmitted to him, asking with concern.

“I’m fine, just listened to the music for a while, but I don’t know what the purpose of this scholar in blue is.”

Zhao Huai was very puzzled about his behavior.

“There’s no malice. It should be for some selection.” Yu Qinghan pondered.

The sound of the qin was melodious and lasted for a long time. White clouds floated past, but time seemed to slow down even here.

“It should be enough now.”

After an unknown amount of time, Elder Ye finally spoke.

The scholar in blue decisively stopped playing, wore a smile on his face, looked at Zhao Huai, and saluted with a fist: “Royal Crown Prince, you really have an extraordinary wisdom.”

On the banquet, initially with hundreds of people, only about ten people remained awake and not asleep.

As long as the young geniuses were awake, they all had some talents. “Elder Ye, what is the meaning of this?”

A rough man with a clay wine pot in his hand, asked with skepticism.

The promised banquet of cultivators was supposed to be entertaining and relaxing.

But it seemed a bit different now.

Elder Ye stood up and apologized to everyone: “Actually, this is not my intention, but for the development of the Immortal Sect, I have no choice but to do this.”

“You should all know that my Yan Sheng Mansion has always started by studying ancient divine skills and magical powers. However, as the inheritance of Spiritual Mountains has become thinner over time, and opportunities are becoming increasingly scarce, the descendants of the scholar immortal in Yan Sheng Mansion have a heavy burden, and every year there are numerous techniques to study and update. So, this time, please help me out.” Without waiting for the agreement of the young geniuses present, Elder Ye waved his hand.

The scene before their eyes suddenly collapsed, and the ink-black and white splashed open, outlining another scene.

Everyone was instantly hovering amid the black night, white clouds, and an awe-inspiring, huge river arranged by white floating clouds and starlights that flowed majestically before them.

Then, colors gradually appeared.

The river’s gracious water was crystal clear, like a silver river suspended in the sky, flowing through the blue sky.

Zhao Huai’s pupils shrank, and he was a little astonished.

Changing the heaven and earth divine skill indicated that this person was a Mighty above the Metamorphosis Realm.

Such divine skills could only be seen by those above the Metamorphosis Realm.

The last time he encountered such a scene, it was the Universal Chess Game of Master and Haishengming Hierarch’s Star Ocean.

This meant that this Elder Ye had the same presence as the Eternal Taoist

Temple Master.

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