Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills - C.253 - : 14 You Are My Wife, That’s Enough_3

Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills

C.253 - : 14 You Are My Wife, That’s Enough_3

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A gentle breeze blew, a head of luxurious black hair fluttered, the lingering fragrance made Zhao Huai lost in thought.

He quickly regained his senses and started thinking.

How he could get through this crisis.

How he could prevent the Madam from falling into danger.

Although the crimson qi smoke in front of him had somewhat faded, it was still present, indicating that the crisis was still real.

The next second, Zhao Huai pulled out a golden bronze coin.

It’s been so long since he last used a bronze coin.

Ever since his year-long retreat, he hadn’t flipped a coin in a while.

“As the Madam and I are reunited, I can not let the Devil Sect ruin this peaceful life.”

[Misfortune and Fortune are interdependent, let’s check out]

[Hexagram One: If it doesn’t concern you, keep aloof from it, leave the Spiritual Mountains, your hint is “Misfortune”.]

[Hexagram Two: Borrowing a sword to kill the enemy, there’s an opportunity above the Limitless, forcefully resisting the enemy, your hint is “Misfortune”.]

[Hexagram Three: The Eighth Stage in the Golden Core Realm, myth of the present age, forming a Golden Core to guard against the enemy, your hint is


Seeing the hints, Zhao Huai couldn’t help but frown.

The Hexagram indicated that running away was not a good result, and he might be chased by other devil cultivators.

But if he went to help directly, he might die as well.

This Situ Huan was the First Genius of the Devil Sect, a disciple of the Devil Lord, and had been alive for a hundred years. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call him the strongest genius of this era.

Without a handy weapon and not enough strength to fight, he wouldn’t dare to battle.

It was this third hexagram that left Zhao Huai puzzled.

“The Eighth Stage in the Golden Core Realm, when did it happen…”

Zhao Huai examined his Qi Sea to find that the golden core illusion within his body was now as real as a concrete core, and his body had been tempered for the eighth time.

“Could it be when I was drinking fire dragon wine?”

Zhao Huai suddenly recalled his experience when he was drinking. He might have broken through at that time.

“It seems that I can only form the Golden Core now.” Zhao Huai muttered, clenching his fists.

Being able to form the Eighth Stage in the Golden Core Realm naturally was a good thing, but the only regret was that he hadn’t been able to ascend to the Ninth Stage in the Golden Core Realm.

Forming the Ninth Stage in the Golden Core Realm was the supreme power, the ruler of all eras.

Throughout all ages, even in the Middle Ages, the Ninth Stage in the Golden Core Realm was uncommon.

All those who were able to form the Ninth Stage in the Golden Core Realm were the Human Immortals, Heavenly Lords, and Taoist Ancestors of the Middle Ages.

For survival, he couldn’t care less about anything else right now…

Zhao Huai sat cross-legged on the floating stone, with qi sinking in his pubic region, clarified his state of mind, defended his spiritual platform, and the golden core illusion in his Qi Sea slowly rose.

“Ding! ”


Several figures in the sky were engaged in combat.

Yu Qinghan had joined Zi Yun and Chen Jianshu’s team, together against Situ Huan’s Heavenly Devil Thirty-Six Transformations.

She was in the forefront, holding a halberd in her hand, as heavy as weighty as ten thousand juns, striking the Devil Shadow in the sky with an incredibly swift speed.

“Dong! ”

A loud noise echoed, and they all separated.

Situ Huan looked at Yu Qinghan’s figure, slightly surprised.

He clearly felt that this Xia’s Empress was stronger than these two disciples combined.

Especially her body’s magic power and physical strength, they were quite peculiar.

The affinity with the spiritual qi from the universe was too strong, even higher than his.

He couldn’t help but think of a possibility.

“Could it be… she’s the Immortal Spiritual Root that emerges once in ten thousand years?”

Thinking of this, Situ Huan’s eyes flashed with greed.

He knew of a secret method to extract spiritual roots, if he could transplant this Immortal Spiritual Root into his body, then he would become truly invincible.

He could potentially overcome the barriers that no one has broken through for five hundred years!

Later, Situ Huan focused his attention on Yu Qinghan, and most of his attacks were targeted at her.



There came a humming sound from the Limitless Immortal Sect.

Golden qi streams gushed out from within an Immortal Peak.

The disciples of Limitless Immortal Sect floating in mid-air, fairy geniuses, devil cultivators, Devil Palace Deacon in the Rebirth Realm, all looked surprised, staring at the unmatched golden qi in the sky.

Witnessing this unusual phenomenon.

This thread of golden Immortal qi was getting stronger and stronger, finally forming a majestic golden qi pillar that broke through the black clouds in the sky, as if something was being born!

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