Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills - C.248 - 13: Madam, Aren’t You from a General I s Family? (Seeking Monthly Tickets at the End of the Month!)

Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills

C.248 - 13: Madam, Aren’t You from a General I s Family? (Seeking Monthly Tickets at the End of the Month!)

Chapter 248: Chapter 13: Madam, Aren’t You from a General?I?s Family? (Seeking Monthly Tickets at the End of the Month!)

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The entrance to Ling Mountain.

The originally clear sky became dark as black clouds rolled in, making it difficult for people to breathe.

A cool breeze blew as Yujing Sect’s gatekeeper Xu Muchen stood at the top of the tree, gazing seriously at the giant ship on the devil cloud in the sky. “Such terrifying power, the Devil Sect has finally come to our doorstep. They must he nrenared and. with this formation. do they intend to start a war with

the Immortal Sect? I have to return to the sect first and inform the elders.’

Xu Muchen pondered for a moment, then leaped and shot towards the direction of the Limitless Immortal Sect.

He was indeed a gatekeeping disciple, but he wouldn’t risk his life. Considering the fierce appearance of the enemy invading Ling Mountain, there must be powerful cultivators of the Rebirth Metamorphosing Realm present.

Within the vast devil cloud.

Scattered ships, hundreds of meters long, each bearing a majestic palace, gradually approached from the other end of the sky.

Many Devil Sect cultivators stood on the deck, looking down at the vast Immortal Peak below.

Their dress and appearance varied, but without a doubt, they were all the elites of the Ten Devil Sects.

Exhilaration and impatience filled their faces, eager for the upcoming battle.

On the deck, an extraordinary handsome young man stood at the forefront. Dressed in a black robe adorned with sparkling stars, he stood out like a dazzling star. With every move, the spiritual qi from the universe seemed to gather around him.

The youth was composed and had a handsome face, his long hair draped over his shoulders. Wearing a Demon Ring, his deep, star-like eyes gazed upon the Limitless Immortal Sect disciples below.

He was the number one Demonbred of the current Devil Sect’s Heavenly Devil Palace – Situ Huan. A natural-born demonic genius, Situ Huan was not only the first in the Heavenly Devil Palace but also the direct heir of the Great Palace Master of Heavenly Devil Palace and a disciple of the Devil Lord himself.

Situ Huan possessed a natural demonic constitution; his heavenly spiritual root was of lightning attribute, and under the tutelage of the Devil Lord, he acquired the ancient cultivation technique of Heavenly Devil Thirty-Six

Transformations. In less than a hundred years, he achieved Perfect Golden

Core. His reputation spanned both the Immortal and Devil Sects, and he was a leading figure among the devil geniuses, trained jointly by the Heavenly Devil Palace and the Devil Lord in the last century.

The rank of Demonbred under other palace masters often changed, but Situ Huan remained the First Demonbred, his position unwavering for over a hundred years.

On either side of him, several hundred cultivators in the Initiation Stage and more than ten Golden Core Realm cultivators stood firm alongside enchanting beauties and numerous Rebirth Realm Devil Palace Deacons, their auras incredibly powerful.

Among the most terrifying was an aged man with dried-up skin and bones, who sat next to the young Demonbred Situ Huan. His tranquil eyes were closed as he cultivated his qi, his presence immensely oppressive.

His smooth, baby-like hands stood out all the more.

The devil boat was about to enter the Limitless Immortal Sect when Situ Huan looked up and sensed a surge of intense killing intent coming from atop the Yujing Sect.

“Senior Haunted, I’m afraid I have to trouble you to make a move this time.”

Situ Huan laughed, his magnetic voice gentle and elegant as he addressed the elderly man.

This man was the Supreme Elder of one of the Ten Devil Sects, the Haunted Sect. His seniority was extremely high, and with his unparalleled Divine Skills in the Haunted Devil Fist, he had secured his Sect’s position in the Devil Sect. Everyone in the Devil Sect revered him as Elder Haunted.

Elder Haunted slowly opened his eyes, showing no trace of emotion. With an icy tone, he said:

“I’ve long wanted to test the skills of the Sword -wielder of the Limitless Immortal Sect. I want to see whether the sword of Limitless Immortal Sect is sharper or if my fists are harder.”

His words were filled with coldness, as if he held a hidden grudge against the Limitless Immortal Sect.

” Hmm!”

Suddenly, the spiritual qi of Heaven and Earth changed abruptly, and a hundred-meter long sword qi rainbow descended from the sky, slashing towards the giant devil boat.

A Rebirth Realm Devil Sect Deacon saw the situation and wanted to defend the rest, gathering all his magic power. However, the moment he launched his punch towards the sword qi, it was shattered.

The fearsome sword qi showed no signs of retreating and stabbed straight at them.

The Rebirth Realm Devil Sect Deacon’s face turned pale, as even his considerable cultivation level couldn’t match a single sword strike from the opponent.

“Let me handle it.”

Elder Haunted said indifferently, his body vanishing from the deck, his hand gradually raised unconcernedly.

His single hand made contact with the sword qi, and with a flick of two fingers, it was lightly deflected.


A low, hair-raising sound echoed through the sky. The sword qi shattered, and it looked as if a firework exploded across the horizon.

However, it wasn’t over yet. In an instant, surging sword qi filled the sky, charging towards the void in the grand formation, forming a magnificent magic power rainbow in the heavens.

An elderly man in a Taoist robe appeared mid-air above the Limitless Immortal Sect. His expression was indifferent, as if he had been guarding this place for a hundred years and said:

“Forbidden Spiritual Mountain ahead, demons have no right to enter.”

At that instant, an ice-cold sharp aura filled the Heaven and Earth, an ancient long sword standing like a pillar of heaven, towering on top of Limitless Immortal Peak, emitting astonishing fluctuations. All cultivators in this world looked up at the sky, awestruck, staring at the elder in the Taoist robe above.

“Sword cultivator Gao Kui! This is the power of the Sword-wielder!” “In my entire life, I’d never thought I’d witness the Sword-wielder in action!”

“Although it’s not a good situation, it’s still so incredible! The rumor is that the Sword-wielder nurtures his sword for hundreds of years for a single decisive moment, a height many people will never achieve in a lifetime!”

This awe-inspiring sword qi left everyone’s hearts pounding.

The brilliant light brought by the sword qi illuminated the Limitless Immortal Sect, and countless disciples looked astonished, marveling at the sword-wielding person’s ethereal sword mastery..

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