Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills - C.246 - 12: Husband, long time no see

Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills

C.246 - 12: Husband, long time no see

Chapter 246: Chapter 12: Husband, long time no see

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Spiritual Mountains, surrounded by mist.

Disciples passing by in a hurry noticed the four people frozen in midair, baffled and looked over at them.

As Zhao Huai looked at Yu Qinghan’s face, he only felt dizzy and disoriented.

She was really in the Limitless Immortal Sect, really there.

If he remembers correctly, the plum-embroidered gown she was wearing was the one he had bought for her in Jinzhou’s Huachun Room. Now that she was wearing it, it was perfect.

Meanwhile, after the shock in Yu Qinghan’s eyes passed, she came to her senses, her lips parted, trying to speak several times but couldn’t say anything.

After carefully observing, she confirmed that this was the real Zhao Huai, not an illusion or a dream.

Her husband was not dead!

He was still alive and well!

It was this gentle face that looked somewhat foolish when he was serious.

The two did not say a word, looking at each other for a long time, as if there were many things they wanted to say and many questions to ask, but when they opened their mouths, they didn’t know where to start.

It was truly in silence that everything was said.

“Husband… long time no see.”

“Madam, long time no see.”

The couple spoke at the same time, realizing it afterwards, their eyes filled with astonishment.

Then they both looked at each other and laughed. It felt as if they were meeting for the first time.

“Madam? Husband?”

Gu Tianji and Elder Bai, standing off to the side, exchanged glances as they saw the strange behavior of the couple. They had both recognized the surprise in each other’s eyes.

Who is this woman? Could she really be the love of Brother Zhao’s life?

No way… she was really found.

She was the Empress of Yan Country?

Gu Tianji secretly marveled in his thoughts.

Elder Bai also mumbled in his heart.

Considering her personality, did she actually find her husband?

He was a young cultivator at the Perfect Initiation Stage, suitable to be the Empress’s husband, mediocre, and his cultivation was barely sufficient.

He didn’t know which sect and background the disciple came from, but he was already incredibly lucky to have won her affection.

Seeing the affectionate couple, Gu Tianji hurriedly pulled on Elder Bai’s sleeve, flying toward the ground as he left a sentence behind.

“You guys chat; we won’t bother you anymore.”

Elder Bai didn’t refuse, and being an understanding elder, he lightly laughed and followed Gu Tianji away.

Only Zhao Huai and Yu Qinghan were left behind.

Yu Qinghan couldn’t help but reach out to touch the more mature-looking Zhao Huai, smiling and saying:

“You seem to have lost weight.”

In her voice was a hint of heartache.

Then she sniffed the scent on Zhao Huai’s body, raising an eyebrow in curiosity and asking, “Husband, why did you drink?”

Seemingly trying to lighten the mood, she teased, “Have you become a drunkard during the days I was gone?”

“It was all Gu Tianji’s doing, I didn’t drink much!”

Zhao Huai also reached out and took his beloved’s slender fingers in his hand, and said seriously.

“Madam, where have you been these years?”

“It’s a long story, I’ll tell you slowly.”

The two landed on an Immortal Peak and walked casually, the air somehow filled with silence.

To be honest, Zhao Huai was very nervous.

People always say that small separations are like honeymoon and long separations breed distance, right?

They hadn’t seen each other for so long. Was she still the same Madam as before?

He couldn’t be sure.

With this thought, Zhao Huai suddenly became a little scared.

The two walked to the foot of a mountain, this corner covered in spiritual grass and ivv.

Zhao Huai took the initiative to ask, “Madam, why did you leave and never come back after leaving a letter?”

Yu Qinghan sighed softly and said, “I thought you were killed by the old fiend of Netherworld, so I’ve been practicing hard, hoping to avenge you.”

Yu Qinghan then raised her head and countered, “As for you, how did you escape the old fiend of Netherworld’s pursuit and end up at the Spiritual Mountains? Weren’t you in Jinzhou? I spent a long time looking for you; do you know that?”

Zhao Huai muttered, “Jinzhou was invaded by the Ten Devil Sects, and the old fiend of Netherworld came to my doorstep. I sensed danger beforehand, and with Xiang Yun’s reminder, I made a duplicate of myself and escaped. But I was worried about your safety, so I followed your trace from the inner city to the outer city. On the way, I was surrounded by a group of devil cultivators, including a Rebirth Realm cultivator. I was defeated in battle and fled to Nanyu Prefecture. Later, I returned to Jinzhou but never saw your shadow again…”

Hearing this, Yu Qinghan caught his hand, appearing to be in the thick of the action. As she listened carefully, a hint of guilt and emotion welled up in her phoenix eyes.

Her husband had really done a lot for her.

Zhao Huai stopped and stood at the foot of the Immortal Peak, staring straight at Yu Qinghan and asked, “Madam, do you still like me?”

Yu Qinghan was slightly taken aback when she heard this question, unsure why he would say something like that.

Before she could answer the question, Zhao Huai continued, “I can tell you that no matter who you are or what your identity is, I, Zhao Huai, have always liked you.”

Faced with such direct affection, Yu Qinghan’s heart trembled.

At the same time, she realized what he was thinking, chuckled lightly, and thought this fool was overthinking it.

The sweetness and warmth that surged in her heart were genuine.

It was as if the past year had all been worth it. This sentence was more touching than any praise from her subjects or any sweet words in the world.

Yu Qinghan revealed a breathtaking smile on her face and asked in turn:

“Why do you like me?”

Although the two had always been husband and wife, she had never asked this question before. Now that her husband had expressed his feelings, she wanted to understand him more..

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