Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills - C.242 - 10: Qjng Han Returns to Spiritual Mountains 2

Fated Cultivation: I Have Max-Level Divination Skills

C.242 - 10: Qjng Han Returns to Spiritual Mountains 2

Chapter 242: Chapter 10: Qjng Han Returns to Spiritual Mountains 2

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Now looking back, she felt a sense of time changing and people changing.

The disciples of the Limitless Immortal Sect saw Yu Qinghan standing alone in the sky, not knowing what she was carrying, and her appearance and clothing did not resemble those of disciples from other sects. Their gazes were filled with curiosity.

“You still came.’

At this moment, a voice echoed in Yu Qinghan’s mind.

Yu Qinghan looked up and gazed towards the location of the Limitless Immortal Peak.

Her body transformed into a rainbow light and descended to the ground. An elder in a gray robe had been waiting for her here.

“Elder Bai, it’s been a long time.”

Yu Qinghan’s eyes flickered as she took the initiative to greet him. She recognized the person before her.

Elder Bai Zejing, the seventh elder of the Limitless Immortal Sect.

Five years ago, she became his disciple for a period and practiced at that time, with her willful personality. Having sealed her Immortal Spiritual Root, few elders were willing to accept her as a disciple, but Elder Bai did not despise her. On the contrary, he discussed many great principles with her.

He was, in a way, her mentor. From the bottom of her heart, she respected him.

“The Sect Head predicted before his death that you would come.”

Looking at his former disciple who had grown so much in just a few years, Elder Bai’s eyes were filled with a gratified smile.

“Come with me, Elder Hai is waiting for you.”

Yu Qinghan followed behind Elder Bai and quickly thought of a person upon hearing this name.

She had an impression of him. Among the many elders of that time, she hadn’t met all of them, but she had heard of the famous ones. The most mysterious one in the Limitless Immortal Sect was Elder Hai.

With the appearance of an old angler, he was easy to recognize.

He had been guarding by the edge of the spiritual pond and cliff mountain for many years, fishing for Spiritual Objects, sitting there for a hundred years, with only the breeze to accompany him.

Elder Bai glanced at Yu Qinghan and slowly said, “In addition to the Xia’s throne, you are also a disciple of the Limitless Immortal Sect. Some things must be explained to you. Elder Hai has been suppressing his cultivation realm these years. Now that he has taken up the role of the sect head, he had to break through the barriers of his realm and has already reached the late

Metamorphosis Stage. He has been stationed at the Illusory Southern Sea, the place where a powerful demon perished. He usually can’t leave, and now the entire Limitless Immortal Sect can only rely on the Ten Swordsmen.”

“What brings you back this time?”

Elder Bai asked curiously.

Although the Sect Head predicted this, he was still unclear about the specific circumstances.

Yu Qinghan didn’t say much and revealed the child wrapped in magic power in her arms.

Seeing the faces of the two sleeping babies, Elder Bail?s heart trembled, and his eyes widened, “Are they your flesh and blood?”


Yu Qinghan nodded, her tone serious:

“The Mortal World is too dangerous, and I would like to ask the sect to take care of them.”

Elder Bai calmed down and pondered, “It’s not a problem to take care of them, but why did you think of the Limitless Immortal Sect? And who is the father of these children?”

He was still quite astonished. He knew Yu Qinghan’s personality and thought she wasn’t the type to fall in love with a man.

The appearance of these two children undoubtedly slapped him in the face.

The news of the Xia’s Empress giving birth to two children would undoubtedly garner a lot of attention once it was leaked.

“I’m not sure yet. The Limitless Immortal Sect is a sacred Immortal Sect land, a place filled with outstanding people and extraordinary beings. Growing up here would be much safer for my children. As for the whereabouts of my husband, I have been searching for him.”

As she spoke, Yu Qinghan thought about the many mysteries surrounding Zhao Huai, and her thoughts began to drift. Coming back to her senses, she provided an answer.

She truly didn’t know; from her husband’s various actions, He seemed to be a cultivator, with considerable strength.

Could someone like that truly be a pawnshop shopkeeper?

She wasn’t sure.

“Fine, I wasn’t supposed to interfere with your matter anyway, but what about the Crown Prince of Yan? The affairs between you two, the Immortal Sect cannot intervene in, it is up to you.”

Elder Bai spoke earnestly.

Both the Yan and Xia nations have the backing of the Immortal Sect. If the Limitless Immortal Sect intervenes, so will the Yan, inadvertently causing internal strife between the Immortal Sects. Such an event could not occur with the presence of a common enemy.

“There can only be one emperor in the world.”

Yu Qinghan provided an answer, her gaze sharp.

The two of them flew through the air, and a silver spiritual pond appeared ahead.

“Go ahead, Elder Hai is waiting for you.”

Elder Bai led her here and stopped, not proceeding any further.

“Thank you, Master Lord.”

Yu Qinghan bowed slightly.

Hearing her address him as Master Lord, Elder Bai’s face revealed a pleased smile.

Yu Qinghan turned around and headed towards the spiritual pond.

An old man with a bamboo hat sat quietly by the shore, his aura as calm as water, unpretentious, and as ordinary as a regular person.

“Why did you think of coming back?”

An old voice sounded, and Yu Qinghan finally stood beside Elder Hai.

Yu Qinghan faced the new Sect Hierarch and bowed, saying, “Disciple Yu

Qinghan has returned to the Spiritual Mountains to entrust a matter.” “You don’t have to say anything, I already know.”

Elder Hai’s muddy eyes glanced at the child in Yu Qinghan’s hands. With just one look, he clicked his tongue and said:

“It’s just that these two children of yours are not ordinary. “After speaking, he smg?-nanaecuy Degan calculating. AS ne conunuea, ms expression smrtea slightly, revealing astonishment as he murmured: “The heavenly fate is not to be leaked…”

“The third time, how is it possible?”

This time, he had learned his lesson and did not forcibly pry into fate.

“Hierarch Hai, what’s going on?”

Yu Qinghan saw the other party’s murmuring and couldn’t help but ask.

Elder Hai stared deeply at Yu Qinghan and said meaningfully:

“The father of your two children has quite an extraordinary background.”

“What do you mean?”

Yu Qinghan’s phoenix eyes were filled with confusion.

Elder Hai recalled and said leisurely: “Two years ago, when the Mortal World encountered changes, I divined twice, but each time I was met with a backlash from fate. I thought it was a coincidence, but now it seems that it wasn’t.” “Your husband is a person who carries a great flowing qi.”

Facing Elder Hails answer, Yu Qinghan couldn’t understand and tentatively asked:

“A person with a great flowing qi, do you mean he can’t possibly be an unknown person?” “Exactly.”

Elder Hai nodded.

“Since ancient times, those who have received the protection of heavenly fate have transformed from ordinary fish into dragons. Once they possess flowing qi, they become unstoppable. He did not disappear; you just didn’t pay attention.”

Yu Qinghan thought hard about the people she had encountered over the past year and couldn’t pinpoint anyone particularly remarkable.

Let alone someone with a great flowing qi, she hadn’t even seen a capable minister.

Elder Hai sat by the lakeside and said to himself:

“Before the Supreme Head of the sect fell, he had entrusted me that if you have any needs, they shall be met one by one. Your two children will be nurtured with all the resources of the Immortal Sect, so there’s no need for you to worry.”

“Thank you, Hierarch Hai.”

Yu Qinghan said solemnly.

Elder Hai continued: “Now, the fortune of the Xia is flourishing, and the perpetuation of the Limitless Immortal Sect is at its peak. Your contributions cannot be ignored, and the Limitless Immortal Sect owes you. Adding to that the initial encounter with these two children, it is fate. So, I will give them a welcome gift.”

After speaking, Yu Qinghan hadn’t even reacted yet.

The old angler opened the white bowl next to him, filled with fish.

Inside were several colorful loaches and a few golden fish swimming around, constantly hitting the bowl’s walls.

“Let them choose one.”

Elder Hai pointed at the slowly waking male and female babies, with a smile on his face.

“What is this…”

Yu Qinghan looked at the fish and loaches in the bowl, her eyebrows furrowed.

She thought he would give a top-notch magical weapon, a peerless sword technique, or even immortal medicine. But he ended up giving a few fish.



Yu Qinghan’s mind trembled, and the surrounding scene changed amid dizziness.

A vast expanse of whiteness, and beneath her feet, the endless rolling river.

Was this a supernatural ability to change the world?

“May I ask Hierarch Hai, where is this place?”

Yu Qinghan asked curiously.

Elder Hai smiled and said: “This is the world inside the white bowl.”


Suddenly, a thunderous roar resounded, making the entire river tremble! Splash!

A huge, ferocious head emerged from the river, its gigantic body towering like a mountain, a pair of eyes like snakes, with azure jade-like vertical pupils. Yu Qinghan saw such a monstrous creature, and she was shocked.

This was… a flood dragon!

In front of the flood dragon, she was only the size of a few scales.

Flood dragons belong to demonic creatures, and the pressure emanating from them is extremely terrifying!

Yu Qinghan subconsciously wanted to take action but was stopped by Elder


He chuckled and said: “No need to panic, this is an azure flood dragon with green eyes. It has already been tamed by myself. Your two children need the protection of a road guardian. I think this Rebirth Realm flood dragon is more than suitable. Even for the Late Metamorphosis Stage, it is not easy to contain it.”

“It’ll be the guardian for my daughter?”

Seeing the azure flood dragon with green eyes lower its body, Yu Qinghan’s daughter, Zhao Ruyue, wasn’t afraid and even laughed foolishly. She seemed to be excited when she saw the flood dragon.

“That’s excellent.”

Yu Qinghan nodded, feeling that this gift was indeed quite valuable.

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