Everyone Is A Lord: My Talent Is A Little Too Strong - C.337 - 311: Fifth-Rank Powerhouse VS Fifth-Rank Powerhouse【5K】_2

Everyone Is A Lord: My Talent Is A Little Too Strong

C.337 - 311: Fifth-Rank Powerhouse VS Fifth-Rank Powerhouse【5K】_2

Chapter 337: Chapter 311: Fifth-Rank Powerhouse VS Fifth-Rank Powerhouse【5K】_2

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“Am I dreaming? In just a short while, I’ve seen two Tier 5 Powerhouses that ordinary people can’t even see once in a lifetime!”

“What a thrilling night! In any case, it’s great that we’re saved!”

“According to my observation, this Tier 5 Powerhouse is not one of the two who are loyal to the royal family. Who exactly is he?”

“God bless! No matter who he is, he and his master behind him are the saviors of tonight!”

For a moment, the whole scene was buzzing again.

Both the Lord of Viennas City’s side and the many nobles and merchants below couldn’t help but show a hint of ecstasy as if they had survived a disaster.

Although they did not know the background of this newly emerged Tier 5 Powerhouse.

But from the other party’s actions, they could see that it was obviously an existence opposed to the Black-robed People!

However, amidst the surprise, the few noble powerhouses near the front row saw that a group of Trading Conference guards, like broken kites, were thrown fiercely against the wall by the storm, not knowing whether they were alive or dead.

They couldn’t help but swallow their saliva. Just the aftermath of one collision could cause damage like powerful magic.

The strength of a Tier 5 Powerhouse is indeed terrifying.

As for those other smug mysterious organization powerhouses, hidden under their masks were faces of disbelief and shock. Their mouths opened wide, and the ferocious smiles they had just now turned into uncontrollable panic.

They never expected that tonight, a powerhouse capable of repelling the Seventh Asura would appear!

“Black-robed Person, remember, this is Viennas City, under the protection of the Coldflame Royal Family, not a place for you to trample at will.”

Then, a rough voice rang out, and Taylor, who was standing next to the Blue Stone Platform with his giant sword in hand, spoke indifferently.

As soon as these words came out, they caused another stir in the audience.

“So it’s the royal family’s people? That would explain everything!”

“I knew it! It had to be the royal family; otherwise, no one would possess such a powerful deterrent!”

“Hahaha, it seems we are really saved tonight!”

Seeing this, Leo Ray, who was hiding in the corner, smiled faintly and nodded in satisfaction.

Unquestionably, Taylor’s misleading words were naturally part of the script arranged by Leo Ray in advance.

Before that, through several encounters with the mysterious organization, plus the information provided by Orion Wolfe and others, along with the analysis of the current situation.

He had already come to a conclusion.

That is, the mysterious organization and the Coldflame Royal Family are definitely not the same force.

Otherwise, with the strength of the mysterious organization, the Coldflame Kingdom would have already defeated the Saint Night Kingdom across from them.

Why would there be tense border wars, royal power struggles, and the princess fleeing far away at present?

From this, it can also be inferred that.

The reason why the mysterious organization attacked Viennas City so aggressively is obviously because the Coldflame Royal Family is currently in a difficult self-help situation.

And Taylor’s confusing words, without a doubt, can to a certain extent divert the other party’s attention.

It makes the focus of the mysterious organization return to the Coldflame Royal Family, and even directly provoke disputes between the two sides, which is still unknown.

After all, the princes of the Coldflame Royal Family are currently divided into several factions, all of which are in a hostile and incompatible state.

It is possible for any one of them to seek external forces for help, and there is no way to verify the authenticity of Taylor’s words.

“In any case, as long as the Coldflame Royal Family and the mysterious organization continue to fight, it will naturally give me more time to grow.”

Thinking of this, Leo Ray smiled faintly and playfully said in his heart, “But this time, I managed to save some face for the Coldflame Royal Family. I’m sure Princess Ariel Watson would be grateful if she knew.”

On the other side, amidst the mess of the auction platform…

Hearing Taylor’s words, the gloomy face of No.7 Black-robed Person hidden beneath his mask twitched involuntarily, and his heart instantly became dubious.

Of course, he wouldn’t easily believe Taylor’s words.

However, speaking of which.

The Coldflame Royal Family has been in existence for over six hundred years, with a very impressive foundation.

Even if there were one more Tier 5 Powerhouse as an external helper, it would not be impossible.

But why would the other party reveal this at such an occasion? Is it meant to deter the organization?

“In any case, I must investigate the Coldflame Royal Family more thoroughly when I return.”

Just as No.7 Black-robed Person was pondering this.

Right in front of him, Taylor had already stepped on the fierce wind and rushed forward again.

They saw his sturdy palm holding the giant sword in both hands, creating a dazzling sword curtain as it swung, carrying the sound of a dragon’s roar and slashing heavily at the incoming attack!

Dragon-breaking Fierce Slash!

At the same time, the pupils of the No.7 Black-robed Person shrunk beneath his mask. Not daring to be careless, an overwhelming energy erupted from his body and then focused on the giant axe in his hand.

For a moment, the axe light tore through the air, carrying a high-pitched tiger roar and emitting a harsh buzzing sound.

Fierce Tiger Sky Break!

In an instant, another earth-shattering noise echoed as two vast energy waves, like a dragon and a tiger battling each other, roared and spread out around them.