Everyone Is A Lord: My Talent Is A Little Too Strong - C.335 - 310: The Overbearing Dominance of the Fifth-Rank Powerhouse【5K】_3

Everyone Is A Lord: My Talent Is A Little Too Strong

C.335 - 310: The Overbearing Dominance of the Fifth-Rank Powerhouse【5K】_3

Chapter 335: Chapter 310: The Overbearing Dominance of the Fifth-Rank Powerhouse【5K】_3

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“Have the children had enough fun? Tonight, everyone here will die!”

A cold, neutral voice echoed as the colossal No. 7 Black-robed Person, like a meteor, shot out and directly headed for the auctioneer, who reacted a little late.

“Great Waterfall Torrential Wall!”

Seeing the No. 7 Black-robed Person charging at him, the auctioneer, a Tier 4 Eight-star powerhouse, narrowed his eyes.

He swiftly retreated while once again unleashing a massive surge of water, attempting to stop the enemy’s advance.

However, amidst the splashing water, the powerful water curtain that had just killed nearly ten Flame Giant Demons instantly just moments ago was now like a gentle breeze, easily broken through and failing to stop the No. 7 Black-robed Person in the slightest.

“Lion and Tiger Breaking Slash!”

On the other side, a deep roar resounded.

An overwhelming aura instantly swept out from the No. 7 Black-robed Person, turning the battle-ax that was swung downward into an extremely lethal giant ax blade that roared past.

The giant ax blade formed by energy was like a roaring monster, crazily assaulting the auctioneer!

“Water Wheel Protective Wall! Water Mirror Wall! Water Dragon Barrier!”

Sensing the deadly danger, the auctioneer, a Hydro Great Mage, was terrified and consecutively cast several powerful defensive spells.

In an instant, a series of thick water walls rose up one after another, with violent waves surging above the auction platform and water vapor filling the air.

However, all of it still couldn’t stop the energy wave from advancing, and amid the scattering water droplets,

The horrified auctioneer was slashed to the ground like a ragged sack, splashing waves of crimson blood.

At the same time, several Tier 3 mercenary mages who were unable to dodge at the edge were also sacrificed without even letting out a single grunt under the giant blade.

For a moment, the entire venue was in chaos once more.

Undoubtedly, with just one strike, the No. 7 Black-robed Person toppled a defensively-skilled Tier 4 Eight-star Hydro Great Magician, leaving his life hanging in the balance!

“Is this… the strength of a Tier 5 Powerhouse? So terrifying!”

“It’s too horrifying, just too horrifying!”

“We’re finished! Everyone is going to die here!”

“Oh God, who can save us?”

“Stop dreaming! This isn’t a battlefield! In such a small space, only a Tier 5 Powerhouse can withstand another Tier 5 Powerhouse. How could there be a second Tier 5 Powerhouse in this auction house?!”

Amidst the chaos in the venue,

Leo Ray’s ears once again heard Taylor’s rough voice, “Lord, the old water magician auctioneer still has a breath left, but he has completely lost his fighting ability.

Moreover, although No. 7 Black-robed Person appears very dominant, my subordinate can clearly sense that he has already consumed a lot of energy within the Barrier.

Furthermore, his weapon is far inferior to the Dragon Slash Sword. If we take action now, my subordinate can defeat him in a short period of time!”

“No rush. The bizarre flames on that Blue Stone Platform are still burning.”

At this moment, Leo Ray’s eyes were slightly squinted as he carefully observed the movements of both sides, raising his eyebrows: “Let him help us break through the Purple Flames first.”

Undoubtedly, Leo Ray’s heart understood clearly.

If they intervened at this moment when both sides still had strength remaining, those who would suffer casualties could very likely be the powerhouses on their side who are caught in the middle.

On the other hand, the No. 7 Black-robed Person had just knocked down the elder auctioneer and was about to change his trajectory, planning to fly towards the weakest Lord of Viennas City.

However, at this moment, the attack magic of the three Tier 4 Powerhouses, including the Lord of Viennas City, came roaring.

Earth Dragon Sudden Strike!

Fire Phoenix Exhalation!

Wind Demon Strangulation!

However, the three powerful spells, each capable of swallowing an entire mid-size Defense Army squad,

only stirred up a subtle ripple on the semi-transparent energy shield around the No. 7 Black-robed Person, clearly achieving little effect.However, seizing this opportunity, the slippery Lord of Viennas City had already joined forces with two other Great Mages and the remaining Tier 3 mercenary mages to launch another attack on the Black-robed Persons.

“What are you waiting for, hurry up and take the Ancient Chest!”

After roaring at the strongmen of the mysterious organization, No. 7 Black-robed Person once again turned into a phantom and charged towards the Lord of Viennas City’s side.

Upon hearing this, Number 40 Black-robed Person and Number 51 Black-robed Person exchanged glances.

Then, they rushed towards the center of the stage, where the Blue Stone Platform was surrounded by purple flames as the Barrier had already disappeared.

The next moment, the two Tier 4 Powerhouses, surrounded by dense energy, approached the bewitching flames, their energy immediately collided with the flames, and emitted sizzling burning noises.

In an instant, a strange burnt smell filled the air, and thick smoke began to rise.

Although the two did not turn into ashes like the previous Tier 3 powerhouses, they still could not get close to the Blue Stone Platform at all.

After a stalemate, they reluctantly retreated.

At this time, Leo Ray, who was watching the battle from afar, noticed.

These purple flames not only hindered people’s physical progress, but also rendered the storage space function of the Ancient Chest ineffective.

“A bunch of useless people!”

On the other side, after No. 7 Black-robed Person overpowered a Mage elder with the force of thunder, he shouted: “Hold off the last two people, leave the Ancient Chest to me!”


Shaking their heads unwillingly, Number 40 and Number 51 raised their weapons and led the remaining three Tier 3 powerhouses towards Lord Asher Porter and the others.

In a blink of an eye, No. 7 Black-robed Person, carrying a surge of energy on his body, quickly approached the Blue Stone Platform.

This time, the bewitching flames were still burning on No. 7 Black-robed Person’s body,

However, the result was that the powerful energy enveloping No. 7 Black-robed Person obviously overwhelmed the purple flames.

As the two energies competed, the purple flames on the outer layer began to slowly extinguish.

At this moment, although No. 7 Black-robed Person’s expression could not be seen, the slightly slow movements revealed that it was undoubtedly consuming a lot of energy.

Nevertheless, as No. 7 Black-robed Person continued to forge ahead, the Ancient Chest was now only a step away!

“Once I get the Ancient Chest, you will all die!”

At this time, a cold disguised voice echoed through the hall.

Hearing this, the sinister faces hidden behind the masks of the other Black-robed Persons revealed increasingly twisted smiles.

On their side, there was a Tier 5 Powerhouse present; who could stop their progress?Meanwhile, Lord Asher Porter of Viennas City and the other surviving mercenary Mage powerhouses who were fighting the Black-robed Persons were overwhelmed with fear.

Without a doubt, once the Ancient Chest was obtained, the opponents would show no mercy, and the first to die would be them!

At the same time, the numerous nobles below the stage showed the same expression.

This Tier 5-level Black-robed Person had killed so many of his comrades.

It seemed that he intended to vent his anger on the people below!

At this moment, in the face of extreme fear, everyone unconsciously began to pray in their hearts: “God! Save us!”

“Taylor, it’s time!”

On the other side, Leo Ray smiled faintly and ordered softly.

“Yes, my Lord!”

Instantly, a piercing sound of a dragon’s roar rang out from the Dragon-slaying Giant Sword.

Taylor, who was ready to strike, suddenly turned into a dazzling meteor and blasted straight towards No. 7 Black-robed Person on the stage.