Endless Transmigration: These Shitty Lives are Killing Me - C.229: Tests and Rewards


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--- Chapter 226 ---



Over a thousand bronze statues charged toward Baek Ain and others as soon as they entered the field. Their heavy steps sounded like galloping horses, making Chu Ming and his teammates nervous.

Although Baek Ain has given them miraculous pills that increased their cultivation base, strengthened their physiques, and even granted them pseudo-intent, they aren't optimistic about winning.

Baek Ain saw this and couldn't help but shake his head. He understood their fear because anyone would be afraid in such situations.

Unfortunately, the bronze statues won't wait for them. They are already brandishing their sharp-gleam weapons toward them.

'They need moral support and motivation.' Baek Ain thought while raising Roc's Spine casually.

The long white spear emerged within the grasp of Baek Ain's right hand as his left hand was 'horribly' injured by the Golden Crow's Incarnation Skill. f𝚛𝚎𝗲we𝗯𝗻ovel.𝐜om

Even then, it doesn't matter which hand Baek Ain uses because 100 reincarnations made him ambidextrous.

Heck, he could use his foot to wield a spear.

"You guys, watch this." Baek Ain covered Roc's Spine with Golden Crow's Divine Flame, White Lightning, Blade Intent, and Spear Intent. A beautiful flower bloomed on Baek Ain's spearing, appearing like blooming roses of four different colors.

He flashed toward the bronze statues and swung his spear, causing a thunderclap to echo in the field.

Kacha! Boom!

Bronze statues couldn't resist Baek Ain's attack. His excessive physical strength and the enhancement he placed on the spear allowed him to blow them apart immediately.

Unfortunately, these bronze statues weren't living beings, so Baek Ain couldn't harvest their souls and get extra rewards.

Shame, indeed.

Every time Baek Ain swung his spear, he'd reap one bronze statue.

Chu Ming and his comrades are fascinated by Baek Ain's performance and have their eyes lit up like stars. They knew Baek Ain was strong despite his lower cultivation base, but this was something else.

Baek Ain glanced at them and smiled, "You guys can also do this."

"My pills have enhanced your fighting prowess by two if not three times."

"Try it." He let ten bronze statues pass his line.

Chu Ming drew a saber and said, "This is nerve-wracking."

"These bronze puppets are middle to high Heavenly Sun Realm."

"We shouldn't be a match for them."


"Let's trust His Highness, Lin Feng."

With that in mind, Chu Ming conquered his fear and advanced. He ran his Genesis Qi Cultivation Technique and slashed his saber with all his might.

Chu Ming's saber sliced the bronze statue in half like a hot knife through butter. His eyes widened in shock because it was such an effortless thing to cut through the bronze statue.

God knows just how hard the bronze statue is, yet Chu Ming felt no resistance when cutting it!

"This...." Chu Ming knew the limit of his strength. He instinctively clenched his hand hard and felt overwhelming power surging from his inside body.

Of course, it wasn't just his imagination.

He finally could feel a faint yet sharp aura covering his body.

"Continue!" Chu Ming's eyes lit up. He soared with a silver sun-like halo behind him and fearlessly charged at the bronze statues.


Chu Ming's companions watched how easily Chu Ming defeated the bronze statues and slowly regained their confidence.

Soon, they discovered themselves fighting alongside him.

"Oh my god, since when did I become so strong?"

"These bronze statues are smooth like butter before my sword."

"Your Highness Lin Feng is A GOD!"

"He's a God of Alchemy."

One of them was hit by a bronze statue and prepared for a painful outcome but felt nothing for some reason.

"Eh? Why did the bronze statue hit like cotton?" Everyone was baffled by the state of their teammate.

They already expected the worst. Even though the bronze statue is more manageable to kill, it is still stronger than them.

Who would have thought their bodies would be this strong?

"God Feng!" Shouted the one who got hit earlier.

"God Feng!" Everyone followed shortly after.

"Praise the Sun, God Feng!"

Baek Ain's mouth twitched because these people were quite rowdy, but this was also good because they wouldn't drag him down. It is good to have a subordinate like this.

At the very least, Baek Ain doesn't have to worry anymore.

They fought until the bronze statues in the area were 'completely' wiped out. They left not a single bronze statue.

Baek Ain rubbed his injured left arm and mumbled, "My arm has healed."

"This means I can use that move again."


The stone ground trembled, and a treasure box slowly appeared from the ground in the center, shining with red light.

"Is that the reward?" Baek Ain mumbled.

"Hmm, let's see what Fire Roc Saint had for his inheritor."

Baek Ain walked to the treasure box, and the crown above his head reacted in return.

The treasure box opened on its own, revealing a burning black flame that made Baek Ain recall a 'certain' anime.

[Ding! You have discovered Heaven and Earth Flame, Dark Heaven Flame!]

[Name: Dark Heaven Flame]

[Type: Heavenly Flame(Ascended)]

[Grade: SSS]

[Description: An Essence Flame birth by the Sixth Heaven's Heaven and Earth Phenomenon, absorbing voidness of light and growing by the stream of stars, shrouding everything within its presence with darkness]

[Unfortunately, Dark Heaven Flame has yet to develop spirituality]

[Hidden Clue: Dark Heaven Flame is just part of something greater!]

Baek Ain raised his brow at the hidden clue and smiled, "So, you're saying that Black Heaven Flame is just a component of a stronger flame? I'd like to see what kind of flame it is."

"Hehe, I can't wait."

He checked Chu Ming and others, finding them breathing heavily.

The adrenaline in their bodies has died down.

Baek Ain pondered before saying, "Let's take a breather first."

"Thank you, Your Highness." Chu Ming and his comrades nodded at him.

Baek Ain sat down and decided to store Dark Heaven Flame in the inventory because he didn't need a new flame. Golden Crow's Divine Flame is more than enough and suitable for his fighting style.

After that, Baek Ain grabbed the jade containers filled with Thunderfire Dragonhawk and Silver Dragon-Wolf's blood, chugging them down like wine.

Due to Ashen Behemoth's origin, Baek Ain found the draconic blood to taste good and felt his Myriad Behemoth Sage Physique evolve, albeit slowly. He also gained a few hundred Ancient Mammoths' strength.

Baek Ain checked his notifications and discovered something interesting from one chain.

[Ding! Passive Skill: Copper Force has reached SSS-grade due to possession of several similar skills]

[Ding! Passive Skill Copper Force(SSS) has evolved into Passive Skill: True Copper Force(F)]

[Ding! Passive Skill: True Copper Force(F) has reacted Silver Moon Qi(F)]

[A miraculous harmonization occurred]!

[Two skills synthesized on their own...[

[Ding! You have obtained a Passive Skill: Thunderclad Physique(F)]

Baek Ain checked Thunderclad Physique and smiled, "Good stuff."

[Name: Thunderclad Physique]

[Type: Passive Skill]

[Grade: F]

[Description: A physique born to wield lightning and thunder. As long as it could absorb enough electricity, Thunderclad Physique could evolve into Three Destruction Thunderclad Physique!]

[1st Effect: 80% more immune to all types of lightning]

[2nd Effect: Absorb all lightning and increase physique strength and speed by 5% percentage of it]

Baek Ain has never seen an F-grade Passive Skill with such effects.

This skill has potential and is perfect for Baek Ain because he wanted to upgrade his Lightning Calamity Divine Art.

Before that, Baek Ain has to test something.

Baek Ain closed his eyes and breathed in, running Lightning Calamity Divine Art. White lightning arcs flashed one after another.

[Ding! Passive Skill: Thunderclad Physique(F) has absorbed pure lightning energy and become a little stronger]

A grin formed on Baek Ain's face because the pure lightning energy is 'naturally' generated by Golden Crow's True Divine Flame, which is infinite.

In other words, Baek Ain could upgrade Thunderclad Physique by using Lightning Calamity Divine Art to convert Divine Flame's heat and energy into electricity.

Baek Ain rested to test Thunderclad Physique and received three more notifications. He also got some memories from Fire Shadow Envoys.

They have successfully finished the other paths' tests.

The Genesis Beasts pits are easy because Fire Shadow Envoys could slaughter them all.

The fiery trap domain is also not a problem because Fire Shadow Envoys has Baek Ain's Ashen God's Eyes, allowing them to see through traps.

The sealed Saint Race Expert, though. Baek Ain's Fire Shadow Envoys have to self-detonate themselves to kill it.

Fortunately, the Saint Race Expert is only an early-stage Heavenly Sun Realm and has been weakened by the sealing Genesis Runes.

[Ding! You have received three rewards]

[1x Saint Blazing Roc's Bloodline(SSS)!]

[1x Burning Sky Spear(SSS)

[1x Star Ignition Divine Art(SSS+)]

"A Cultivation Art with SSS+ grade." Baek Ain's eyes widened in shock.

"System's scan won't lie."

"Damn, the Heaven Genesis World is busted!"