Endless Transmigration: These Shitty Lives are Killing Me - C.227: Genesis Rune’s Power and Golden Crow’s Incarnation

Endless Transmigration: These Shitty Lives are Killing Me

C.227: Genesis Rune’s Power and Golden Crow’s Incarnation

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--- Chapter 224 ---

Baek Ain showed his finest creation to Chu Ming and his comrades. Their eyes lit up upon seeing a palm-sized jade carved with intrinsic Genesis Runes.

Each stroke is detailed and felt alive to them.

Not to mention, they also felt unbelievable sharpness from the purple jade rock.

"I called this Heavenly Blade Killing Formation." Baek Ain was proud of his creation.

"Although it doesn't have suppression ability like Earthbound Sand Prison Boundary, this Genesis Rune could release a burst of blade intent to the extreme and attack everything within a fifteen-meter radius with a blade storm."

He smiled and added slowly, "I don't know how strong the Silver Wolf-Dragon is."

"Yet I'm certain that my understanding of Blade could surpass anyone beneath the Law Domain Realm."

And that wasn't a lie.

[Name: Heavenly Blade Killing Formation]

[Type: Genesis Rune]

[Grade: SS+]

[Description: A Half-Step Grade 7 Genesis Rune made with a refined and pure understanding of Blade. This Genesis Rune was 'purposely' created to burst with endless tyrannical sharpness and destroy any enemy within a fifteen-meter radius]

[Note: Can only be used once, and please use it with caution]

Baek Ain has outdone himself this time. However, he couldn't take any chances against a formidable target like Silver Wolf-Dragon.

What a shame, though. Baek Ain wouldn't get his hand on the Silver Wolf-Dragon's blood, which is obviously nourishing for his Ashen Behemoth's bloodline, because the Genesis Beast would get shredded to dust.

"Okay, we are tight on time." Baek Ain sighed helplessly.

"Chu Ming, I want to end the young Thunderfire Dragonhawk's life."

"Eh?" Chu Ming was baffled. "But why, Your Highness?"

"It would be too dangerous if you come too close. Even though the young Thunderfire Dragonhawk was 'heavily' injured by us, it is still a formidable Genesis Beast for you."

Baek Ain sneered, "Don't ask too many questions."

"I just want to make my hell of an effort worth it." He clearly couldn't tell Chu Ming and others that killing the young Thunderfire Dragonhawk gave him a rich reward.

Heck! Baek Ain hasn't checked his Copper-headed Bisons' spoils earlier.

"Okay, then." Chu Ming could only agree.

They marched toward the Thunderfire Dragonhawk's nest and prepared their Genesis Technique. Baek Ain pulled Roc's Spine and channeled 100% of his Blade Intent to ensure victory.

The Earthbound Sand Prison Boundary started disappearing because of the lack of Genesis Qi, and they made their moves.

"Attack!" Chu Ming roared while drawing his sword.

Everyone bombarded the young Thunderfire Dragonhawk and injured it even further.

However, the young Thunderfire Dragonhawk fought back and breathed a fire-lightning beam at them.


Chu Ming and others hid behind a defensive artifact shaped like a bell and successfully repelled the young Thunderfire Dragonhawk's attack.

Baek Ain twisted his hips and threw Roc's Spine with all his might. A dark golden flash left his right hand and flashed between the Thunderfire Dragonhawk's eyes.



The young Thunderfire Dragonhawk couldn't even react and got its head blown by Baek Ain's spear. Everyone sucked a cold breath and wondered just how strong Baek Ain is.

Chu Ming and his comrades knew Baek Ain was only an Initial-level Divine Dwelling Realm, but his physical strength was too illogical. Even they, a group of Heavenly Sun Realm Experts combined, couldn't explode and reach such physical force.

[Ding! You have killed Rank 6 Thunderfire Dragonhawk (Peak)]

[Ding! Soul Protection(Unknown) triggered]

[Your soul has become stronger]

[You have obtained Passive Skill: Thunderfire Flame (F)]

Baek Ain exhaled, and white mist escaped his mouth, "Phew. Shock, muscle shock."

"What?" He felt Chu Ming and others' gazes.

Chu Ming coughed, "This... Your Highness, are you sure that you're a human?"

"Of course I am." Baek Ain rolled his eyes at them. He literally has to use Golden Crow's True Divine Flame in that spear throw.

"Now start moving. We will catch the Silver Wolf-Dragon off guard." Baek Ain stored the young Thunderfire Dragonhawk's corpse in his inventory but left some blood in the nest.

He also planted the Heavenly Blade Killing Formation under the nest and retreated with Chu Ming's group. They erased their scents and traces before hiding behind a boulder.


A howl echoed in the area.

Chu Ming and his comrades' expression paled.

They could feel the ominous presence of the Rank 7 Genesis Beast!

Baek Ain's hazel-gold eyes flashed in curiosity. He slowly peeked from the boulder and saw a silver-furred Genesis Beast over three meters tall and five meters long with four strong limbs equipped with sharp claws. It has a wolf-like body and dragon-like head.

It is smaller than the young Thunderfire Dragonhawk, but the presence of this Genesis Beast has sent goosebumps to everyone.

The Silver Wolf-Dragon jumped to the Thunderfire Dragonhawk's nest and sniffed the scents.


It wailed because they only left a puddle of blood in the nest. There is no sign of the young Thunderfire Dragonhawk.

"Activate." Baek Ain clenched his fist.

A wisp of Genesis Qi escaped his hand and triggered the Heavenly Blade Killing Formation.


A white, ethereal light burst out from the purple jade rock.

Then, a chaotic storm of blades swept over the Thunderfire Dragonhawk's nest.



The Silver Wolf-Dragon got caught off guard.


An angry howl escaped its mouth as the extreme arc of lightning came from its body.

The lightning arc is dangerous.

It's packed with murdering energy and can turn anything into dust, yet the Blade Intent storm rendered it useless.

"..." The Silver Wolf-Dragon.

"..." Chu Ming and others.

Slash! Slash! Slash!


The Heavenly Blade Killing Formation kept sending sharp blades at the Silver-Wolf Dragon, which made the latter accumulate more and more injuries.

"At last, Annihilation Blade." Baek Ain smiled because the Heavenly Blade Killing Formation had gathered enough momentum. "Kill that beast!"

What follows after is a bright white light that swept the now-destroyed Thunderfire Dragonhawk's nest.


Baek Ain, Chu Ming, and others felt shockwaves washing the area and had difficulty staying on their feet.

A dying Genesis Beast stood up and groaned painfully in the center of the chaos. Yes, Silver Wolf-Dragon nearly lost its life if it didn't have bloodline protection.

It wanted to run and recover from these injuries.

However, Baek Ain won't let that happen.

[Spear God of the Darkest Winter]

[Golden Crow's Incarnation]

[Spear-Blade Domain]

[Power of Ancient Mammoths!]

Baek Ain appeared out of nowhere and threw Roc's Spine at the Silver Wolf Dragon. The Heavenly Blade Killing Formation has softened the Genesis Beast's defense, and now he only had to finish it.


A sonic boom echoed as Baek Ain launched his attack.

Roc's Spine flew and descended like a falling star.

Silver Wolf Dragon couldn't believe its eyes.

To think a human would scheme this much.

As expected, humans are wicked creatures.

Curse you, human!


Roc's Spine stabbed the Genesis Beast's glabella and pierced through its body before penetrating the ground below, creating a web-like crack.

After that, another shockwave washed the area.

[Ding! You have killed Rank 7 Silver Dragon-Wolf (High)]

[Ding! Soul Protection(Unknown) activated]

[Your soul has become stronger]

[You have obtained Passive Skill: Silver Moon Qi (F)]


Baek Ain's left arm got mangled like a noodle, and his bones shattered to pieces, "Aah, Fuck!"

Who would have thought Golden Crow's Incarnation to be this powerful?

It enhanced Baek Ain's strength by two 'great' realms.

Yes, he temporarily has the power of the Nascent Origin Realm!

But it only lasts 1 second before his body becomes a vegetable because of excessive force.

"I shouldn't use Golden Crow's Incarnation recklessly." Baek Ain hissed in pain, and the damage slowly healed by themselves. "Who knows, I might blow myself up accidentally."

Baek Ain shook his head and slowly descended to the ground. He glanced at his left arm and mumbled, "My arm is unusable for an hour."

"Well, that's a fair price."


"To think I'd be a glass cannon, this is so ironic."

Chu Ming and his comrades nervously approached Baek Ain.

"Your Highness, please pardon our rudeness!" They bowed abruptly.

"We can't see your greatness. We are blind!"

Baek Ain's mouth twitched, "Not this again..."

"Get up, help me with the Silver Wolf-Dragon's corpse."

"After that, we can enter the tomb."

"Yes!" Chu Ming and his comrades moved like lightning.

They probably revered Baek Ain more than a few hours ago.

In fact, their affinity with Baek Ain has increased by a leap, and he hasn't done anything except show off some skills.

Baek Ain glanced at the cave entrance and found it unharmed by the Genesis Rune and his last attack.

"I'm still too weak." He bitterly mumbled.

If Chu Ming and his comrades heard Baek Ain's words, they would beg him to have some conscience.

Please, Your Highness, have some conscience.

If you're weak, then what are we?