Counterattack System appeared when I'm already At The Mahayana Realm - C.212 - 211: If I can ‘t beat you, can I t I beat your storage ring?

Counterattack System appeared when I'm already At The Mahayana Realm

C.212 - 211: If I can ‘t beat you, can I t I beat your storage ring?

Chapter 212: Chapter 211: If I can ‘t beat you, can I t I beat your storage ring?

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“Try to tap into the full potential of your spells, and develop their various uses.

Illusion techniques can be used not only on enemies but also on yourself.” Jiang Li wanted to teach some combat skills, so he used Pure Heart as an example.

“For instance, you’re attractive, recognized across the Nine Provinces as a beauty. The cultivators who fight you see your appearance, are charmed, and can’t bear to attack you, thus their strength can’t reach even 70% of their potential.”

“But a fight is a fight, regardless of the opponent’s gender or appearance. We should ignore these external factors in combat and make the fight pure.”

“If I were in the place of that cultivator, I would cast an illusion on myself, imagining you as an ugly monster. Then I could fight with peace of mind, and perhaps even perform beyond my usual capability.” Jiang Li felt his example was apposite.

Pure Heart gritted her teeth as she listened.

Is this seriously his way of giving examples?!

“You can use the techniques of ‘Sowing beans into soldiers’, ‘Dharma Manifestation in the World’, and ‘Establishment of the Three Pure Land’ simultaneously.”

“First, use beans to produce a group of soldiers, then allow the soldiers to wield ‘Dharma Manifestation in the World.’ If you think their numbers are insufficient, use ‘Establishment of the Three Pure Land’ to multiply them.”

“That way, from just one bean thrown, you get three soldiers with the ability to deploy ‘Dharma Manifestation in the World.”‘

“However, considering the high consumption of Spiritual Energy and difficulty in controlling ‘Establishment of the Three Pure Land,’ this recommendation is for reference only.”

“Also, when you have time, learn the Corpse Driving Technique; it’s useful. When your spiritual soul leaves your body during combat, and your physical body is unable to fight like a corpse, you can use the Corpse Driving Technique to control your body while your soul continues to fight. This doubles your combat power.”

“When fighting, you must be agile, and not limited by rigid combat modes.”

“Like, if your opponent is too strong, you may not defeat them. But why must you overcome them? You can break their Storage Ring instead, and seize the opportunity to escape while they’re taken aback.” Jiang Li spoke of this from extensive personal experience because he really had used this trick when he was weaker.

Can’t beat you, but can I not beat your Storage Ring?

The Buddhists, being experts in the realm of space, mainly produce the Storage Rings in the Nine Provinces.

People complained to the Buddhists that their Storage Rings couldn’t defend against enemies and requested reinforcement of the defensive power of Storage Rings.

The Bodhisattvas and Arhats of the Buddhist sect were almost driven to foul language. Would a Storage Ring that can fight enemies even be called a Storage Ring?

In view of the people’s requirements, the Buddhists produced a new type of Inventory product, tne storage smeld.

Later, when Jiang Li became stronger and no longer relied on this strategy, production of the Storage Shield gradually ceased.

“And there’s your Immortal Peach tree. Even though it can’t leave Red Dust Pure Land, you can pluck and use the peaches to fend off enemies outside the

Red Dust Pure Land.”

“When you encounter enemies, feed them a peach.”

“But what if the enemy is a man? Surely, an Immortal Peach can’t get men pregnant, can it?”

“Why fear? After all, the enemy wouldn’t know, and wouldn’t dare to gamble.”

Pure Heart thought to herself, they wouldn’t dare to gamble but neither would we. What if it really gets them pregnant? Whose responsibility would that be?

“Of course, if an enemy is too powerful and you really can’t win, there’s a final method.” “What is it?”

“Call me for help.”

Sure sounds right, but I feel like something is off.”

Then Pure Heart figured it out. Given her current status and level, it was unlikely for her to confront life-or-death situations in the Nine Provinces. The fights now were mostly friendly spars.

Everyone is sparring, and if you call on a powerhouse from the Mahayana Realm, how would that look?

Would there even be a fight?

As Jiang Li was about to leave the Red Dust Pure Land, Sect Master Clear Desire looked sad and said heavily, “Take care.”

Jiang Li was puzzled.

“Wait a minute, what do you mean by saying ‘take care’?” Jiang Li stopped Sect Master Clear Desire.

“You don’t have to pretend to be strong. Everybody was very saddened by Captain Wood’s departure.” Clear Desire Sect Master had friction with Jiang Li, but he still admired the commanders of the Imperial Palace.

“I just received a message from Captain Willow stating that Captain Wood accidentally passed away.” Sect Master Clear Desire showed the Remote Communication Talisman as he spoke.

“…Shoot, Captain Willow didn’t really believe it, did he?” Jiang Li hurriedly pulled out his Remote Communication Talisman, contacting Captain Willow.

Captain Willow, dressed in mourning clothes: “Hall Master, when is the banquet?”

“Captain Wood isn’t dead; I was joking.” Jiang Li clarified immediately upon meeting.

“Everybody was sad about Captain Wood’s demise, but avoiding it isn’t right. As the guardians of the Nine Provinces in the Imperial Palace, we should learn to look forward.”

“Captain Wood isn’t dead.” Jiang Li emphasized again.

“Really?” Captain Willow was still in disbelief.

“Really. I stake all my cultivation power to guarantee that Captain Wood isn’t dead. ”

“In that case, I’ve selected several potential commanders for nothing.” Captain Willow lamented, showing Jiang Li the results of his recent efforts.

“Hall Master, look and see if there’s anyone who catches your eye.”

It was a conversation between Willow and several cultivators from the Body Integration Realm. They homed in on questions about intellect, obsession with romance, their preference for mingling with lower-ranked cultivators, and their outlook on life.

They were all very targeted questions.

Anyone who was bright, casual about love, not eager to show off in public, and positive was picked by Willow.

Jiang Li felt that Captain Willow feigned mourning for Captain Wood as a ruse

to shortlist new commanders.

After all, Captain Willow was a cunning old man. How could he have not realized that Jiang Li was joking back then?

“Perhaps we could consider having a new commander.” Jiang Li nodded slightly. Based on the introductions, all these cultivators in the Body Integration Realm seemed pretty decent.

However, this matter couldn’t be judged solely on surface appearances. They’d have to conduct a thorough investigation before drawing a conclusion.

After all, according to Captain Willow’s recollection, when they chose Zhang Konghu and others as commanders, they all behaved quite appropriately. Who knew once they became commanders, problems started popping up?

They grew faster than leeks.

“Huh? Why is Pure Heart in the list?” Jiang Li noticed that Pure Heart was also included in Captain Willow’s list and that she even responded to all of Captain Willow’s questions.

“Pure Heart is selfless and willing to dedicate herself to the Human Emperor. Of course, she can become a commander.” Willow spoke seriously, hinting at something in his words.

“She’s not suitable. I’ll assess these people myself.” Jiang Li immediately dismissed Pure Heart and decided to personally select candidates.

Setting aside other issues, at the very least, he should choose someone down-to-earth and diligent.

“You haven’t told any other forces about Captain Wood’s funeral, right?”


“That’s good.”

After Jiang Li left, Captain Willow contacted Sect Master Clear Desire.

“Pity, we still couldn’t bring them together.” Captain Willow sighed. He originally intended to integrate Pure Heart into the Imperial Palace to reduce the gap between her and the Hall Master, but it seemed they had failed at the first step.

The intention of selecting new commanders was real, and so was the intention of incorporating Pure Heart into the Imperial Palace.

“One of these two is too shy to express true feelings, and the other has an unusual thought process. Heaven knows when they will get together.” Sect Master Clear Desire also sighed.

If her disciple kept not expressing herself, and if someday Jiang Li fancied any other woman, the silly disciple wouldn’t even have a place to cry. She also hoped they would establish their relationship sooner..