Complete Martial Arts Attributes - C.2305 - Shadow Fortress Ultimate Skill! (1)

Complete Martial Arts Attributes

C.2305 - Shadow Fortress Ultimate Skill! (1)

2305 Shadow Fortress Ultimate Skill! (1)


Shadow Nine and Shadow Eleven hadn’t even had the chance to savor the joy of being saved when suddenly, the back of their heads experienced intense pain. Immediately, a powerful surge of lightning energy spread throughout their bodies, causing them to convulse uncontrollably and pass out.

“You two better take a nap for a while!”

Before losing consciousness, they once again heard that mocking voice.

This voice seemed somewhat familiar.

Wang Teng, holding one of them in his hand, utilized the power of space and instantly disappeared from the original location.


The endless barrage of attacks finally landed at the spot where Shadow Nine and Shadow Eleven had stood just moments ago. The echoing roar resounded, and the terrifying residual force stirred the river, creating a chaotic scene.


The universe-stage origin beast let out a furious roar.

Those two ants vanished, and another presence emerged in that moment of disappearance.

It was the person that had escaped from its clutches before.

The massive body of the universe-stage origin beast swayed in the river and charged toward the murky waters ahead.

Unfortunately, it was too late!

The three of them had long disappeared from that area.


The universe-stage origin beast went berserk, unleashing a frenzy of attacks in its immediate vicinity. It violently struck down many origin beasts around it, causing them to explode. The others scattered in fear.

Then, it burst out of the great river, frantically searching for Wang Teng along the riverbank, but it still yielded no results.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The trees in the surrounding area suffered immediate devastation, obliterated by the furious universe-stage origin beast. This commotion alerted many martial warriors who had entered the ancestral land.

They soared into the sky, gazing in the direction of the disturbance.

“Universe-stage origin beast!”

“It’s a universe-stage origin beast!”

“What happened? Who angered that universe-stage origin beast?”

As everyone felt the terrifying fluctuations, their expressions changed, and they looked in astonishment toward the distant area, unwilling to approach in the slightest.

A cosmos-stage martial warrior approaching a universe-stage origin beast was suicidal. It was better to keep a safe distance.

Wang Teng continued his escape, not bothering to look back at the commotion he caused. Without a doubt, he had once again enraged the universe-stage origin beast. There was no point in waiting for it to catch up and exchange pleasantries.

Only after running a distance of ten thousand kilometers did Wang Teng gradually come to a stop and let out a sigh of relief.

“That was dangerous!”

“You’re quite something, daring to save people in such a situation,” Round Ball remarked, somewhat speechless.

“I wasn’t saving them. I’m curious to see who sent the martial warriors from the Shadow Fortress after me.” Wang Teng casually threw the two Shadow Fortress warriors to the ground with a “thud,” shaking his head.

“That’s too risky. You might easily get caught up in the situation,” Round Ball commented.

“I’m aware of that. If I wasn’t confident, I would have just run away.” Wang Teng shook his head, no longer dwelling on the topic. He observed the two martial warriors in black cloaks in front of him, murmuring as he rubbed his chin, “I wonder who sent them to deal with me. It piques my curiosity.”

“Could it be the five major families?” Round Ball asked.

“Very likely,” Wang Teng said, “Seems like making the five major families submit to the jurisdiction of the Academy Arbitration Association isn’t going to be easy.”

“A long and difficult journey lies ahead,” Round Ball chuckled, “But you’re making progress. If you can complete this escort mission and obtain the other half of the Five Burial Token, even if you can’t make the five families submit, it will still make it hard for them to refuse to cooperate with you on the surface.”

“I understand.” Wang Teng nodded. 𝗳r𝚎𝐞w𝐞𝚋𝗻𝗼vel.𝗰o𝐦

However, he didn’t rush to wake up the two individuals. Just now, underwater, he gained several attribute bubbles, including those dropped by the two Shadow Fortress warriors. It was the perfect time to check them out.

He was very intrigued about the scriptures and battle techniques of the Shadow Fortress warriors.

Although their concealment abilities might not match his Space Concealment, they had their unique aspects that surpassed the abilities of ordinary martial warriors.

Cosmos Realm Spirit*2300

Universe realm Enlightenment*1200

Divine Level Metal Talent*1800

Metal Constellation Force*7800

Black Shadow Scripture*3500

Black Shadow Sword Skill*4000

Cosmos Realm Spirit*2500

Universe Realm Enlightenment*1400

Divine Level Fire Talent*2200

Fire Constellation Force*8600

Black Shadow Scripture*4000

Black Shadow Sword Skill*4500

The attribute bubbles dropped by the two Shadow Fortress martial warriors were quite abundant. After merging into Wang Teng’s body, they either transformed into Spirit and Enlightenment, became Force, or turned into insight.

Wang Teng’s Enlightenment attribute had already reached the perfected universe real, temporarily unable to be further improved.

His Spirit attribute, on the other hand, was not yet perfect, allowing for some enhancement.

Spirit: 247500/300000 (cosmos realm)

Wang Teng looked at his Spirit attribute. It had improved quite a bit recently, and he was getting closer to the perfected cosmos realm.

Next were the two divine-level talents, which surprisingly turned out to be possessed by the two Shadow Fortress martial warriors. Wang Teng hadn’t expected both of them to have divine-level talents.

With the integration of the attribute bubbles, both talents experienced significant improvement.

Divine Level Metal Talent: 23600/50000

Divine Level Fire Talent: 25600/50000

Wang Teng nodded to himself after checking his attributes board. His talents had once again improved.

Following that were the two constellation Force attributes. However, Wang Teng’s Metal and Fire Forces had recently reached the seventh level of the cosmos stage so they were unlikely to break through for the time being. Therefore, he didn’t pay much attention to them.

The last two attribute bubbles were the ones Wang Teng given attention to the most.

As they merged into him, two light shadows appeared in his mind.

One light shadow sat cross-legged, and within its body, various routes of Force circulation emerged. Force gathered from all around, enveloping this light shadow.