Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband - C.270: : Do the Drew Family Members Have Problematic Views?

Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband

C.270: : Do the Drew Family Members Have Problematic Views?

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Xaviera Evans tugged on her lips, “Mrs. Riker, I heard that you snatched Miss Drew’s fiancé back in the day. Looking at your triumphant appearance, you must be living a blissful life.”

Caleb Mamet raised his eyebrows.

Vivian Drew’s expression was awkward, but after all she had been through, she quickly calmed down and said without changing her face, “Miss Evans, where did you hear such rumors? Mr. Riker and I have loved each other for a long “How can a mistress admit it after getting the upper hand?”

Xaviera snickered, “You all look down on Mrs. Mamet, who never admits that she is the mistress. But when she came to the Mamet family, Miss Drew was clearly still alive. If she’s not a mistress, then what is she?”

Speaking to this point, Xaviera hesitated for a moment, “Oh, right, Mrs. Riker, both you and Mrs. Mamet took advantage of Miss Drew to get ahead. Since you’re all the same type of person, shouldn’t you think about yourself when scolding others?”

“You’re both third parties. What makes you so special?”

The room was deadly silent, the air seeming to condense.

Vivian Drew trembled all over; she wished she could find a crack in the ground to crawl into as her past was dragged out.

“You shut up! There’s no such thing, and even if there was, Miss Drew never married into the Riker family. Can’t my aunt marry into the Riker family?”

“Caleb Mamet is an illegitimate child! His mother is a mistress! She destroys other people’s families. How can you compare her to my aunt?”

The younger generation of the Drew family roared indignantly.

Xaviera sneered, “According to you, only those who interfere in a marriage are considered mistresses, and as long as they’re not married, it doesn’t count? Do you people in the Drew family have a problem with your values? Miss Drew is really unlucky to have bumped into such a bizarre bunch in the Drew family!” “You!” The young person from the Drew family choked.

He had blurted it out without thinking much, but if it were to get out, he would never be able to hold his head up.

At that time, Miss Drew was indeed engaged to Mr. Riker, but it was a family alliance with no emotional attachment.

Moreover, the aunt had married into the Riker family for so many years and had always lived happily, which meant that the Riker family liked her more. This was not a mistress at all!

Vivian Drew forced herself to calm down, “Miss Evans, when my sister died, I was heartbroken too. Because of this matter, our Drew family and Mamet family haven’t been in contact for so many years, always remaining at odds. The Drew family resents the Mamet family for causing my sister’s death, and at the same time, we feel guilty for not having properly protected her, letting her suffer so many grievances… But now we’ve found my sister’s child, who is now living in the Drew family.”

She beckoned, “Boyd Drew, come and meet Miss Xaviera Evans, Mr. Sullivan’s sister. ”

Boyd Drew, dressed in light colors, appeared clean and pure, his voice gentle, “Miss Evans, long time no see.”

Xaviera lifted her eyes.

Vivian Drew’s face was filled with grief, “After my sister’s death, poor Boyd Drew lost his mother at a young age. He never acknowledged the Mamet family and stayed in the Drew family. If it hadn’t been for that mistress… my sister wouldn’t have died, and she would have raised Boyd Drew herself.” These words were undoubtedly saying that Caleb Mamet had stolen what originally belonged to Boyd Drew.

Xaviera raised her eyebrows, “Isn’t it good for you to raise Boyd Drew yourself?”

“Although the person raising him is his mother’s ex-fiancé and the mistress of an aunt, fortunately, Boyd Drew doesn’t hold grudges against you all. It seems that his affection for his mother isn’t that deep. Like they say: you’re not part of the family if you don’t enter the same door. You’re all quite heartless.”

Xaviera’s face remained calm, but in her heart, she had cursed them thousands of times.

“You…” Vivian Drew’s face alternated between red and white, her tears almost overflowing from her eyes, “Miss Evans, I’ve already said, my husband and I… ‘

“You’re right. You and your husband are very much in love. Even though you used to be a mistress, you’re very happy now!

Like hell, they would believe that!

Xaviera muttered to herself, feeling nauseous as she said those words.

“Mrs. Riker is living happily now, and Miss Drew is no longer in this world.

Whatever you say is right!”

Vivian Drew was fuming with rage, but she couldn’t say a word, ‘I….”

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