Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband - C.263 - : For the illegitimate daughter, ruined Xaviera Evans?

Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband

C.263 - : For the illegitimate daughter, ruined Xaviera Evans?

Chapter 263: Chapter 263: For the illegitimate daughter, ruined Xaviera Evans?

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Xaviera Evans buried her face in her hands, sobbing bitterly, “None of you like me, I am an outsider. The Evans family doesn’t want to accept me. Even if I am back, the guards won’t let me in. My dad has said time and again that he was looking forward to my return, but he wouldn’t take my calls. He even blamed me for being late!”

Caleb Mamet, pretending to be the bodyguard on the side, was speechless.

Mrs. Mamet’s pretense of weakness had grown even more convincing.

If he could not hear Mrs. Mamet’s inner voice, he would have been fooled by this performance.

Half an hour earlier, they had already arrived at the gate of the Evans Villa. Caleb glanced at his watch, “It started at half past seven, now it’s already eight. ”

Xaviera shrugged indifferently, “Even if I arrived on time, Derek Evans would still have someone stop me. He wants me to be late, to let everyone think I’m disrespectful, unpunctual and impolite.”

“Do you see those guards? I bet they’ll stop me.”

As Xaviera expected, the moment she approached, the guards stopped her, claiming that the Evans family had only one Miss, that is Mag Evans, and told Xaviera to scram as far as she could.

Xaviera calmly stepped back, took a mirror and blush from her bag, and meticulously touched up her make-up, “I guessed it already, they want me to be completely shamed at Libanan University after this banquet.”

Caleb’s gaze cooled slightly, “Those students have waited a long time, they must be furious by now, you are going to face more than just the Evans family.”

These students are young and passionate, they could do something unexpected.

They won’t wonder why Xaviera was late. They’ll only know she was late and it’s her fault, she has to pay for it.

Xaviera smiled slightly, “What’s there to be afraid of? These people can’t stir up any real trouble because I have my people among those students!”

At this point, Caleb shifted his gaze to Irene Hamer, she must be the one.

The girl from the Hamer family in the Imperial Capital, a musical prodigy, Irene Hamer.

So she’s Xaviera’s person?

The Evans family turned pale with rage, they didn’t expect Xaviera to publicly expose them.

The little bitch has actually learned to be cunning and endure?

Mag was cursing under her breath, before Xaviera never explained when she was wronged, so she took advantage of this to defame Xaviera and tarnish her reputation. She thought Xaviera would continue to endure in silence, but she did not expect her to create a scene at the banquet.

As Xaviera ran away in tears, Irene caught her first.

Irene looked frosty, her gaze fell on Derek Evans, “So, Xaviera’s lateness is not because she’s disrespecting everyone, but because Mr. Evans had her stopped by the guards, and even deliberately ignored her calls?”

“I’ve been at this school for a long time, I’ve heard that Xaviera is gentle, witty and polite, and very talented. How could she possibly be late on purpose?”

“So it turns out, it was Mr. Evans who didn’t let Xaviera in, and then cursed her out when she tried to come in. But, this was your plot, how dare you scold her?” Irene looked at Mag and sighed slightly:

“I see, you must be doing this for your illegitimate daughter. If Xaviera is too outstanding, the illegitimate daughter will be overshadowed. But if Xaviera is a bad person, the illegitimate daughter will be praised.”

“So, for Mag, you want to destroy Xaviera first. Mr. Evans has made a very clever move!”

The room was deadly silent, the tension palpable. People were on edge.

If it were anyone else, they would have argued by now. But the person speaking was Irene, and anyone who dared to contradict her would be crossing the Hamer family based in Imperial Capital.

The Evans family also knew Irene’s background, so naturally they did not dare to offend her, which made them all silent.

Mag even turned pale as a ghost, biting her lip nervously.

This Irene actually…. condemned her as an illegitimate daughter?

If it hadn’t been for Xaviera and her slut mother blocking her way, she would have been the rightful heiress of the Evans family.

Xaviera has always been such a disgrace. She doesn’t fit be the heir to the Evans family. She should have died long ago.

At this moment, Madam Evans coughed and pulled Mag to her side, pat her hand to comfort her, then glared icily at the crowd,

“Since we invited Xaviera back, there’s no way we would have had her stopped by the guards. It’s her who came late and made up an excuse, framing Derek and Mag. You better apologize now!”

Irene’s expression chilled, just as she was about to retort, she was stopped by


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