Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband - C.251 - : How Long Are You Going to Keep Pretending?

Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband

C.251 - : How Long Are You Going to Keep Pretending?

Chapter 251: Chapter 251: How Long Are You Going to Keep Pretending?

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Page Uland hesitated for a moment, but quickly decided that it didn’t matter what kind of horse it was, as long as he could swipe his card.

He reached into his pocket, only to suddenly realize, with a frown, that his card was not there; he had given it to Xavier Hamer to hold on to!

The cashier’s smile slowly faded, and Xaviera Evans took out her own card and handed it over.

At this moment, Suki Woods seized the opportunity to sarcastically remark, “Ha! So this old man doesn’t have any money after all. And he still has the audacity to keep a mistress when moneyless? Xaviera, are you blind? Be careful not to end up with nothing in the end!”

Xaviera frowned.

Page Uland, indignant, said, “Those who babble nonsense will enter Hell of Tongue Pulling after death.”

Hearing this, Suki Woods sneered disdainfully, “Old man! Are you from the mountains? Hell of Tongue Pulling? I don’t believe it! You dress in ancient costumes, looking weird and strange. You must be a big liar!”

Xaviera took back her bank card, her expression turning cold.

She had initially not wanted to argue, but this woman dared to insult Master Uland?

Xaviera took out her phone, calmly signed a contract, and transferred the payment to the other party, while a trace of a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth.

“Qiqi, don’t speak like that, maybe he just forgot to bring his card.”

Immediately after, Zara Woods turned to Xaviera, apologizing with a guilty expression, “Xaviera, I was wrong about what happened before. I wanted to give you tickets to Xavier Hamer’s art exhibition, but you didn’t accept them. Or… I can buy you clothes instead. This time, I’ll pay. But since you’re already married to Caleb, you should… keep your distance from other men.”

Zara Woods slowly walked up to the cashier, softly saying, “Hi, I’ll pay for Miss

Evans. Just swipe my card, please.”

The cashier instantly greeted her with a smile, “Great! Miss Woods is so generous!”

“Some people, if they don’t have the money, shouldn’t pretend to be rich! Since

Miss Evans is married, it’s really fickle of her to go shopping with other men!”

The cashier handed Xaviera the bag of clothes and gave Page Uland a dirty look, “Psh, what a pretentious show-off.”

Xaviera looked at those shopping bags, her voice cold, “I don’t want the clothes.”

Zara WOOdS spoke gently, “Xavlera, don’t be ponte to me. consider It an apology, and I hope you won’t hold a grudge for what happened before.”

“I’m not being polite.”

Xaviera appeared nonchalant, “Do I need to pay for the clothes from my own store?”

Page Uland’s expression was filled with pride. Our little Xaviera is so domineering!

Zara Woods’ smile stiffened, and Suki Woods who was next to her couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“I didn’t hear wrongly, right? You said this store is yours? Do you think I’m stupid? How could this store be yours?”

“Just now, I bought this store.”

Xaviera instructed the manager, “Everyone else, leave.”

The cashier trembled in fear, turning pale.

Suki Woods stared in disbelief at the scene. The shop’s owner had changed so quickly?

Zara Woods frowned, “Xaviera, are you saying you just bought this store now?

Did you use Caleb’s money?”

Everyone looked at her with suspicion.

Zara Woods bit her lip, hesitating to speak, “As Caleb’s wife, there’s nothing wrong with you spending his money, but…”

“Isn’t it a bit too much to spend Caleb’s money just to save this man’s face?”

Suki Woods finally caught on and yelled, “Xaviera! You’re messing around outside with your husband’s money! He’ll kill you if he finds out!”

Seeing Xaviera remaining silent, Suki Woods pressed harder, “You not speaking means you admit it! Your father has already severed ties with you, and now your husband is supporting you. Instead of pleasing your husband, you dare to buy a store for an old man? You’re insane!”

Zara Woods spoke with sincerity, “Xaviera, let’s pretend I didn’t see anything this time. I won’t tell Caleb, but I hope you’ll cut ties with him soon, so as to not destroy the family because of this man.”

Slowly walking up, she gently advised, “Wake up, for Caleb’s sake, break up with him!”

Xaviera glanced at the man not far away, her voice ice-cold, “Zara Woods, how much longer are you going to keep pretending?”

Zara Woods’ eyes widened in shock, her face full of grievance..

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