Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband - C.248 - : Precious Painting

Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband

C.248 - : Precious Painting

Chapter 248: Chapter 248: Precious Painting

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Xaviera Evans leaned closer, her eyes full of sincerity, “Zara Woods took advantage of you not because you’re too stupid, but because you’re too innocent. It’s not your fault.”

“She knew you were innocent, and that’s why she took advantage of you. You thought she was kind to you, so you treated her genuinely without questioning her intentions. In a way, this is a good thing, as it means your view of the world is still pure.”

Yigol Mamet was captivated by her gentle voice. Xaviera’s comforting words made him feel enlightened, and his previously dull eyes brightened.

What Xaviera said was heartfelt—Yigol was just a simple, big boy who would give his all to those who treated him kindly. That’s why Zara targeted and used his innocence to her advantage.

However, after hearing this, Yigol’s tears fell down his face.

Xaviera’s mouth twitched in panic, unsure what to do next.

After returning home, Xaviera felt a tinge of unease. Knowing how much Yigol enjoyed painting, she thought maybe the several paintings she had could cheer him up.

She hastily rose to find them and found a few dusty paintings in the storeroom.

The next morning, she urgently delivered them to Yigol.

Xaviera rubbed his head, “Yigol, I’m finding you more and more likable. Though you caused me trouble when we first met, you’re still willing to accept me and even bought the clothes I designed. I’m delighted. I know you love painting, so I’m sending you these paintings. Although they’re dirty from being stored, at least they’re still paintings—please don’t be sad.”

Yigol had already moved on from his sadness, but he wasn’t too interested in the paintings she mentioned.

He wouldn’t settle for just any painting, and Xaviera probably couldn’t find any outstanding ones. However, he would still accept them because of her good intentions.

But when Xaviera removed the canvas cover…

Yigol’s eyes widened, “You stored these paintings in the storeroom?”

These were paintings by the genius artist Xavier Hamer! How could they be casually stored away like that?

Xaviera: ?

These rejected, subpar paintings had been tossed into the storeroom by Xavier, her brother. She picked out a few relatively clean ones to give Yigol, hoping they would distract him from his sorrowful thoughts.

Was Yigol really so astonished?

Meanwhile, at the Lowen Clubhouse.

Sean Price respectfully said, “Mr. Mamet, Miss Zara Woods called to offer you two tickets to Xavier Hamer’s painting exhibition. You could take your wife with you, and she also apologizes for the previous incident.” Caleb Mamet’s movements stopped, his expression icy cold.

Xavier Hamers painting exhibition?

He said indifferently, “Tell her I don’t have time.”

Sean knew his boss wouldn’t go. It’s just a painting exhibition, after all. If he really wanted to attend, the organizer would personally deliver the tickets, so there is no need for Zara Woods to do so.

Besides, accepting the tickets would mean that he had forgiven Zara.

Zara, who had been waiting for a call, received such a response, leaving her grinding her teeth in anger. She forced an embarrassed smile, “Alright, goodbye.”

After hanging up, she slightly furrowed her brows.

Zara’s younger sister Suki curiously asked, “He still doesn’t want to forgive you?”

The two were at a café. Zara was depressed—Suki knew her sister had a falling out with an important friend, so she accompanied her to clear her mind.

Suki was somewhat surprised, “He’s still not willing to go to Xavier Hamer’s painting exhibition? Is he even aware of who Xavier Hamer is?”

Xavier Hamer, the genius painter, had elusive artworks often in high demand. There would be huge crowds at his exhibitions, with even the President bringing his family to attend. Additionally, those who could attend his exhibitions were generally from the upper class.

The Woods family had pulled all their strings to obtain two exhibition tickets, only to be rejected. The ticket to Xavier Hamer’s exhibition was a gateway to the upper class, where many big shots could be encountered.

Since the man was not willing to go, it seemed he was unaware of Xavier’s status and the value of the ticket.

Suki scoffed, “He’s clearly a bumpkin. How did you become friends with someone like that? He doesn’t even know who Xavier Hamer is—he must be nobody important. ”

Although Caleb undoubtedly knew about Xavier Hamer, Xaviera might not. She might never have attended an exhibition and couldn’t understand the value of the paintings..

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