Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband - C.246 - : Young Master Chen Takes the Blame

Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband

C.246 - : Young Master Chen Takes the Blame

Chapter 246: Chapter 246: Young Master Chen Takes the Blame

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As Yigol Mamet’s voice fell, silence pervaded the air.

He continued to ask, “Did Zara only tell you that Xaviera was being kept by my brother and not that they were married, so that’s why you despised her and thought it wouldn’t matter if you offended her, since she was just a mistress and my brother wouldn’t care?”

Everyone’s gaze fell on Zara Woods.

Upon hearing his words, Zara’s heart convulsed.

Her face turned pale with fright, and her body couldn’t help shaking uncontrollably.

Xaviera hadn’t expected Mr. Yigol Mamet to ask these questions, since he had always regarded Zara as a friend and the two of them had a good relationship. But now, his words were full of doubt, one by one.

If Zara admitted that she hadn’t told Charles about their marriage and only said that Xaviera was being kept by Caleb, then she would be harboring ulterior motives and deliberately leading Charles to make things difficult for Xaviera.

How could Zara continue to play the weak and maintain her image in front of the Mamet brothers?

Yigol Mamet’s gaze was deep, “Zara, you once told me that you liked Caleb, but you wanted him to be happy even more. As long as he and Xaviera lived in harmony, you would sincerely wish them well and promised not to destroy their relationship.”

“But now? You are secretly plotting, spreading rumors that Xaviera is a mistress, and directing others to target her!”

Zara was terrified!

It was over! It was all over!

She felt that everyone’s burning gaze was about to incinerate her.

“I, I didn’t… Charles, say something, I told you long ago that they were married, I didn’t say Xaviera was a mistress, help me prove it!” Zara begged desperately.

Charles broke out in a cold sweat, his fists clenched tightly, interwoven with fear and helplessness.

Zara wanted him to take the blame…

But if he didn’t admit it, insisted on confronting Zara, the Woods family would be done for.

Zara was the lucky star for both of their families, and it was because of her relationship with the Mamet brothers that the Woods and Salma families survived until today.

Charles hesitated for a moment, his face resolute as if facing death, “Zara told me that Xaviera and Mr. Caleb Mamet were a married couple. Just now… I saw Chloe being wronged, and in a moment of panic, I…”

Yigol looked surprised, as the truth was about to be revealed, but Charles denied it.

He looked up at Zara standing nearby and saw a fleeting smile on her lips.

Caleb snorted, “You and your sister seem to care about each other a lot. Zara, is there anything you’d like to say?”

Zara forced herself to calm down, “I told Charles long ago about your relationship with Xaviera. I didn’t expect him… and Xaviera is your wife, how could I say such things about her?”

Now, she had to make Charles take the blame; otherwise, Caleb would completely despise her.

Caleb’s eyes narrowed, “Zara, tell Jayden Woods this – either expel Charles from the Salma family or let your two families disappear from Libanan!” Zara shuddered, not expecting Caleb to be so ruthless.

Charles’s face turned deathly pale, expelled from the Salma family?

He had done nothing more than insult Xaviera, but now he had to pay such a heavy price?

Initially, he had only wanted to help out Zara, but how did things turn out like this?

Suddenly, his eyes narrowed sharply. Was it Zara who had instructed Amber Kim to hit Xaviera on purpose?

The punishment of being expelled from the Salma family was too severe for him. Why should he be responsible for Zara’s conspiracy?

Realizing this, Charles hurriedly argued, “Mr. Caleb Mamet, I didn’t…”

“Charles!” Zara interrupted with a dark face and a shout, “Xaviera is Caleb’s wife, how could you say she is a mistress? You are disrespecting her. But I know you were just talking nonsense at the time.”

“However, the mistake has already been made, and it’s only right that Caleb expels you from the Salma family. Otherwise, my brother won’t let you off either!”

Charles looked at Zara incredulously and in disappointment.

He and Zara had always been close, but he never thought that when disaster struck, she would push him to the front line.

Zara clearly understood that Caleb had already suspected her, but even so, she absolutely couldn’t admit it!

Charles’s lips trembled slightly, and then he laughed manically.

Forget it, no amount of explanation would help, and if he exposed Zara in front of Caleb, how would Jayden deal with him?

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