Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband - C.238 - : : Thirty Years in the East of the River, Thirty Years in the West of the River

Claiming My Possessive CEO Husband

C.238 - : : Thirty Years in the East of the River, Thirty Years in the West of the River

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‘Bang bang’ several times, Rose Campbell felt dizzy and gritted her teeth with hatred.

It’s all Xaviera Evans’ fault, that little bitch!

Who could have thought that she would be so lucky to attach herself to Albert Sullivan, and that Xaviera would trample on Rose and her daughter in the future?

“A mistress dares to scheme against the legitimate daughter? Derek Evans is really confused, helping his mistress harm his own biological daughter?”

“Mr. Duke is just an old rascal, Rose selling Xaviera to him is really trying to torture her to death!”

As the accusations of the crowd entered Rose’s ears, she couldn’t pretend anymore and suddenly opened her eyes.

Xaviera slowly walked over to Rose, leaned down, and whispered in her ear, “You must hate me to death, right? But you don’t dare touch me, and you still have to kowtow and apologize to me because Albert Sullivan is protecting me!”

Rose and Mag Evans glared at her viciously.

A scene suddenly flashed through their minds.

More than a decade ago when Xaviera was driven away by them, Rose stood in front of her, forcing her to kneel down –

-“Little bitch! You must hate me to death, right? Pity that the Evans family now belongs to my daughter and me, and you’ll have to stay in the countryside for the rest of your life, probably dying there before you even come of age!”

-“Don’t waste your effort, no one in the Evans family can save you, your father knows everything I did, and the old lady loves Mag, so she won’t care about you. You better die outside and never return to the Evans family!”

Kneeling on the ground, Xaviera silently swore in her heart that one day she would make Rose and her daughter kneel before her and beg for mercy.

After driving Xaviera away, Rose enjoyed everything that should have belonged to her and her mother and occupied all her property.

She didn’t deign to return to the Evans family, but she could only make Rose and her daughter suffer by taking back everything from the Evans family. With the scene from more than a decade ago still vivid in her memory, Xaviera’s eyes were deep, “Mrs. Campbell, it’s been only ten years of ups and downs, but I’ve already made you kneel before me and beg for mercy. From now on, you need to lower your voice when you see me.”

“Remember, be polite to me in the future, or I could destroy you with just a flick of my finger! ”

Rose glared with anger, her body trembling, her breath short, she convulsed twice and then fainted.


“Rose!” The grief was apparent on Derek Evans’ face, but he was already unable to help himself, as Albert Sullivan’s gun was still pressed against his forehead.

Albert Sullivan sneered at him, putting down the gun in his hand, “Take them away! Don’t dirty my floor!”

Xaviera said she didn’t want the Evans family to die so easily, she wanted them to suffer all kinds of pain and torture, so she would spare their lives for now.

There’s always more time…

Anyway, now that the Evans family knew her true identity, they wouldn’t dare disrespect her anymore, and they would kowtow when they saw her.

Seeing the once-despised Xaviera now becoming the daughter of the Sullivan family, what kind of feeling would that be?

Mag Evans stared hatefully at the high and mighty Xaviera.

No! It’s not over!

She still has a chance!

What does Albert Sullivan amount to? Her fiancé is the young master of the Mamet family!

The Mamet family is an existence that even Albert Sullivan wouldn’t dare to touch!

After the Evans family was driven out of Fragrant House, everyone dispersed. Xaviera first bid farewell to the others and then left directly through Fragrant House’s back door.

She was in a good mood today and decided to eat barbecue, but even though she no taste, the sight of sizzling, oily grilled meat was still mouthwatering. Just as she was thinking about it, she bumped into a sturdy chest.

Xaviera looked up,

Caleb Mamet looked down, his deep eyes fixed on her, his fingertips pinching a cigarette, inconspicuously extinguishing it, and softly saying, “Mrs. Mamet, I’m sorry to trouble vou.”

At this moment, Xaviera’s thoughts echoed faintly:

-‘How did this dog of a man, Caleb, show up? It must have been that little guy, Gaby Rome, who told him! I want to eat barbecue! How can I eat now that he’s here? Isn’t he a CEO? Why is he so free every day? Doesn’t the Mamet Corporation have any work to do? They’ll go bankrupt like this! And once they go bankrupt, there will be no money for barbecue!’

Xaviera was silent for a moment before leisurely saying, “Caleb, you’re here to pick me up, right? I’m so happy that you came!”

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