Building a Gaming Empire From Scratch - C.332 - 328: The Strong Calls of the Players

Building a Gaming Empire From Scratch

C.332 - 328: The Strong Calls of the Players

Chapter 332: Chapter 328: The Strong Calls of the Players

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At the wedding ceremony, the priest solemnly looked at the bride and asked solemnly:

“Miss Helen, do you take this man to be your husband, to enter into marriage with him? From this day forward, whether in sickness or in health, in poverty or in wealth, to love him, honor him, accept him and eternally be faithful to him, till the end of your life?”

Helen stared at her husband without blinking and replied without hesitation, “I do.”

“Mr. John, do you…”

John Wick looked deeply into his wife’s eyes, “Of course, I swear by my life.”

The bride and groom kissed each other.

“Ew~~~” Camille Victoria, sitting in the front row, had her entire face wrinkled and was utterly grossed out.

She felt even more hurt than when someone stabbed her three times from behind during a competition!

“Single dog expresses strong dissatisfaction!”

Camille Victoria felt like she was completely here to suffer.

Worse still, she voluntarily came for it!

She actually hadn’t done the daily tasks in “Assassin’s Alliance” for a long time. Most of the time, she spent her time in “Paradise.”

More precisely, she spent her time on the [Candy Track], other than occasionally looking for Gungun in the amusement park, and the rest of the time working hard to unlock more appearances.

It wasn’t until her livestream viewers were intensely discussing that the new quest-line would lead to Night City that she logged into the game to complete tasks.

But who would have thought that after traveling across two cities for a long journey, she anticipated a big battle waiting for her, but she was just here to eat dog food?!

Who could bear this?!

It was only at the end of the wedding when the bride smiled softly at Camille Victoria before leaving that she felt her trip was worthwhile.

“Alright, even though you fed me dog food, I forgive you because of your gentle demeanor,” Camille Victoria muttered, and still wished, “Happy newlywed life.”

After having her fill of dog food, Camille Victoria lost interest in continuing her battle in “Paradise.”

She thought about it and switched to the world of “Light Encounter” to complete the newly unlocked seasonal tasks.

In the original world, the Diving Season tasks could easily be spaced more than ten days apart, but under Lincoln’s arrangement, this wouldn’t happen.

Even taking into consideration the pacing, the final decision was to update every two days, up until Sunday, to update the last deep-diving task.

The first three tasks were [Underwater Exploration], [Treasure Ship], and [Mysterious Creature].

However, Camille Victoria liked “Paradise” more than “Light Encounter” and lagged behind the regular players of “Light Encounter” in the seasonal tasks.

Now that it was Friday, she had only completed the earliest [Underwater Exploration] task.

But today, she felt that her mood needed to be healed, so she thought about going underwater.

By the way, she also invited Xiaomei to join her.

—Ever since [Freedom Day] captured the Metropolis Bank, the Avengers Squad rarely got together since everyone had their own interests.

Especially after the series of prosthetic limbs called [Journey] were launched, several of them hardly logged into the virtual world and were busy every day in reality.

It was as if they wanted to make up for the lost time from staying at home in one go.

After the rich lady successfully obtained the Golden Key, her enthusiasm for the game “Assassin’s Alliance” slowly dwindled.

At most, she would occasionally log into the [Metropolis – Public Edition] map and roam around.

She spent most of her time taking her grandson to the amusement park in “Paradise” and introducing him to various animals.

Camille Victoria had met her grandson while massaging Gungun, and he was extremely cute.

Xiaomei, on the other hand, was naturally more withdrawn than Camille Victoria and preferred to play in “Light Encounter.”

As soon as Camille Victoria called her, she quickly teamed up with Xiaomei.

Xiaomei took her into the seasonal map, swimming underwater together while leisurely and skillfully helping her complete the seasonal tasks.

She even excitedly told Camille Victoria that she saw the “huge mysterious creature” mentioned in the announcement today – enormous beyond imagination, yet stunningly beautiful!

“You must go see it!”

Seeing the excited Xiaomei, Camille Victoria obediently nodded, “Yes, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go together.”

After a relaxed and leisurely journey, Xiaomei helped Camille Victoria catch up with the tasks she’d fallen behind on.

This experience made Camille Victoria exclaim from the bottom of her heart, “Now that’s a good task! How can a task not provide a good experience to players?”

At this moment, Camille Victoria and Xiaomei were floating side by side, hand in hand, wading through the gentle waves under the sea.

They were watching a massive whale emitting a soft glow from the luminescent coral on its body, slowly swimming past them at a very close distance.

The delicate and grand beauty left both of them speechless, silently admiring this wondrous creation.

At the same time, the images of the giant whale were quickly spreading among the players.

Countless players were rushing to see the whale.

Five days into the seasonal map, everyone had already enjoyed the beautiful scenery in the trailer and the content mentioned in the emergency announcement.

Small island, lighthouse, seabed, swimming fish, sunken ship, coral…

They’re all available and perfect in every way.

Especially now that it was still summer in reality, even though the season was nearing the end of summer, most of Daxia’s territory still had scorching weather.

What a great thing it is to be able to experience a true-to-life diving experience in the virtual world!

The players of “Light Encounter” are completely immersed in it and can’t get enough.

Even the number of daily online players has increased significantly.

This has also led to the emergence of another phenomenon-

Within just five days of launch, the player community of “Light Encounter”, whether on Spiritual Rhinoceros, Vortex Forum, or Cloud Dream’s gaming section, is filled with strong calls from players-

“Keep the seasonal map permanently!”

With the passage of time, this appeal continues to heat up, getting higher and higher, and closer and closer-

To the heat warning line set by Mavis!

In Mavis’s private estimation, she might have to report this to Lincoln by next week.

The only mystery in the players’ minds now is what the “surprise” that Lincoln mentioned on the Spiritual Rhinoceros is all about?

When this giant fluorescent whale was discovered, some players immediately guessed: Could this be the surprise prepared by Lincoln?

But this guess was officially refuted by the “Light Encounter” Spiritual Rhinoceros account.

Everyone can only continue to hold onto this puzzle, guessing whether it’s an unreleased questline or a secret corner hidden somewhere.

Meanwhile, in the small world of [Virtual Chang’an], the intense confrontation has temporarily come to an end.

In the end, the experts even fought individually and had an indiscriminate battle in a three-story wooden building.

Lincoln found it extremely thrilling, as if he was watching an action-packed martial arts movie.

After the battle, Lincoln arranged their upcoming work tasks and, according to the standards of their respective martial arts schools, paid the course fees for them to teach him the corresponding boxing and cold weapon combat.

With limited time and energy, and not thinking that he could persevere, he only planned to learn some routines and basics.

The key is to have a clearer understanding of the feeling of this confrontation, which would greatly simplify the speed of sensory data collection.

Although it’s just routines and basics, because Lincoln has to learn eleven courses in a row, the sweat he has to shed won’t be one drop less.

He has already foreseen that for a while in the future, he will have a hard time.

But thinking of the future development of “Assassin’s Creed: Chang’an”, he decided to grit his teeth and set a tight schedule for himself.

Isn’t it just a bit of hardship? It’s not like he’s never experienced it before!

After all that, Lincoln told everyone to go offline and have dinner and rest, before having the HR handle the entry procedures for them.

It’s not that he’s overworking his employees and forcing them to work without eating.

It’s just that these people themselves got carried away, especially with that final indiscriminate battle, which they initiated out of pure enthusiasm.

Since Lincoln was enjoying watching it, he didn’t stop them.

But now, there are far fewer people still in the scene.

Fred and Quentina have already left for a while.

It’s not that they don’t like this kind of fighting, but mainly because Alex is coming this afternoon, and they need to prepare.

Well, actually only Fred needs to prepare.

Alex is logging into the virtual world from home, and they’re inviting her directly into Cloud Dream’s virtual office after granting her authorization here.

She herself won’t actually come to Cloud Dream’s real office, so Quentina doesn’t have to worry about receiving her.

Her anxiety is purely because she is a die-hard fan of Alex and needs some mental preparation before meeting her idol…

When she first told Quentina that Alex was coming, she was so excited that she shouted on the spot, for the first time ever losing her composure in front of her boss Lincoln.

At 3:15 pm, Alex sent a message to Camille Victoria fifteen minutes ahead of the schedule.

So Lincoln returned to the virtual office and welcomed her teacher together with Princess Camille.

Regardless of Alex’s past brilliant achievements or her difficult-to-reach peak in her field,

Or the fact that Princess Camille invited her to help him, and Alex immediately agreed, Lincoln couldn’t neglect her. 𝐟r𝗲𝚎𝚠e𝐛no𝘃𝗲𝐥.c𝗼m

Besides, this is Alex!

In the future, when news goes out, just for her name and the long-awaited concert, they can at least add a few million more sales to Mirage!

Moreover, these sales would probably come from a generation that had the least interest in games and was reluctant to let their children play games!

Alex’s involvement will significantly change the image of virtual reality games in their minds to a considerable extent.

It’s unrealistic to expect to change the reputation of an entire generation entirely.

However, being able to make a few million people change their minds within that generation and let several times that number dispose of their prejudices to calm down and reconsider the significance of virtual reality games and technology would be a tremendously powerful influence!

Cloud Dream is indeed flourishing, but not without controversy.

It is only the strong support of the industry from Daxia, Lincoln’s status as a genius scientist, and the significant success he achieved in the business that have, to a large extent, silenced many detractors in advance.

Furthermore, the rapidly expanding player population also covers up a lot of opposition with their overwhelming volume.

However, the opinions of these people and their dissatisfaction with the games have always existed.

So Alex’s influence is crucial to Cloud Dream!