Building a Gaming Empire From Scratch - C.329 - 326: Combat System, From 0 to 1

Building a Gaming Empire From Scratch

C.329 - 326: Combat System, From 0 to 1

Chapter 329: Chapter 326: Combat System, From 0 to 1

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In the Cloud Dream Office, Lincoln yawned a long, long yawn, rubbing his eyes sleepily.

Today, on the way to the company, Yue Pengju, unlike his usual self, started a conversation while driving.

He suggested that Lincoln should meet the [Cold Weapon Combat Technology Development Group] formed by Xu Chun in the virtual world.

Upon expressing his desire to see these experts firsthand and showing his trust in Xu Chun’s judgment, Yue Pengju didn’t say anything more.

But after arriving at the company, he didn’t go to the rest area to daydream like he usually did. Instead, he followed closely behind Lincoln.

Moreover, Lincoln clearly saw that before getting out of the car, Yue Pengju took the gun hidden under his armpit out, loaded it and closed the safety, before tying it to his waist.

He then took a narrow, sheathed dagger from the glove compartment, lifted his sleeve, and tied it to his arm.

After tightening the strap and lowering his sleeve, there were no traces left visible from the outside.

Once he finished all this, Yue Pengju opened the car door and got out, “All right, let’s go.’

Lincoln was dumbfounded, “Brother Yue! Is all this really necessary?”

“No, not at all,” Yue Pengju shook his head repeatedly, reassuring Lincoln, “These people have been background-checked. But there’s no harm in being prepared.”

“Fine,” Lincoln vaguely realized how skilled these experts that Xu Chun had found really were.

It wasn’t long before these great masters arrived at the Cloud Dream Office.

However, contrary to Lincoln’s imagination, these experts, at first glance, just seemed a bit stronger than ordinary people, with no peculiarities.

There wasn’t any of the grandmaster presence Lincoln had imagined.

At most, they had focused eyes and a stronger spirit.

But that’s mostly because ordinary people tend to stay up late, have irregular diets, and are generally slightly unhealthy.

Lincoln belatedly realized that he had overthought it.

After all, Xu Chun, Yue Pengju, and Jordan, although their training was different, were all genuinely skilled.

They looked just like normal people.

Looking at it this way, it was actually Lincoln who had placed too much romantic imagination on “martial arts masters,” which was quite unrealistic.


Lincoln had already made up his mind that once “Assassin’s Creed: Chang’an” starts development, he’ll be keeping a close eye on the beauticians.

The in-game masters can’t all be modeled after these real-life masters’ “plain” style.

There can be some of this style, but not all of it.

Many masters must be created in the opposite way, with flashy, powerful, awe-inspiring looks!

Especially for the villains, they must give players the feeling from the moment they appear that “This person is out of the ordinary!”

Only then can the players who achieve victory after hard battles have a strong sense of accomplishment!

However, these thoughts just flashed through his mind as Lincoln casually chatted with everyone, introduced Mavis, and prepared to help the masters with their onboarding process.

Yes, even masters must go through the usual onboarding process…

Before that, though, everyone focused on their regular tasks.[Virtual Chang’an·Development World]

Lincoln, Xu Chun, the ten masters, as well as the onlooking crowd, including Randall, Little Chun, Fred, Intern Camille, and two technicians who were obsessed with learning martial arts and would be joining the group, were all gathered here.

Little Dream, only visible to Lincoln, held her little face in her hands, sitting on the second-floor balcony of a restaurant, watching the people on the street with a grin.

This world was actually just a small section cut from an [Ancient Architecture Recording and Protection Foundation Exclusive Map], essentially still a world in itself.

Working this way was meant to facilitate the construction team of [Virtual Chang’an] by using existing real-life ancient architecture models, saving a lot of energy.

Xu Chun, as the group leader, was the first to step forward and ask Lori, “Didn’t you say you had an idea the other day? Why don’t you give it a try?”

“You with a sword, me with a gun?” Lori asked.

“Don’t even think about it!” Xu Chun bluntly refused.

This map was only a simple development map, with no leveling system or skill enhancements.

How could two ordinary people, one with a sword and one with a long spear, fight against each other?

Are you out of your mind?!

So in the end, it came down to the two of them, one with a sword and one with a knife, standing in the restaurant’s lobby, confronting each other across a table.


With a roaring shout, the two rapidly closed the distance, colliding within the blink of an eye!

Just as Lincoln thought a fierce battle was about to take place, there was only the sound of two weapons clashing, and in the next second, Lori’s throat had been slit by Xu Chun’s knife.

Liquid light spilled from the wound.

Then, Lori’s neck wound quickly healed, and the flowing light disappeared.

Lori touched his neck, admitting he lost. His swordsmanship was nowhere near his marksmanship.

Lincoln blinked, “Is it over already?”

Xu Chun looked at Lincoln puzzled, “What else?”

The onlooking crowd, including Randall, could not understand why Lincoln thought it would be different. Isn’t this how cold weapon fights work?

“This can’t be the end!” Lincoln loudly protested, “This is head-on combat, not assassination!”

“Players may kill monsters with a few slashes or instantly take out assasstargets, but head-on fights have to last longer and be cooler!”