Building a Gaming Empire From Scratch - C.327 - 324: The Species Called Players

Building a Gaming Empire From Scratch

C.327 - 324: The Species Called Players

Chapter 327: Chapter 324: The Species Called Players

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Although Lincoln had only sent a help request to disabled gamers, in the context of Cloud Dream’s total number of players, the number of disabled gamers was not a small figure.

Soon, the matter quickly spread throughout the Internet.

If it weren’t for Gary’s previous failure in the “anti-monopoly” affair, making him suspicious and hesitant, he would never have easily missed this opportunity.

He should have spread some conspiracy theories to attack Lincoln.

Look at these words: “privacy,” “nerve,” “data,” “brain”…

So many materials!

But now, all he can do is sigh helplessly, “What a great opportunity!”

It’s as if an over-the-hill boxer watches a match on TV, lamenting the missed chance to throw a punch.

— It’s not like he had any deep hatred for Lincoln, just that he had always treated Cloud Dream as an imaginary enemy, and they got used to fighting each other. He just couldn’t help himself when he saw an opportunity…

But under the current circumstances, all he can do is scroll through various social media posts, hoping players will come up with conspiracy theories on their own.

Unfortunately, he is destined to be disappointed.

As the news spreads quickly across the Internet, disabled gamers eagerly sign up without hesitation, and this also spreads.

The number of participants in the Rehabilitation Plan exceeds one million and is rapidly heading towards five million.

Seeing this scene, players thought of the purely good intentions from strangers, the vulnerable reaching out to help the more vulnerable.

Everyone was touched, with no time to consider any conspiracy theories.

Some players even felt that admiration alone was not enough after learning this news.

Super Tomato unfortunately matched with a professional player in the daytime game of “Assassins’ Alliance” and was eliminated.

When he found out about the news, he was playing “Paradise” in the Candy Track.

Not only did he wear a one-eyed pirate captain’s eyepatch, but there was also an arrow sticking out of the capsule-covered head.

As a result, the obvious weakness was grabbed by someone who caught the arrow on his head and pulled it out forcefully.

However, the arrow was actually a decoration that could not be removed by others.


“Ah ah ah, don’t, don’t, don’t, I’m gonna die!” cried Super Tomato, as he was dragged across the ground by someone.

Finally, he managed to struggle and escape from his opponent’s grip but was completely left behind and eventually eliminated.

After being eliminated, Super Tomato immediately removed the arrow-in-head appearance and swore to the audience, “If I ever use such a stupid appearance again, I’m a damn dog!”

It was then that he noticed many audience comments mentioned the Rehabilitation Plan and found related news via the keywords.

After reading Lincoln’s help request, his first thought was, “The future game technology? What game? The mysterious game that is ‘unparalleled and unprecedented’?”

His second thought was, “Can I participate?”

For such a grand plan that seeks welfare for a vulnerable group in society, just hearing about it made him excited, and he couldn’t wait to be part of it.

He wasn’t the only one who thought that way.

[Snow-licking Blade] had the same question after reading the “help request”.

But the registration link for Cloud Dream was embedded directly after that letter, invisible to outsiders.

It was impossible to enter the registration page and participate in the plan.

With no other choice, [Snow-licking Blade] returned to his old habits, took advantage of being a well-known user on the Whirlpool Game Forum and started posting and leading discussions.

The core demand was only one — “Rehabilitation Plan is great; we want to participate too!”

Super Tomato’s actions were bolder; after finding out that non-disabled gamers had no access to register, he directly contacted Cloud Dream’s online customer service.

After bypassing the automatic replies and experience store customer service, he finally reached Cloud Dream’s Operation Department.

However, the employee’s response wasn’t a simple “yes” or “no”.

The sweet-voiced lady responded, “Thank you for your support. We have recorded your request, but the Rehabilitation Plan was solely planned and executed by our boss, and we are not aware of the details. We will submit your request and provide feedback as soon as we hear from our boss.”

“Ah, what!” Super Tomato was quite surprised.

The audience in the live broadcast room was even more shocked:

“No one at Cloud Dream is involved? Only Lincoln is planning and executing?”

“Amazing! A huge event involving millions of people, from beginning to end, only needs one person!”

“There’s no way this can be explained by just calling him a genius, right?”

“No wonder he’s my idol, a heavenly skilled person!”

Super Tomato was also surprised, but he still didn’t give up.

— If it were any other player, they’d have no choice but to wait for a reply.

But Super Tomato was different — he was a well-connected video uploader, and he had Lincoln’s contact information on his phone!

However, considering that Lincoln was single-handedly handling such a large matter and dealing with millions of registrants, he must be very busy.

In the end, Super Tomato didn’t call directly but sent a message to ask about the situation.

However, the message vanished into thin air, and Super Tomato did not receive a reply by the time the broadcast ended.

Because Lincoln was really busy at this time, he couldn’t reply to those messages.

——This plan didn’t have much time for adjustment, from registration until it started.

As soon as the player registration information was completed, they would receive a system firmware update.

Upon completion of the update, the plan would immediately begin, and data would start pouring into the server.

Now, with the rapidly increasing number of player registrations, it means that when millions of headbands complete their firmware updates, the data will be continuously transmitted.

At this point, someone must keep an eye on the data transmission, archiving, rough classification, and then transfer it to the dedicated R&D server on the Journey Prosthetics side.

Lincoln even needed to keep a close watch on their dedicated R&D server.

It wasn’t until the newly added data stabilized, everything was running smoothly, and the players involved in the plan could play the game normally without any adverse effects that he could set his mind at ease and let the system run on its own.

By the time he saw Super Tomato’s message, it was already dinner time.

Moreover, during his singular focus on data processing, the call to open the [Rehabilitation Plan] to everyone and allow them to join freely escalated wave after wave.

By the time he noticed, the players’ appeals had already converged into a torrent, surging to the top of the hot search list.

Of course, not all players shared the same sentiment.

In fact, it created a very dramatic scene.

On the hot search list, the highest-ranked related topic was:

“We are willing to forgo the rewards, but we want to participate.”

Lincoln was deeply moved when he saw this: there are so many players willing to selflessly help others!

With this emotion, he opened the second-highest-ranked post:

“We also want to participate! We also want rewards!”

“Pfft——” Lincoln couldn’t hold back and burst into laughter. “Hahaha, that’s more like it! I thought the world line was off, and players no longer cared about rewards!”

Although Lincoln couldn’t help but laugh, he had no prejudice against these players. This was a completely reasonable request.

Lincoln didn’t plan to ignore the goodwill of the players.

More data would be beneficial to research.

It’s just that he can’t include everyone all at once, as the excessive amount of data would put great pressure on their servers.

Mavis would definitely complain: their home is full of piled-up “clutter.”

To Mavis, “unjugglable data” is, of course, clutter.

So, for both the efficiency of R&D and Mavis’s mood——

“Mavis, what do you say we get another supercomputer?”

Mavis was thrilled! She excitedly shouted, “Yay! A new house! A new house!”

And for better overseas strategies, the second supercomputing center should be placed in the south, like Magic City, instead of Xiajing City.

Not only would it optimize the network experience for players in the southern Daxia region, but it would also be close enough to Izumo.

Lincoln even started thinking: should they also set up a server center in Yangcheng City?

They could continue perfecting Cloud Dream’s domestic network ecosystem while continuing to expand to the entire South Asia region.

After briefly considering it, Lincoln contacted Lorin to ask how long it would take.

He wanted to give the players a relatively accurate time in his reply.

——It wasn’t that he had to trouble Lorin. Mostly, it was because Jerome was not in the country, and Lorin was efficient at helping, so Lincoln couldn’t help but ask for his assistance.

The players’ mood was also gradually changing, as Lincoln hadn’t made any statements yet.

After communicating with Lorin and Henry, they were put in touch with a supercomputing center near Magic City.

This supercomputing center’s supercomputer was actually a generation behind.

However, their infrastructure was relatively complete, and they only needed to upgrade their supercomputers to quickly put them into use. 𝚏ree𝚠𝚎𝐛nove𝚕.com

By the time Lorin provided Lincoln with the timeline, it was already the next afternoon.

So, Lincoln took the supercomputing center’s timeline and made a schedule to include players in the plan, intending to post an announcement.

It’s just that at this point, to his surprise, the original post “We also want rewards! We also want to join!” had disappeared from the hot search list at some point.

But the post “We don’t need rewards, but we want to participate!” was still in the top three of the list!

What’s more, when he clicked on it, he found that the number of likes and comments had almost doubled!

“Mavis, do you know what happened?” Lincoln asked Mavis, puzzled.

“Mavis knows! Yesterday, a lot of players argued for a long time. In the end, most of the players who wanted rewards gave up and joined the no-reward side!”

“…I see.” Lincoln was very surprised.

However, after the surprise wore off, he couldn’t help but laugh again.

“I sure love those creatures called players!”