Building a Gaming Empire From Scratch - C.246 - 244: Players’ Grand Alliance!

Building a Gaming Empire From Scratch

C.246 - 244: Players’ Grand Alliance!

Chapter 246: Chapter 244: Players’ Grand Alliance!

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Improving one’s efficiency in a bank heist is actually quite a complicated matter.

It’s not just about improving one’s game skills.

That’s because the security strength of different banks varies, and the amount of money in the corresponding vaults also varies.

—Although the money in the vault has a relative range based on the size of the bank.

But the specific numerical value is still random…

Considering the different sizes of teams and overall combat power, researching which bank to rob would be more cost-effective requires a lot of complex analysis.

But anyway, the stronger the team’s strength, the better their coordination, the higher their efficiency.

High -end players robbing banks would definitely make more money in a unit of time than ordinary players.

And this first wave of dividends would surely be enjoyed first by the heavy-duty players.

What’s more, the Metropolis Police are now on strike, so as long as they can overcome the security, they can rob any bank!

No need to worry about slow actions, halfway through fighting with the bank’s security, suddenly being surrounded by the Metropolis Police and being stripped of butt.

Without a time limit, the difficulty is at least halved!

This week is undoubtedly the golden age for robbing banks!

And this week, Metropolis is destined to prosper!

Aunt” by the live streaming room audience has already started making big bucks!

She was instantly tempted by the dazzling golden key she saw in the picture of the Metropolitan News!

It’s so beautiful! Can’t resist, must buy!

It’s a symbol of status!

Completing the main storyline and getting a plain alloy trophy, what’s that for clearing the game?

Buying this city and getting the golden key that represents power and wealth, that’s what really clears the game!

No matter the game, the sense of superiority that players have when they possess something others don’t is the eternal pursuit of players.

It’s just that previously Cloud Dream’s games didn’t give these wealthy bosses a chance to show off their wealth, and now, that opportunity is finally here!

The wealthy bosses are unceremoniously taking action, all starting to go crazy collecting gold.

Of course, Camille Victoria didn’t participate in her team members’ crazy shopping spree, as she was working on something else: forming alliances and orchestrating a player mega-alliance!

Of course, it’s not an alliance for the sea selection battle, as they all have made it through.

She’s looking for teams that have already qualified to form an alliance.

Now that the sea selection battle has been going on for two days, with a full 4,500 teams making it through and a considerable number of people.

According to the schedule of the competition, the final battle is only on the weekends, and the chances of meeting everyone are not low.

Moreover, her great anchor status has given her a lot of convenience in her strategy of forming alliances, and she quickly pulled together three large groups of 2,000 people each.

Everyone in the group is passionately discussing wearing the same color clothes to distinguish between friend and foe.

As for the specific color, a full member vote will be held to decide, fully respecting the democratic rights of the group friends.

They even began to imagine: at that time, as long as there were 10 teams lined up together, they would be able to sweep the battlefield! It’s unclear who will be the champion, but they will definitely make it to the final battle on the last day!

Meanwhile, in the six 2,000-person group chats organized by Super Tomato and nine other video uploaders, the situation is highly similar, everyone is excited, looking at the number of people in the large groups, they feel that victory is within their grasp!

They almost see the day of sweeping the battlefield on the final day!

It really is – a promising future!

Vortex Forum Alliance, Spiritual Rhinoceros hashtag alliance, Cloud Dream Gaming Platform Discussion Group Alliance…

These massive alliances are established one after another, bringing considerable pressure to all the exceptional players.

After all, if others are already united and you do nothing, you will be in a disadvantage.

Under these circumstances, many players have no choice but to join an alliance first before anything else, otherwise if the situation continues to worsen, they may find themselves predestined to lose even before entering the competition venue.

Even the esports clubs that have always been sitting on the sidelines are beginning to panic due to the sudden changes.

The club alliance plan was originally limited to multiple clubs, and it was just the internal scheming among club players.

However, with the emergence of several major player alliances, professional players also face a huge threat. With bad luck, they could be drowned directly by the sea of player tactics.

Especially when the game begins on the map, everyone uses cold weapon. The advantage of professional players is quite limited.

Even two or three strangers could kill a professional player by randomly hacking.

How could this be acceptable?

All eSports clubs cannot accept this elimination method.

So, what to do?

The answer is obvious—join them if you can’t beat them!

Coaches infiltrate various major player alliances, cautiously investigate and compare, trying to figure out which one is the strongest and most united, so that their own players can join and increase their winning rate.

It is expected that the small-scale warfare will soon develop into group melee, and the soaring intensity of battle is inevitable.

Shuihua quietly infiltrates several major alliances’ groups, reads everyone’s chat content, and finds that they are all discussing the competition and no one is talking about her.

Which gives her a sigh of relief.

After she made it out of the round by clinging to the strong players yesterday evening, she saw a lot of discussions about her in both the forums and Spiritual Rhinoceros, which scared her a lot.

She thought she would last only one round and thus didn’t use the plugin Lincoln provided to modify her virtual appearance. But who would have thought she unexpectedly got a big reputation…

Fortunately, today’s consecutive news quickly led everyone to gloss over her topic.

Mavis also infiltrated the groups, even more thoroughly than Shuihua, as she infiltrated all the major alliance groups!

Mavis is on a mission!

She needs to follow the real-time dynamics of the players, in case the situation becomes uncontrollable, she would inform Lincoln promptly.

Well, so far there’s no serious problem, so she won’t disturb her master!

Lincoln is preoccupied with other matters, as Jerome has called him back to the real world.

Jerome briefs him on the situation: “The person in charge of Qingjin’s marketing department contacted us and wants to place an advertisement in “Assassins’ Alliance.” It seems they found out that Southern Branch reached out to us but failed, and they came to us belatedly.”

“Are they also in the clothing business? Are they competitors?” Lincoln doesn’t know much about Daxia’s garment industry.

“Their relationship is quite unique. The Southern Branch focuses on high-end products, while Qingjin is more geared toward low and middle-end products. They have fewer varieties than the Southern Branch. Qingjin’s brand concept is affordable, simple, and practical.”

Jerome has clearly done his homework: “In terms of brand grade, average price of clothing, Southern Branch is far ahead. However, in terms of total sales and coverage of users, Qingjin surpasses Southern Branch by far. Their conflicts are mainly about philosophy, not business. It is said that the founders of the two companies dislike each other, and have had several confrontations at business forums.”

“What are their demands and conditions?”

“Their offer is 12 million, conditions being that they will open at least 45 stores in the metropolis, and they have conducted field visits and marked 15 stores’ specific locations. They also asked us to provide some technical support in store decoration.”

“There is one more thing.” Jerome adds: “If we reach a cooperation before the Freedom Day Event Final Day, and their brand can get some exposure on the Final Day, the offer can increase to 15 million.”

“There are no exclusive or safe zone requirements?”

“In that case, we can cooperate, and there are no issues. You can handle the negotiations. As for exposure during the competition, forget it. Why would players go to the clothing store during the competition?”

“Okay.” Jerome efficiently stands up, ready to talk about the cooperation.

However, he is suddenly stopped by Lincoln just before leaving.

“Wait.” Lincoln suddenly remembers something: “Exposure during the competition could be possible as well. There is a mechanism that could work; we could negotiate about that.”

Money is not the most important thing; this is our first brand partnership, so we need to give them some special treatment as a gesture of sincerity!

If it could also annoy people from the Southern Branch, that would be even better.

Jerome blinks, a little puzzled, trying to understand what kind of mechanism could make players go to clothing stores during a fierce competition.

Could it be that the final competition will feature a “clothing explosion” mechanism?

Forcing players to go to clothing stores to change clothes?

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