Book Transmigration: I Wanted to Keep a Low Profile, but Everyone Noticed Me! - C.414 - : Hitting on Her


Chapter 414: Hitting on Her

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Charlotte continued reading. “It wasn’t until the finale that the female protagonist revealed her true identity to the consul…”

“My God!” Charlotte shouted. “She’s the youngest daughter of King Peter the Third. She’s been raised in the palace since she was young, and very few people have seen her face.”

Audrey came to a realization. “No wonder it mentioned ‘high-end hunters’ at the beginning. So this female protagonist is that ‘hunter.’ She has always shown herself as a commoner with the goal of attracting the attention of the consul.”

“This plot is too exciting,” Charlotte said again. “When are you guys going to start filming? I’ll go to the set to take a look.”

Audrey said, “Evans said that he will be coming over in a few days. The filming will probably start soon.”

Three days later, the jazz club’s dating party began.

The venue of the gathering was by the sea. Under the gentle sea breeze, Audrey felt much better.

There were many people at the gathering, and the exquisitely dressed Charlotte naturally won the favor of many men present.

Audrey had been following Charlotte the entire time. She was really afraid that if she wasn’t careful, Ollie would do something bad to Charlotte.

“Darling, don’t be nervous.” Taking advantage of the time when Charlotte was surrounded by everyone, Ollie smiled and went to Audrey’s side. “Don’t worry, everyone is just playing together today. I won’t do anything to your sister.”

Audrey’s smile didn’t reach her eyes. “Ollie, I hope what you said is true.”

Ollie glanced at Charlotte, who was standing in the crowd, and said, “Your sister is really beautiful.”

Audrey felt a chill run down her spine.

This guy was indeed up to no good!

Seeing Audrey look at him with an unfriendly gaze, Ollie immediately said with a bright smile, “Miss Audrey, why do you always look like you think I’m a bad person?”

Audrey snorted coldly.

She was now thinking about ending her vacation early and going home.

Or perhaps, they could travel to another country. This would also prevent Charlotte from interacting too much with Ollie.

“Heh, listen.” Audrey looked up and said to Ollie, “It’s best if you keep being honest. If I find out that you did something bad to Charlotte, I won’t let you off.”

Ollie shrugged innocently. “I’m a nice guy.”

Audrey looked away in disdain.

The gathering today was very lively. The activities at the gathering mainly revolved around club members. People like Audrey, who had been brought into the venue, were rarely ignored.

Audrey was originally sitting in a corner eating dessert. When she saw that Charlotte and Ollie were already dancing on the grass, she couldn’t help but feel a little depressed.

What magic did this guy have? Why did Charlotte like to play with him so much?

Audrey took a photo of Charlotte dancing and sent it to Eric.

Eric still didn’t reply to her.

Audrey didn’t care if the other party would read her news. She was totally treating Eric as her confidant.

Audrey: Second Brother, look at the sister in the photo. Ah, I hate the guy beside her.

Audrey: That fellow tricked Sister into getting a membership card to the club. Ah, I really tried to stop her back then, but Sister didn’t listen to me at all.

Audrey: But Sister looks really happy. I don’t want to dampen her spirits, so since she insists, I can’t say too much.

Audrey sent many words to the chat box. The moment she clicked send, a voice sounded above her head. “Hey, beautiful lady, what are you doing?”

Audrey looked up curiously and saw a man in a suit holding a glass of red wine and smiling at her.

Audrey was taken aback.

“Miss, may I sit beside you?” the man asked again.

Audrey didn’t refuse. “Alright, do as you wish.”

The man introduced himself. “I’m Eric, a member of the jazz club. What about you, Miss?”

Out of courtesy, Audrey introduced herself. Soon, she said, “Look at me sitting here. You can tell that I’m not a member of the club.”

Eric didn’t seem to know about Audrey’s relationship with Charlotte. He glanced at Charlotte, who was surrounded by the crowd and couldn’t help but say, “That lady is really beautiful. I wanted to invite her to dance with me just now, but I didn’t expect our manager to beat me to it.”

Audrey casually replied before lowering her head to continue playing with her phone.