Book Transmigration: I Wanted to Keep a Low Profile, but Everyone Noticed Me! - C.413 - : New Script


Chapter 413: New Script

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The next day, Audrey received a short script from Evans.

“This is a script about our lipstick products,” Evans said. “Recently, our business in Country Z has gone into the cosmetic business. I think you’re very suitable for the female lead role in our marketing campaign.”

Audrey excitedly browsed through the content on the tablet and said with a smile, “Alright, I’ll take a look in a while. I’m looking forward to your arrival.”

Evans replied with a “happily smiling” emoticon.

Audrey leaned against the head of the bed and read the script. When she saw the contents, she couldn’t help but laugh.

This script was very interesting.

There was only one sentence in the introduction at the beginning of the script: High-end hunters often appeared in the form of prey.

Audrey continued reading and couldn’t help but sigh. “This plot isn’t bad.”

The script was very short, but the content was very compact.

It described how the consul of a certain empire was arrogant and powerful. One day, when he was traveling alone incognito, he was actually plotted against by his political enemies.

The consul was on his own and was about to lose his life. At this moment, a commoner woman selling flowers on the street helped and successfully saved the consul.

Audrey continued reading. Soon, she sent a message to Evans, indicating that she wanted to take on this drama.

Evans agreed.

“This plot is quite interesting.” Audrey sent a voice message to Evans. “The powerful consul thought that he had everything under his control, but he never expected to be harmed by the female protagonist in the end.”

“Alright,” Evans said. “I’ll be going to Country Z in a few days. I’ll talk to you about filming then.”

“Okay,” Audrey agreed.

At this moment, Charlotte came out of the bathroom.

“Darling, what do you think of my dress?” Charlotte asked with a smile as she spun around in front of the mirror.

Audrey looked up and saw that she was wearing a champagne-colored dress. She asked, “Is this the one you bought yesterday?”

“That’s right!” Charlotte smiled and said, “I plan to wear this dress to the friend gathering in a few days.”

Audrey wanted to say something but hesitated. However, seeing that Charlotte was in such a good mood, she couldn’t bear to say anything that would make her unhappy.

Seeing that Audrey’s attention was on the tablet, Charlotte approached curiously.

“What are you looking at?” Charlotte lowered her head curiously.

Audrey didn’t avoid her. She generously handed the tablet to her and said, “Evans sent me a new script. It’s a short drama about lipstick.”

“Did Evans send it to you?” Charlotte couldn’t help but smile ambiguously. “The two of you are getting closer and closer.”

Audrey blushed. “Sister, don’t spout nonsense.”

Charlotte chuckled and picked up the tablet to look at it.

“High-end hunters often appear in the form of prey…” Charlotte unconsciously read out loud. Soon, she smiled and said, “Why does this look so much like the plot of forced love?”

“A little,” Audrey replied. “But this is a short drama. It will end in a few episodes.”

“Then what does this have to do with lipstick products?” Charlotte asked curiously.

Audrey replied, “Take a look. The country mentioned here—the Rose Kingdom. Do you see it?”

“Ah… I see it,” Charlotte replied. “It’s a beautiful red color… I see. This company sure knows how to have fun. In order to promote their lipstick, they actually have to film a short drama.”

Audrey smiled. “In any case, we’ll be staying in Country Z for a long time. I’ll film a short drama along the way and treat it as earning some extra money.” 𝘧𝓻ℯ𝑒𝑤𝓮𝒷𝓷𝘰𝑣ℯ𝑙.𝓬𝓸𝓂

“Not bad.” Charlotte continued to read the content of the script. Soon, she exclaimed, “This plot is so exciting!”

Audrey asked, “What’s wrong?”

Charlotte handed the tablet to her and said, “Look at the statement here. The consul has been living in the female protagonist’s house for a long time and has been hiding his identity. Later, he brought the female protagonist back to the palace.”

Audrey nodded. “That’s right. That’s the plot.”

Charlotte sat down beside Audrey and continued, “The female protagonist has always acted slow and silly. The consul has always thought that she was very weak. I didn’t expect that on the eve of this guy’s palace coup, the female protagonist would stab him to death!”

Audrey hadn’t seen the contents, so she was very surprised to hear Charlotte say that. “It’s indeed very exciting.”