Book Transmigration: I Wanted to Keep a Low Profile, but Everyone Noticed Me! - C.412 - : Evans’ Determination


Chapter 412: Evans’ Determination

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“Hey, are you denying it?” Louis could not help but laugh. After seeing Abner send him a message, he said to his younger brother, “Evans, don’t blame me for not reminding you. There are many things that you have to fight for yourself.”

Evans leaned against the window and said, “Of course I know that.”

“You can do it.” Louis smiled and said, “You still have a chance before Audrey realizes Eric’s feelings for her.”

Thinking of Eric’s kiss on Audrey’s forehead that night, Evans’ heart couldn’t help but ache.

“Brother, do you also think that they will have a chance in the future?” Evans revealed a rare confused expression.

Louis was happily chatting with Abner. When he heard his brother’s words, he did not mind and casually said, “Siblings can’t be together.”

Evans took these words to heart.

“Siblings… even if they’re not related by blood, right?” Evans asked.

Louis shifted his gaze to Evans’ face. “Why? Do you already have an idea?”

Evans suddenly smiled. “I’ll work hard. I’ll work hard to make her like me.”

“Ha…” Louis felt that his brother’s current look was very funny. “This is the first time I’ve seen such an expression on your face… You look like a young man who has just fallen in love.”

Evans looked at Louis. “You think so too, right?”

Louis only felt goosebumps all over his body. “Alright, no matter what, if you want to pursue Audrey, you should put in more effort.”

Louis thought for a moment and said, “Speaking of which, I actually think that Audrey likes you too. It’s just that the two of you are too reserved. Neither of you has taken the initiative to take that step. Hence, your relationship hasn’t progressed until now.”

A hint of sadness flashed across Evans’ face.

He had once thought of expressing his feelings to Audrey.

He had even bought gifts and flowers just so that he could confess to Audrey directly after the school’s anniversary party.

He was not a coward. While he was cold when facing most people, he had never thought of staying where he was when it came to the person he liked. He had long thought of expressing his feelings for her.

However, at the party that day, Evans was shocked when he saw Eric kissing Audrey.

What followed was endless hesitation.

As smart as he was, he naturally wouldn’t simply think that it was just a stage effect.

Even for siblings, kissing on the forehead was a very normal etiquette.

However, Eric’s gaze could not deceive anyone. Romeo looked at his lover affectionately and Evans could understand that it was a stage effect, but what about in private?

Even if Eric acted like a normal brother to his sister, Evans could still tell something was wrong from Eric’s past actions and how he looked at Audrey.

No wonder… Almost every time Audrey was filming, Eric would take the time to visit her. He even said that it was to see if his sister’s acting skills had improved.

Also, at that charity banquet, when Elena was hit by the chandelier, Audrey was also injured. Eric had coincidentally and quickly run out to save Audrey.

Heh, he hid it well.

Evans was starting to admire Eric’s “acting skills”.

It was said that Audrey and Elena’s acting chops were one of the best in the entertainment industry, but in Evans’ opinion, Eric was also someone with deep acting skills.

Eric had fooled almost everyone.

Including Audrey.

Of course, Evans had no intention of rejecting Eric.

Instead, he admired Eric. 𝘧𝘳ℯ𝓮𝘸𝓮𝑏𝓷𝓸𝓿𝓮𝓁.𝘤ℴ𝘮

Eric knew that with his current relationship with Audrey, his love for her could never be said in this life, so he chose to leave.

However, Evans knew that this fellow would still silently pay attention to Audrey’s movements, just like how he had been guarding Audrey for many days and nights.

Evans looked at Audrey’s profile picture on his phone, and his eyes couldn’t help but turn deep.

He would never give up on Audrey.

He had always believed that he could win over Audrey, even if Eric had already occupied a considerable position in her heart.