Book Transmigration: I Wanted to Keep a Low Profile, but Everyone Noticed Me! - C.408 - : Club


Chapter 408: Club

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Audrey couldn’t help but ask what he meant.

Evans: “I happen to be going to Country Z to discuss business. Perhaps we can meet then.”

Audrey immediately cheered up.

Audrey: When are you coming to COuntry Z?

Evans: One week later.

Audrey directly sent him a “happy” emoji.

“Aren’t you going to sleep?” Charlotte’s head suddenly popped out from under the blanket as she looked at Audrey.

“I’ll sleep in a while.” Audrey lay down happily.

When the lights were turned off, Charlotte suddenly ran to Audrey’s bed.

“Sister…” Audrey was somewhat taken aback, while Charlotte reached out to hug her.

Charlotte rested her head in her arms and said, “Go to sleep.”

Audrey didn’t say another word and closed her eyes.

The next morning, Audrey and Charlotte left the house after washing up.

Ollie was very enthusiastic about Charlotte’s intention to join the club. He drove to the hotel early in the morning and said that he wanted to pick them up personally to take a look at the club.

Audrey wasn’t a fool. She had long sensed that Ollie was overly enthusiastic about Charlotte. 𝑓𝓇𝘦𝘦𝔀𝓮𝒷𝘯𝓸𝓋𝓮𝘭.𝓬𝓸𝘮

Thinking of those swindlers, Audrey couldn’t help but become more vigilant.

Olly drove in front and never stopped talking. He kept introducing the famous local attractions and specialties to them.

Audrey was worried and secretly sent a message to Charlotte.

Audrey: Sister, why don’t we go back? Let’s not go to the club.

Charlotte: What are we going back for? We’re already out.

Audrey: No… I keep having the feeling that this Ollie is strange.

Charlotte glanced at Audrey with a smile before lowering her head to type in the chat box.

Charlotte: I think he’s pretty good.

Is this considered pretty good? Audrey suddenly began to doubt her life.

It wasn’t that she liked to speculate maliciously, but she felt that… Ollie was too strange!

He was too enthusiastic about Charlotte!

Although she knew that he was most likely trying to trick Charlotte into going to the club to get a card, Audrey still wanted to persuade Charlotte again.

Charlotte roughly knew what Audrey was worried about, so she sent her a message.

Charlotte: Dear, I know what you want to say. After all, we’re in a foreign country. It’s not a problem for us to be wary of strangers. However, I don’t lack money anyway. Even if that guy asks me to apply for a card, I don’t think it’s a big deal.

Audrey was speechless.

She didn’t intend to persuade Charlotte anymore.

Even though Charlotte knew that there might be a trap waiting for her ahead, she was still willing to crawl into it.

Audrey knew that her emotions were unstable. If Charlotte could be happier with the club, Audrey wouldn’t say anything.

Ollie was still chattering about their club when Audrey couldn’t help but interrupt him. “Mr. Ollie, how long until we arrive at the club?”

“Soon. It’s just ahead.” Ollie smiled. “We’ll be there soon.”

Five minutes later, the car stopped in front of a building.

“This is the place.” Olly opened the door for the two ladies in the car gentlemanly and said, “Ladies, please follow me!”

Charlotte took the lead and said, “Let’s go!”

Audrey followed closely behind.

The jazz dance club that Ollie mentioned was on the tenth floor of the building. When she took the elevator, Audrey was still guessing that the club was a small-scale one. She didn’t expect to widen her eyes in surprise when she reached the tenth floor.

“This place is quite big,” Audrey couldn’t help but say.

“Of course. When I first founded this club, I invested a lot of money.” Ollie smiled proudly and showed them around the club.

“There’s the dance studio over there,” Ollie said, pointing to a room not far away. “We’ve got ten dance studios like this.”

“Then the scale of your business is indeed quite big.” Charlotte was slightly surprised. Then, she smiled and said, “The environment here is not bad.”

“Of course, dancing here is simply amazing.” Ollie smiled and called over a few burly men who were working out not far away. “Actually, we have another gym here. If you’re interested, you can go there to work out.”

As expected, Charlotte’s attention was quickly attracted.