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At the same time, not only that, even Flora Gates’ species level and growth level had changed!

[Name]: Flora Gates (Radiant Three-Tailed Fox)

[Attributes]: Super Power, Light [Species Level]: Low-level Monarch

[Growth Level]: Low-grade Transcendent

Moreover, in the talent skills, an additional Super Grade skill, [Sun Flame], appeared !

The middle-grade [Radiance] has turned into a high-grade [Light Power]!


Vincent Wolf was baffled by this sudden surprise and even forgot to be happy.

“It broke through to Monarch just like that?

Vincent felt like a pie has fallen from the sky.

However, after regaining his senses, he thought it was reasonable.

The first reason was because the Bright Secret Realm was four-star, meaning it was of Overlord level, so upgrading a lowly Awakening level was a simple matter.

The second reason, Vincent believed that when Barry was blessed, it involved the opposite attributes of death and life. Probably the death attribute was dragging him down resulting in a not-so-significant change.

Thirdly, Vincent thought the reason Flora Gates’ species level increased was because the newly added light attribute reached one hundred percent, which is akin to Flora Gates undergoing a mutation. Coupled with the energy from the blessing, it allowed her to successfully upgrade to Monarch.

Vincent released Flora Gates and carefully observed her appearance.

Her appearance had changed, but not significantly. It somewhat resembled her look when possessed by the Angel. A fine golden line, like the imprint of the sun, grew on her forehead, and the end of every strand of hair was shimmering with a golden flame, appearing quite dazzling.

Apart from that, there was no apparent change in the Flora Gate’s tail, except that it got a little longer due to the increase in the growth level.

At that moment, something came to Vincent’s mind.

‘ Can you give me a positioning beacon for the Bright Secret Realm?”

” This is simple.”

As he finished speaking, the light in front of Vincent swelled and twisted, gradually forming a stone made of light energy.

Vincent took it, overjoyed.

The last beacon made Vincent a lot of money.

The beacon this time was for a Four-star Secret Realm, wouldn’t its price go up tenfold?

But last time, Phoenix had pulled Vincent into a separate space, so why was it now different with this Spirit of the Mysterious Realm named Surt?

Could it be that once a secret realm reaches the four-star level, that unique space no longer exists?

That can’t be right, as Ouyang Ling mentioned he had entered before and saw a horde of Demon Beasts and Evil Beast Masters.


Didn’t they mention there were Evil Beast Masters?

Why didn’t they show up this time?

Where did those Evil Beast Masters go?

Could there be some other sinister thing they were up to?

But what could be so critical that they neglected even to protect their base?

You must understand that the base had already been bombed!

This mystery boggled Vincent’s mind.

The onlooking Su Ruler and Aiden Winter noticing Vincent had not moved an inch, immediately understood that Vincent was communicating with the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm.

After some time, Su Ruler asked Vincent:

“So, how is this Spirit of the Mysterious Realm’s nature, did it prohibit humans from entering?”

Vincent Wolf came back to his senses and said to the Su Ruler:

“I think he should be quite fine, didn’t prohibit humans from entering and also gave me a positioning beacon.”

The Su Ruler nodded and didn’t say anything further.

Vincent Wolf was curious about the Su Ruler’s experiences. Seeing the Su Ruler quite approachable, his inner curiosity got the best of him and he asked:

“Su Ruler, are you wary of the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm because of some

incident from the past? Ah, if it is inconvenient for you to talk, please pretend I never asked.”

“It’s nothing too serious. It wasn’t about a single incident; rather, I have been through many such incidents.”

The Su Ruler got lost in his memories.

“At that time, I was often working with your predecessor – the previous Awakener, we were like partners.”

“You might not be aware since you recently became the Awakener. The awakening of the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm is not always carried out in the Devil’s Domain. Rather, awakening the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm within the Devil’s Domain is considered an extremely rare occurrence.”

“Most Awakeners awaken those Spirits of the Mysterious Realm situated within the Dead Domain.”

“Dead Domain refers to the Mysterious Realms which lost their spirits for various reasons and also lack anything akin to the Abyssal Will, leading to an inactive and dead-like realm, akin to a dead volcano.”

“Awakeners find the spirits of these Mysterious Realms within the Dead

Domain, leading them to return. Once they return, the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm grants certain benefits to the Awakener or provides them with some territory within the realm for their personal use.”

“Back then, we encountered many Spirits of the Mysterious Realm that betrayed us or held direct animosity against humans, thus repeatedly putting us in danger. This has led me to maintain a negative attitude towards Spirits of the Mysterious Realm.”

Vincent Wolf didn’t realize that being an Awakener didn’t only mean awakening the Devil’s Domain.

That would make sense.

Awakening the Devil’s Domain is too dangerous. It’s only because Vincent Wolf possesses Beast-controlling Talent and Simulation capabilities that he is able to absorb the power of the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm beforehand, allowing him to counter the Evil Beast Master and Demon Beasts controlled by the Abyssal Will.

Even with these capabilities, he still requires the assistance of other high-level Beast Tamers.

The incessant unexpected situations caught Vincent Wolf completely off guard.

He has been on the defensive from the get-go.

The Su Ruler continued:

“As the only Awakener in the current Secret Realm Squad and taking over the position after it lay vacant for over thirty years, you can probably guess how heavy your responsibilities are. All the Dead Domains discovered by the explorers over the past thirty years, you might have to awaken all of them.”


Vincent Wolf felt an urge to run away.

“But since you have now awakened a Four-star Magic Domain’s Spirit of the

Mysterious Realm, transforming the Four-Star Magic Domain into a Four-Star Secret Realm, this accomplishment of yours is enough to allow you to carry out tasks whenever you want, or relax whenever you feel like it. Nobody will interfere with you.”

“That’s good then.” Vincent Wolf finally let out a sigh of relief.

“I have accomplished my tasks here, and I should go back. They won’t last long without me.” The Su Ruler finished and flew off from the Mysterious Realm with his Purple Gold Thunderfire.

Seeing the Su Ruler leave, Aiden Winter said with a hint of envy:

“The King Beast Trainers are still the powerful ones. Although there’s only a single realm difference between High-grade Monarchs and Overlords, the difference between those who have crossed over and those who haven’t is vast.”

“Grandpa Winter, I only know that King Beast Trainers can live up to five hundred years, and they are more powerful, but are there any other benefits beyond that?”

“Isn’t that enough? Don’t be too greedy, young man! Well, let’s get back to the point. Of course, there are plenty of perks.”

Aiden Winter continued on:

“Remember that Legendary Beast Trainers do not come into the world these days. Nowadays, the most powerful people you can see in the world are the King Beast Trainers. This means that if you can be promoted to a King Beast

Trainer, you are already at the peak of the world.”

“This is not only the peak of our own country, but if a King Beast Trainer leaves his home country, all countries, including Totem Countries, will scramble to get him. Of course, this is taking into account that there is no risk of espionage and undercover work, but no country would do such a thing because the benefits of staying in their own country outweigh the risk of espionage.”

“Usually, the ruler of a Totem Country is at the Overlord level, and the Guardian Gods, who are at the Totem Level power, are more considered to be faith, which does not often appear. Their presence is usually felt through miracles.”

After sharing all this, Aiden Winter looked somewhat disappointed:

“My Ten-Thousand Beast Spirit Sword has already reached the High-Grade Monarch level, but I haven’t found a way to promote it to the Overlord level for a long time, and I haven’t even heard of any rumors.”

“Didn’t you say that the Su Ruler’s Purple Gold Thunderfire mutated into a new attribute and that’s how it was promoted to the Overlord level? Could you not try mutating your Ten-Thousand Beast Spirit Sword with a new attribute?”

Remembering that his own Flora Gates was able to breakthrough her species level via attribute mutation, Vincent Wolf suggested..

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