Beast Taming: Infinite Simulation as a Tamed Beast - C.284: 228: Flora Gates vs Earl Lane_2

Beast Taming: Infinite Simulation as a Tamed Beast

C.284: 228: Flora Gates vs Earl Lane_2


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“Why do I feel like this is familiar?”

Ignoring Vincent Wolf’s thought, upon seeing Flora Gates in this kind of state, Earl Lane, who had been preparing to attack the Light Shield, immediately altered his direction, launching his assault towards the angel-possessed Flora Gates instead.

Under Vincent Wolf’s anxious observation, another Flora Gates, identical to the original, appeared beside Flora Gates, and they both rushed towards Earl Lane at a high speed.

Simultaneously, as Flora Gates sank into a brief meditative state while running, her prowess, skill power, physical strength, and psychic power all heightened to another level.

“Spiritual communication and cloning! She can really use these skills so proficiently! ”

That’s not all, Misfortune Entanglement was even used by Flora Gates, manifesting like a solid object, the powerful negative energy fluctuations covered Earl Lane, lying in wait.

But a Pseudo-Hegemon is also a Hegemon, Earl Lane’s figure flashed and he initiated [Shadow Assault]. In the next moment, Flora Gates was directly shredded apart by his claws, blood sprayed all over the place!

Just when Vincent Wolf was about to shriek out loud, he discovered through the Beast Control Contract that his Flora Gates was in excellent condition.

What he sensed was that Earl Lane did not hit the real Flora Gates, but just Flora Gates’s clone, the real Flora Gates did not suffer even a slight injury.

With clarity, Vincent Wolf saw Misfortune Entanglement flicker on Earl Lane’s body. Misfortune Entanglement effectively worked its curse, causing Earl lane to strike the wrong target.

Moreover, the shattered clone of Flora Gates emitted a flash all over the body before dissipation, immediately creating an almost devastating bloodstain appearing on Earl Lane!

The sudden flash on the clone was in fact [Retaliation], which was launched at the price of self-destruction, returning more than 100% of Earl Lane’s attack!

Earl Lane was severely injured at the moment. His body, channelling dark energy, steadily recovered. In no time, he was about to be restored to his original state.

Flora Gates did not pass on this perfect opportunity as she cloned herself again. Her golden markings flickered, her body radiated endless light, illuminating the surroundings and impeding the incoming dark energy, slowing down the rate of Earl Lane’s recovery.

Angry, Earl Lane howled. His entire body’s energy converged into a gateway.

Ancient and mysterious Abyssal scripts and crude ferocious Demon Beasts Totems covered the bronze gateway’s surface. A cold and ghastly aura pervaded the entire space.

Within the pitch-black gateway, which resembled a black hole, a gigantic hand that seemed like that of a Demon God extended out, slowly reaching towards

the real Flora Gates.

“Have you forgotten about me!”

The Su Ruler barely had a chance to suppress the rebellious giant again when he saw this giant hand coming out of the gateway. The purple golden thunderfire by his side quickly assembled into an explosive ball of lightning and hurled it towards the giant hand.

The giant hand didn’t dodge. It was struck straight on by the ball lightning. Whilst its arm had not suffered any injuries, it was nonetheless paralyzed for a few seconds.

In those few seconds, all of Earl Lane’s energy was completely absorbed by the gateway causing it to start to fade due to lack of energy. Eventually, it disappeared completely.

Flora Gates exploited his weakness and launched simultaneous attacks with her clone and real body. All this while, the Misfortune Entanglement on Earl Lane’s body continued to wreak havoc. Moreover, Earl Lane had depleted all of his energy. Outside energy was blocked and couldn’t be absorbed for substitute, causing his injury to become even more severe.

An hour later, Earl Lane eventually exhausted all his strength and collapsed on the ground, turning back from his monstrous form into a human’s appearance.

Seeing the state of Earl Lane, the angel left Flora Gates, returned to the giant’s body and started dealing with the Abyssal Will, while Flora Gates reverted from her grand six-tail form back to her cute three-tail form.

Upon seeing the angel leave, Vincent Wolf quickly welcomed Flora Gates back into Beast Space.

Yet, upon seeing the dying Earl Lane, Vincent Wolf seemed somewhat hesitant.

Moments later, Vincent Wolf made up his mind and had Aiden Winter place him in front of Earl Lane

Seeing Vincent Wolf, Earl Lane didn’t recognize him, nor did he utter a word. He stayed silent, waiting for death to arrive.

Standing in front of him, Vincent Wolf suddenly spoke:

“Eight years ago, in Kyoto City, a Beast Tamer died.”

It wasn’t clear whether Earl Lane actually heard Vincent Wolf’s words, as he still remained silent without any reaction.

“That Beast Tamer, was killed by an Evil Beast Master. The Beast Tamer, was my father. ”

Earl Lane opened his eyes, his lips trembling while his voice was still steady:

“I’m not an Evil Beast Master.”

“I know, but you have connections with an Evil Beast Master, I want to know who that Evil Beast Master is?”

“Why should I answer you?” Earl Lane managed to make a scornful face, but it lasted less than a second.

“Because I intend to take revenge on those evil beast masters.”

“Your revenge is none of my business.”

“Because this way, you will join those who will keep you company on the road to Huangquan, so you won’t be alone when you take your leave.”

“Hahaha!” Earl Lane suddenly laughed, “There’s no need. As long as you promise to announce that I’ve achieved the status of a Hegemon, I’ll tell you.” “I promise.”

“The man has already left, probably went back to the Abyss Demon Realm. Boy, if you want revenge, go to the Abyss Demon Realm. However, you probably won’t get the chance to take revenge in your lifetime. Hahaha!”

Abyss Demon Realm?

Is it true or false?

Right now, Vincent Wolf cannot verify the truth of Earl Lane’s words, but he doesn’t believe it.

That’s because reaching the Abyss Demon Realm requires crossing numerous Totem Countries, and the Abyss Demon Realm is a five-star realm. What ability does an evil beast master from the small city of Kyoto have to get there? What analifications do thev have to go there?

“You’re lying to me.”

“Oh? You think I’m deceiving you? So who is your enemy?” “It’s the president of the Beastmaster Association in Kyoto City.”

“How did you know that! You…”

Earl Lane was shocked, just about to retort, but immediately understood when he saw the cold smile on Vincent Wolf’s face:

“You actually tricked me!”

Earl Lane then let out a bitter smile:

“I’ve aged after all. Didn’t expect to be tricked by a younger generation on the brink of death. ”

“To put it bluntly, it was actually me who robbed your treasury. Also, I was able to awaken the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm thanks to you.”

“Ah, it turns out that just a minor action from many years ago led to such a huge mistake today. The laws of karma are indeed mysterious, after all these years of planning, it all ended up in vain.”

Earl Lane moved his lips, looking at the sky seemingly lost in some distant memory.

A moment later, he fell silent.

Vincent Wolf, however, did not take it lightly, and had Aiden Winter dismember him to prevent any unexpected incidents.

“I didn’t expect such a background from you.”

Aiden Winter looked complicated, his sentiments for his son-in-law whom he never met were complex.

“Grandpa Winter, do you believe what Earl Lane said at the end?”

“Eh…” Aiden Winter couldn’t find the words.

Vincent Wolf didn’t truly believe what Earl Lane said, he just wanted to glean information from him, but the credibility of it still needed his own validation.

As for the means of validation, there were many ways.

In the meantime, the Bishops of Light God Country, along with their pet beasts, were providing all their strength to the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm, enabling the Giant’s body’s light energy to gradually overcome the dark energy. Eventually, the Abyssal Will shattered with a bang, and the Giant’s skin gradually shifted from its initially ugly, disgusting appearance to sleek and smooth.

When the Giant’s body became similar to that of a normal person, the Su Ruler released the restraint of the Thunder Flame, allowing the Giant to step out.

As the Giant appeared, it bent its knees and jumped, transforming into a streak of light soaring into the sky. Immediately, a huge sun appeared on the horizon. The remaining darkness in the Shadow Demon Domain suddenly vanished, leaving only the bright sun shining between the heavens and the earth.

“It seems that the Darkest Moment will have to be renamed the Brightest Hour from now on..”

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