Beast Taming: Infinite Simulation as a Tamed Beast - C.268 - : 220: Light Secret Realm Spirit_2

Beast Taming: Infinite Simulation as a Tamed Beast

C.268 - : 220: Light Secret Realm Spirit_2

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Seeing the solemn and earnest Elly Ford, Vincent Wolf couldn’t help but shed tears of emotion, secretly thinking to himself:

“Such diligent people are seldom seen in today’s society! But why do I feel as if keeping her by my side would make me more uncomfortable?”

“Master Ford, your sense of responsibility is truly admirable. However, being alone together, being a man and a woman, may not be good for your reputation. You gave me your number a while ago. As far as I can see, there are no problems now, so I won’t bother you anymore. When there’s a situation, I’ll call you. For now, please go home and rest.”

Seeing Vincent Wolf so insistent, Elly Ford had no choice but to capitulate, muttering a few words and instantly teleporting away.

Once she had indeed teleported away and did not return, Vincent took out the Black Jade Heart for a closer look.

“This jade, formed by the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm, is pitch black, just like what I saw at the South River City Grass Breeding Center, which had been corroded and assimilated by the Evil Beast Master. It seems to have experienced the same fate. ”

“But why was it not taken away by the Evil Beast Master after being assimilated? Instead, why was it found in Earl Lane’s treasury?”

“You should know that last time, the Evil Eye Clan clearly wanted to take back the jade turned by Phoenix. ”

Thinking about it, Vincent could only assume that this further implicated Earl Lane, whose relationship with the Evil Beast Master must be intricate.

“Last time, I was able to restore the abilities of Phoenix using the Tree of Life that accompanied it.”

“This time, the Light Secret Realm Spirit exists separately – it isn’t known whether Earl Lane didn’t collect or didn’t want to collect light-type resources. They weren’t present in his treasury, so I can’t restore the energy of the Light

Secret Realm Spirit.”

“Although the Resource Museum and the City Lord’s Treasury do have Monarch level light-type resources, it’s one thing to use Earl Lane’s stuff, but to take things from others who have neither friend nor foe relationship with me would make me a thief.”

With that in mind, Vincent kept the Light Secret Realm Spirit, pondering how to restore its powers.

“I can buy light-type resources, but they may be more expensive. I’m not sure if I have enough money left… Wait, I almost forgot, President Wright still owes me a lot of money!”

Vincent quickly opened his phone, hoping to remind President Wright, only to see a transfer prompt on his account.

“Let me think; first there were the Death Attribute Energy Crystals, live broadcast advertising fees, Little Desert Worm, and then a tenth of the resources from other players… ”

Vincent totalled the transfers from the past few days on his phone, and he was taken aback.

“It’s so much! I earned over 100 million this time, so in total, I have 350 million now. ”

While he should have been really happy at earning so much money, Vincent couldn’t help but remain downcast.

This was because less than half an hour ago, he had spent over 1 billion on

So now, seeing this amount of money, Vincent was still in a state of shock. The comparison between over one billion and 350 million made him feel like he was going to have a heart attack.

“Ah, I’m such a spendthrift! Damn Earl Lane, it’s so insidious to set up formations in your own treasury, causing me to burn so much money!””

After catching his breath, clutching his heart in pain, Vincent took out his phone, intending to buy some light-type resources in the Trading Hall of the Miracle Maker Forum, hoping to restore the Light Secret Realm Spirit’s power. “Let’s start with the Commander level ones.”

Since light-type resources are rare, they mostly come from the Light God Country, which restricts smuggling, the prices have always been high, usually two to three times that of ordinary resources.

Ordinary Lower-level Commander’s light-type resources cost a million, while High -level Commander’s resources are approaching ten million Cathay dollars.

First, Vincent spent 100 Miracle Points and bought an ordinary Lower-level

Commander’s Light Flower, a light-type resource. The moment the Light Flower appeared, it made the entire hotel extremely bright. Its light was piercing, illuminating every corner of the room directly.

It was only because it wasn’t night-time, or the extraordinary brightness would certainly have caught someone’s attention.

Seeing this, Vincent quickly placed the Light Flower on the pitch-black Black Jade Heart, formed from the Black ink of the Light Secret Realm Spirit.

To his surprise, no sooner had the Light Flower made contact with the Black Jade Heart than the flower withered and died, all its radiance absorbed by the Black Jade Heart.

This was within Vincent’s expectations. However, what he hadn’t anticipated was that despite the intimidating appearance of the Light Flower, it hadn’t brought about any change in the Black Jade Heart.

If it weren’t for the fact that the Light Flower in his hand had vanished, Vincent would think he had never placed it on the Black Jade Heart.

“Huh? What’s happening?”

Vincent Wolf was taken aback. His one million just vanished like that?

Come on, not even a reaction?

“I don’t believe it!”

Vincent Wolf gritted his teeth, stomped his foot, and with great determination directly bought a lower Monarch-level light-type resource.

“I dare you not to react now!”

The next moment, Vincent Wolf took out the unicorn horn, the light-type resource he had bought.

This unicorn horn was crystal clear and white, emitting a soft light. It was very comforting and the illumination warmed Vincent Wolf. All his exhaustion and minor injuries disappeared.

Moreover, Vincent Wolf also felt a slight improvement in his physical condition. Even the burden that had weighed heavy on him due to Barry reaching Commander level had now considerably eased. He experienced a comfortable feeling that he had not felt in a long time, relaxing his tense spirit for a long time.

“I remember this unicorn horn is an excellent material for making auxiliary equipment, and it can also be ground into powder and used as medicine. Even normal people can consume it. It’s something that can truly prolong life.”

“I heard that the unicorn horn is a forbidden object in the Light God Country.

It’s forbidden to be sold there. If caught, it could lead to the death penalty!”

Vincent Wolf casually handled the unicorn horn. It had a warm and smooth texture that felt very comfortable to hold that made him reluctant to just feed it to the black jade heart.

“The Miracle Maker Alliance does have such talent. Even forbidden objects can be found in the trading hall. It’s really eye-opening!”

“Feeding is necessary, but feeding it all seems a pity.”

Vincent Wolf took out a small saw, sawed the horn in half, plannilu to grind one half into powder and place the other half directly on top of the Black Jade Heart.

This time, the unicorn horn clearly disappeared more slowly compared to the Light Flower, but as far as Vincent Wolf was concerned, the unicorn horn was still decreasing at an alarming rate.

In less than ten seconds, this half unicorn horn had disappeared completely, and this fist-sized black jade heart was hardly whitened only a small part the size of a pinky fingernail had turned white.

Vincent Wolf believed that even with the entire horn, the white area might only expand from the size of a pinky fingernail to a thumb fingernail.

Vincent Wolf was speechless. He was about to despair.

“I spent tens of millions and the black jade heart only whitened this much. So

I’m going to have to spend at least two to three billion on the rest?” “Why is this difference so enormous?”

“The Phoenix last time was restored with just its companion resource, an advanced Commander resource!”

Nevertheless, while he was in a devastating state, Vincent Wolf was also relieved that he had cut the unicorn horn in half, otherwise it would have been a huge loss this time.

Whenever a problem arises, the cause must be found. Vincent Wolf racked his brains comparing the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm this time and the Phoenix.

At last, he seemed to have an explanation.

“Perhaps because the companion resources fit the Spirit of the Mysterious Realm better. Also, the Phoenix had just been contaminated when it began to recover, which might make the restoration easier.”

“But this time is different. I didn’t find the companion resource, and the Light Secret Realm Spirit has been eroded and transformed for a long time. Normal resources can hardly restore it. Plus, this Spirit of the Mysterious Realm is even a higher level than the Phoenix, which is why it’s so difficult.”

Knowing the reason didn’t help, for Vincent Wolf was indeed short of funds to buy so many resources to stuff in it.

. . Wait, I think I forgot something.”

“Didn’t a lot of people came from the Light God Country!” “Why would I specifically need to buy resources?” “Aren’t they right here- a handy power bank!?”

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