Beast Taming: Infinite Simulation as a Tamed Beast - C.257 - : 215: Mastering All Skills

Beast Taming: Infinite Simulation as a Tamed Beast

C.257 - : 215: Mastering All Skills

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“Upon hearing this, the Patriarch snorted and jumped down from the high platform, holding the ruler in his hand. He pointed at Wukong and said, ‘You pig-headed ape! You refuse to learn this or that, what do you want then?” He walked over and struck Wukong’s head three times with the ruler, then turned away and closed the door behind him, leaving the crowd.”

Vincent Wolf continued the story.

From the moment the Patriarch used the ruler to strike Wukong’s head three times, until Wukong snuck into the Patriarch’s bedroom in the middle of the night to secretly learn the patriarch’s secrets, the snake princess had wanted to ask questions. But she could not bring herself to interrupt while Avril was listening so intently.

But when Vincent Wolf reached the part about the three disasters, the snake princess could bear it no longer. She asked coldly,

“The three disasters you mentioned: first, the lightning calamity after 500 years; second, the yin fire calamity after another 500 years; third, the hurricane calamity after another 500 years. But I have lived for over a thousand years and never encountered these calamities, nor have I heard of anyone else encountering them. Are you just making this up?

Upon nearing this, Vincent Wolt nearly rolled his eyes at her.

Come on!

This is just a novel!

Moreover, the rules of the world in Journey to the West are not the same as the rules of your world. How can you compare the two!

However, after hearing the snake princess’s words, the heavy stone on Vincent Wolf’s heart finally dropped to the ground.

From the snake princess’s words, this world and the world of Journey to the West have nothing to do with each other. He no longer needed to fear being captured by some Buddha or Arhat from the Western Paradise while recounting the story of Journey to the West in the future.

“My esteemed patron, I merely recounted a story that I fabricated in my mind. I did not claim that it is real.”

Only then did the snake princess realize that she was too engrossed in the story, and felt a bit awkward. She didn’t know what else to say, so she vanished from the spot. No doubt, she hid herself somewhere nearby to secretly observe, or rather, protect the little princess.

When the one who kept interrupting was gone, Avril eagerly asked Vincent wolf,

“Vincent, what happened next!”

“Well, then…”

Vincent Wolf pretended to be troubled.

“I had the rest of the story thought out, but I suddenly got interrupted, and now I’ve forgotten it.”

Avril froze in place, and a hint of sparkles appeared in her large eyes, seemingly on the verge of tears.

Vincent Wolf didn’t expect the little princess’s tears to be so easily triggered. He quickly called for a halt.

“Don’t be hasty to cry! I can try to recall what I’ve forgotten. I’m sure I’ll remember it soon!”

Avril managed to stop her tears and asked,

“How long will it take for you to remember?”

“Well,” Vincent Wolf said sheepishly, “Didn’t you give me something to eat while I was learning the Water Jiao Dance? I felt as if my thoughts were moving extremely quickly, and I understood many matters in an instant. If I could have that again, I’m sure I could remember what I’ve forgotten.”

Avril suddenly realized and took out four or five small pills from her pocket, shoving them into Vincent Wolf’s body.

“It must be these. I still have plenty, because I usually read simple things and don’t need to use them.”

Vincent Wolf once again fell into the clear state of mind he had previously experienced, and he didn’t dare to be negligent. He quickly immersed himself into the state of improving his skill mastery.

“Right now, my only Greater-order skills are Mimicry and Water Jiao Dance. As for my High-order skills, I have Intimidation, Devour, Duplication, Rapid Healing, and Touch of Death.”

“I feel like my current state is amazing, and I might be able to improve all of them to a new level!”

As Vincent Wolf focused on practicing his skills, the snake princess seemed helpless and said to Avril,

“Little Princess, this is the Enlightenment Pill that Dragon King bestowed upon you. How could you give it away so casually?”

“Don’t worry, Aunt Snake. I still have plenty. Besides, I didn’t give it away casually. Vincent is my subordinate, so it should be fine to reward and enhance his abilities, right?”

The snake princess thought to herself, “There’s a big problem with that. For a weak creature like this slime, some ordinary things would suffice. But these Enlightenment Pills are too precious, to give them to a weak creature who just reached the Exceptional level is such a waste.”

However, since the little princess had said as much, the snake princess didn’t feel it was right to say anything more. After all, the little princess was, in a way, her superior, and a subordinate should not be too opinionated about their superior’s decisions.

Time slowly passed, and Vincent Wolf, who was still in a state of enlightenment, appeared to be undergoing some changes. His appearance alternated between shiny and dull and grew continuously.

After an unknown amount of time, Vincent Wolf woke up and immediately pulled up his attribute panel.

Name: Little Blue (Slime King of Life and Death) (Evolution Unfinished)

Attributes: Water, Life (80%), Death (60%)

Race: Greater Commander

Development level: High-order Exceptional

Race Talent:

Greater order: Mimicry (Master)

High order: Intimidation (Master), Devour (Master), Duplication (Master)

Mid order: Strengthening Aura (Master) Skills:

Greater order: Water Jiao Dance (Master)

High order: Rapid Healing (Master), Touch of Death (Master)

Low order: Fast Movement (Perfect), Water Jet (Master), Charge (Master),

Water Cannon (Master), Whirlpool (Master), Water Armor (Master)

Description: A summoned slime from another dimension, its potential has been partially unleashed by the contract. Its skills are obviously beyond its level and continue to evolve in an unknown direction.

“I’ve improved all of my skills to the master level, and I feel like I could break through any time now. I might already be at the commander level if I hadn’t deliberately suppressed my progress..”

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